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    Unix (and alike) development (focus on BSD family), hiking, photography, vintage computing, small cap stocks, digital electronics (ttl logics), cooking (but not baking), C programming, bass (strings), shell scripting, and purposefully disorganizing this to confuse you.
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  1. whoops. Yeah, I guess they don't make the cheddar option in gluten-free yet. :-( my fault. I went looking for them locally today, and only found the cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate versions in gluten-free Please disregard the Annies option. D-: sorry
  2. i wish I had posted just a few minutes later, as I also found "Annie's cheddar bunnies" a few columns down. I've had great luck with Annie's before, so I will personally be ordering these. disregard link - found not to be gluten-free version. cheddar is still unavailable in gluten-free at this time.
  3. This is an ancient topic, but for those who are still looking for this read below According to amazon, 05-24-14 (the date i stumbled across it) actual branded Goldfish "Puffs, Mega Cheeze" are listed as gluten free. "Always baked; Gluten free" - the third feature of the product http://www.amazon.com/Pepperidge-Farm-Goldfish-Puffs-Cheese/dp/B00HU0T7O8/