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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dr. Oz Show About Gluten

    I have a love hate relationship with Dr. Oz, he introduced Celiac to me but he gave pretty crappy information so I went gluten-free without testing. With all the symptoms and negative testing for every other disease my symptoms could be plus a rash that *may* be DH according to my GP, I consider myself a celiac. I hate to bring this up but more and more studies are showing that gluten intolerance is possibly a precursor to celiac when the antibodies are high but the vili are fine. Dr. OZ is crappy medical information but he helped me, not as much as ACCURATE information would of but it lead me to better sources but by then I was months into gluten-free and every glutening was getting worse. Yes he helped me, but I still think he isn't a credible source.
  2. Dh Testing

    I been gluten free 18 months. I have a cross contimination accident and I was sick for days. My what ever it is bad and triggering by gluten. It's all over my back and face. Every time I get sick I appears. It takes weeks to clear. Nothing works. You can't conceal it and its bad and looks digusting. I am at a loss. For a while before I knew DH existed I thought it was acne and tried every acne product, but it makes it worse. Hydrocortisone, and eczema creams don't work. So if I have the rash/lesions I can be tested. I know I have the gene its on both sides of the family. I went gluten-free because of Dr. Oz and he didn't educate me on getting tested. I had all 7 of the 7 signs of Celiac and I tried it. I am a little scared about whats been going on in my body. I eat strictly gluten-free, but I eat a lot of gluten-free cookies, and crap. I eat over the recommended to maintain a healthy weight, i eat 2300-2700 calories a day. I have been eating healthy lately but the amount of food I eat scares me. I am scared the damage is severe. All of the men on my grandfathers side (6 of them) had celiac after they came back from WWII, and my aunt who has literally been self-diagnosed with EVERY disease on the planet *claims* she has celiac. Both my mother's side and father's side have multiple autoimmune disorders. So I don't know if I am celiac but I can't stand the lesions. Is this worth investigating? I am SURE I have many of places to collect samples. But I rarely eat gluten because I avoid it, but accidents happen every few months. Should I see a GI because I get SOOO bloated after I eat and going to the bathroom is painful and exhausting. I just have spent SO much of my life being not understood by doctors and I don't know what to do.
  3. I have nonconfirmed celiac. I went gluten free before I got testing, so elimination of other causes began. It's not fodmaps, or IBS, or other allegries or thyroid. My GP says its like every case he has seen. I think I have DH, because I have a red itchy rash that won't go away and gets worse after glutenings. It's annoying, ugly and itchy. I am thinking into getting DH testing but I don't know if it will work. I am pretty sensitive, so getting tested would ruin my life for weeks, but the rash is pretty bad. It looks like DH. I don't know if its DH, and if I need dapsone do I need testing. I don't know what to do.
  4. I keep losing weight. I eat about 2000+ calories a day, I have lost 15 pounds. I was 155 a month ago and I rapidly have lost 15 pounds but I can eat whatever. I try to eat gluten free. The only thing that could happen is cross-contamination. I am having GI issues. I was actually overweight, but now, I am 140 and declining. I take gluten free supplements every day. I take my fiber to get the recommended amount. I eat out occassionally but at home if I eat it is certified gluten free. I have checked my meds, I use gluten free lipstick, shampoo, mascara , everything. Do I need to be concerned of intestinal damage. I have had a few accidents with glutening lately. I am concerned that I am not absorbing nutrients. I know that I shouldn't be losing weight. Is this maybe a celiac problem?
  5. Dealing With Eating Out

    Both my primary care and pain management doctor are 99% is celiac. There is a small chance it is severe gluten intolerance but with relatives on both sides of my family having biopsy confirmed celiac, my GI symptoms went away without gluten and my migraines became less frequent. Since I dumbly went gluten free before testing I have not done testing yet. But since the tests are unreliable both my doctors said I am celiac or possibly gluten intolerant but probably celiac.
  6. Dealing With Eating Out

    I have gluten-free corn dogs, and I read the labels on everything. I am 17. My mom hates to cook, so we either eat out or do oven premade meals (those are almost never gluten free so I eat frozen dinners). Yes, I have shown them stuff on mayo clinc, and other very reliable sources, but they believe that since I got it approximately 1 year ago that it can't be that severe yet. Also I cheated early on a lot (I would eat a cupcake or a chicken sandwich) but what that did was slowly make me super sensitive and accelerate damage. Since 4 months ago I could get anyway with a breaded regular chicken patty, they don't understand why I can't eat a salad that had croutons on it.
  7. That kinda what my primary doctor told me. I had a family history of celiac, and other health problems that astronomically rose the chance of celiac. I went gluten free with any tests because I believed that it would be a 1 week experiment that would end in no improvements in my symptoms. But when I thought about testing, I would have to spend weeks miserable, and I could still get a false negative. But if you have the gene, you have the symptoms, you ruled out fodmap intolerance/ibs, and you feel better without gluten, then that should be enough to be diagnosed. I rather be pointlessly careful, than risk permanent damage that could lead to early death or cancer.
  8. Long story short - I started the gluten-free diet due to have 9/10 of the signs of the disease. I now know I should have been tested first, but I am very sensitive and can't afford to be sick for 8-12 weeks. I was diagnosed with celiac disease through extreme symptoms and a strong family history on both sides, and a benefit from the gluten free diet. I have self-eliminated fodmaps as a cause of my symptoms as well. But I eat insanely large amounts of calories a day, and I still am hungry. I probably eat 2000+ calories with plenty of protein and fat. But I feel extremely hungry after eating. I eat 7 times a day. I was mildly hypoglycemic before the gluten-free diet but now my blood sugar is crazy! Are gluten-free foods structured differently chemically? What would some good healthy low glycemic foods be?
  9. I am the only celiac in my family, so meals are a challenge. My parents do not believe that cross contamination is an issue. We eat out 4-5 days a week and I usually opt for frozen dinners. The only fairly safe places for me are chick-fil-a, jack in the box (mine has a dedicated fryer), and in-n-out. Everywhere else I can't eat anything with an reaction. My parents think I'm a hypochondriac, and that I should eat with them more. I can't have gluten-free chicken strips and corn dogs everyday for the rest of my life. I don't even know how to order. I don't go out anywhere, because I am scared of a reaction. I just don't know what to do. Should I just forget about eating out and eat at home. What I can even make for 1 person easily at home? How do you even order food? I am clueless. I just I am tired of the same 3 frozen dinners I can buy.