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  1. Endoscopy today

    First off again wait for the biopsies to come back in, second NCGS is a real thing and can cause celiac like symptoms but no actual gut damage. If your having DH then those need to tested, Celiacs with DH normally have less intestinal damage but can be more easily diagnosed via skin biopsy taken next to the lesions of the rash. Wait for testing to be 100% complete then treat this as if you were dia positive for celiac regardless. You will probably feel much better and by the sound of it this could be your cause. Keep a food diary, write down EVERYTHING you eat and how you fix it including seasonings etc. Change up your diet and rotate foods around staying off some seasonings and ingredients for a few days. Record how you feel throughout the day at set intervals. Look for patterns, this is quite enlightening and simplifies matters for other intolerance, and allergy issues.
  2. The fatigue and aches are very common with this disease same with the constant hunger and urge to throw up after a gluten heavy meal....I lived most my life exactly like that from about Jr.High through college before dia. I would as mentioned above KEEP ON the gluten diet for now, and get the full blood test done and follow up endoscope to confirm the disease. It is necessary to stay on gluten for the testing to work, at least half slice of bread a day. If you have then a gluten free diet will solve your issues if you can stay on it. While the diet might seem overwhelming your lucky your catching it early and after a few months of whole foods only you should be able to eat gluten free alternatives of your favorites once again. I can give plenty of suggestions for alternatives, cooking ideas, meals, and tips on how to stay safe with this disease. And many others here can give you all kinds of advice, this forum is like a family with similar health issues we can often rely on each other for advice, moral support, and help. Get back to us when you get your testing done, we can help with the transition with tips on setting up a safe cooking area, how to fix your meals gluten-free, avoiding cross contamination, etc. In the mean time you can look at the Newbie 101 section, the ingredients to avoid, and the alternative food list. Being so young I do not know if your damage is bad enough for extensive supplementation yet, but some might help overcome the symptoms for now. https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/
  3. Need your knowledge, please

    Xantham gum is not a gluten ingredient but many celiacs develop a intolerance to it. Gluten is found in the grains Wheat, Barley, Rye, and their relatives and cross breeds. It is also contained in ingredients like malt, in some forms of natural flavors, etc. There is a full listing of ingredients to avoid on the site, I might also suggest reading the newbie 101 section. Many also initially have reactions a few other foods, not gluten but just intolerant to them like dairy is a common one as the enzymes to break down dairy are produced by the tips of the villi which are blunted/damaged/destroyed first by the disease. Oats are common issue due to cross contamination, even gluten free ones sometimes causing issues with some celiacs and we suggest avoiding them for awhile til you heal. You can try reintroducing them later after healing. The damaged intestines will heal over time, it took over 3 years before mine healed mostly. I have some others issues in the nerve and neurological department that have not healed completely and will take decades from my understanding. You will probably find you have other food intolerance issues crop up, keep a food diary writing down EVERYTHING you eat and how you fix it with exact seasonings etc. Then write how you feel hours later. Look for patterns with seasonings, foods, ingredients and you might track down some other foods you need to remove as they might not agree with you til you heal some more. https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ https://www.celiac.com/articles/182/1/Unsafe-Gluten-Free-Food-List-Unsafe-Ingredients/Page1.html https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/
  4. Just got glutened myself this last weekend been awhile, I get like week or so long constipation after a the initial purge normally (the purge with D and vomiting did not occur this time) The constipation I find I just double my dosing of Magnesium Calm and my bowls go back to normal bowl movements, I would not suggest this straight off as most people are not as bad as mine if you have constipation I might suggest the product. It is by Natural Vitality, it is a magnesium citrate and can act as a laxative you need to start off at 1/4 tsp dose and work up over 1-2 weeks til you can have comfortable bowl movements. Now I go to a liquid porridge low carb diet myself to deal with it also, makes it easy to digest, low carb will reduce gas, bloating, and inflammation til you get back in order. You can make really easy porridge out of coconut and almond flours, ground fax and almond milk works great with a bit of almond butter. I tend to add all kinds of extracts (I have over 20+ flavor extracts alone not counting my spice collection for changing ANY flavor I want) and change it up daily so the same easy mix can taste like anything imaginable without all the crap associated with it. (Check LorrAnn Oils for cheap gluten free extracts). I also find meal replacement shakes mixed in for hte added nutrients to be great. Do not forget to take multivitamins, or a varied diet to get all your nutrients you need. You heal faster when your body gets everything. There is a Celiac Meal replacement shake I use as a added supplement. It contains a lot of ingredients that help ones stomach and intestines, along with all the varied nutrients you need, bonus is the nutrients from Pioneer labs version are not from the ground up plants/fruits/etc so intolerance issues are avoided. https://www.luckyvitamin.com/p-166491-pioneer-celiac-support-comprehensive-clear-meal-rice-protein-shake-natural-vanilla-flavor-17-78-oz I also have a few other issues that only go away with time like my numbness from a bit of a gluten ataxia issue...I just have to wait this part off for weeks to a month. My anxiety and mental fog tend to clear up slowly over a week or so, I am still a tad scattered brained, but eating diet high in cocoa nibs, and taking my anxiety and mental supplements at a slightly higher dose helps, I also broke out the hemp meal, and CBD oil. ......oddly enough the randomness of my scatter brained mind keeps me amused, I think I have put random things out of place several times, like putting my phone in the fridge yesterday and somehow thinking putting pizza sauce in my cinnamon roll porridge this morning was a good idea....I think one thing and just sort of do it....Oh in the end that worked out good, reminded me of those pizza hut cinnamon sticks from my childhood.
  5. Thrive Market Coconut Flake Cereal, Bob Red Mills Paleo Musauli, Julian Bakery Pro Granola are corn and gluten free, the coconut flake and the Julian Bakery are grain free. You can also make porridge out of a nut based flour like almond, coconut, and a bit of ground flax....taste wonderful with a bit of extract, I made a almond and flax one for lunch today with banana extract and stevia for a sugar free banana nut muffin flavored porridge + it was almost zero net carbs.
  6. Perfectly fine lol, I do not eat meat either, I can not digest it lol, I live on egg whites, vegan protein powders, nuts, seed, and veggies...basically omelettes, stir fry, soups, and nut based breads, I make a lot of them myself and you can find them here in the recipe section for now. I also have nut based porridge, no carb noodles and rice from maricale noodles and cauliflower pizza in moderation.
  7. The blood and mucus in the stool and tired are issues I had even on a gluten free diet for years. I seemed to have developed a second AI issues called Ulcerative Colitis. You might ask your doctor about and they check for it with a colonoscopy as it is in the large intestine normally. It is treated much the same as Celiac diet wise but had other triggers in addition. Common triggers for it are gluten, dairy, soy, and in some cases like mine fructose, glucose, and other sugars. Basically you treat it by removing all grains, fruit, sugars, dairy, and gluten....sounds bad at first but consider this....imagine a diet where you are required to eat nothing but fats and protein...you know meats, eggs, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. I been on it since Feb with the ketogenic/Paleo, the blood stopped the mucus stopped, still backed up sometimes but I have a lot more energy and sure beats my worst fears for seeing that blood....but you could be lucky and just have hemorrhoids or a tear from the constipation. FEW tips 1. A lot of celiacs have a magnesium deficiency, this shows in all kind of ways, anxiety, constipation mainly, but other issues are muscle cramps, weakness in your muscles, and in extreme cases a pin and needle prickly sensation, skin fire sensations, or numbness. Supplementation with theses there are 2 products I would suggest, even rotating them if you have to. Doctors best Magnesium, and Natural Vitality Calm. The Calm is a citrate, very easy to absorb and you mix it in drink, issue is you have to start off with very small doses like 1/4 tsp and slowly work your way up to the full dose sometime less or more. You know it is working when you can use the bathroom easy after taking it. You have to ease into it or can give you the D. Doctors best is also available in a powder you dissolve in a beverage, bit off taste, but is easy on the stomach, it will not help much with constipation like the Calm but will with the other issues. 2. B-vitamins the whole spread of them and some other nutrients are a issue with absorption, I use liquid Health Stress & Energy for this and the same brand Neurological support 1 tbsp each 3 times a day. Just mix it in a beverage. Simple easy no pills and very easy for your body to adsorb due to the form. Helpful links https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/
  8. Evolving Symtoms

    The con was bad for me this year, over worked, poisoned, forgot medications, bed ridden, had a room mate cancel and I was stuck with a huge bill....yeah no fun at all I even left early. OH and hoping I get better....thanks but I JUST glutened myself like a idiot I know it, just waiting for it to hit. I made some salsa with chorizo seasoning for a chorizo flavored salsa and took a sample to my dad.....after he tried it used the EXACT same sample spoon to double check it myself, then it hit me, and I asked when and what he last ate, was toast less then 4 hours ago....so yeah pretty sure I just screwed myself.
  9. I was working at a anime convention this weekend setting up and running A/V for panel rooms, I know I was handling a bunch of stuff, and around gluten eaters EVERYWHERE, people were walking around eating stuff, and I had to work with equipment others were using while snacking on gluten foods.....and one meal I went and fixed in my room I rushed and did not wash my hands....I got glutened from touch CC, but I was not vomiting like I normally would, either not enough there or perhaps it changed again. I instead about a hour later started zoning out and having brain fog, loopy thoughts repeating, anxiety, heighten pulse up to 183bpm then a hour later EXTREME gut pain to the point of tears. pulse drop to the 30s and I had to sleep it off, and since then I have had extreme constipation, NO feeling in my hands (I pulled a pan from the oven this morning...no cup towel), and I noticed I have red splotches on my face? NEVER seen this, I also have little pimples on my back and chest....NOT seen these since I was a kid.....oddest thing was NO swollen lymp, NO D, and NO vomiting.....the ever evolving celiac response I guess.......I almost questioned if it was gluten, but the numbness, and C is a SURE sign for me of CC in the smallest of amounts....the extreme of it right now tells me I was glutened by a decent amount.
  10. Hair Strand Allergy Test Results

    PS I am not questioning you here but mango is a odd food, many people might have a allergy to the skin and out side of the mango but have no issues with the inside meat. Others are allergic to the whole fruit. It has to do with a compound found in the skin that is very harsh and triggers allergic reactions in many people. I myself have a slight allergy to mango, plums, appricots,...Oddly cherries, almonds do not bother me but, those 3 will cause me to get all stuffy, eyes water, drainage and stuffy galore, and I just feel miserable. OH and this as a very old and dead thread you revived, check the date.
  11. I have a very similar if not worse bipoloar mind trips to aspartame as gluten complete Mr. Hyde yelling, punching walls, snapping 180 difference in personality.
  12. Cocoa addict myself(unprocessed cocoa nibs/powders custom mixed sugar free alternatives) I recall when I first went gluten free years ago I had several food intolerances to almost ever staple food I ate come up. Chocolate was one of them, caused nausea and light headiness. For me it resolved for chocolate after a few months. Thoughts here, what form of chocolate are you consuming? There are a whole lot of factors here I could address as chocolate is a stimulent, processed forms also have high histamine issues, and if your eating the candy stuff with sugar the combination could be triggering it. To find out get chocolate in it's purest form nibs. Big Tree, Gerbs, crio bru, few others come to mind. If the raw gluten-free certified nibs trigger it then you know the base cocoa is your issue. I pray for you this is not the case and hope this info helps.
  13. Newb...Feeling Silly, But Better

    Diary might not be hurting or causing discomfort but your probably not getting all the nutrients from if it your not producing enough enzymes to break them down where you can. Might suggest either changing to a different protein source like I suggested for a shake, Pioneer Labs makes a Celiac Shake. Yeah I am attempting to body build with this disease and all my allergies....yeah its like a 2 step forward 1 back...then all of a sudden you think your doing great then wake up one morning hurting and sore, realized you dropped 5lbs over night and your body cannibalized itself....Happens when I sleep through my middle of the night protein shot.....I find I have to eat every 4-6 hours. Yeah meal preps...I tend to stick to omelettes or stir fry in the morning with a nut based toast or pour the egg mix with nut flours, butters in it into the waffle maker. (12 egg omelette mix makes about 8 waffles). Normally have a lighter porridge lunch, or a protein bar, shake or stir fry and HUGE 4-6 cup batch of protein nut milk/butter icecream with 2-3 scoops of protein powder and a 6 egg omelette for dinner.....I have tones of extracts and seasoning so I just change them up all the time. I change out the nuts I use, the seeds I use, and the green veggies i use to keep it on a rotation and prevent issues. I use nutritional yeast in everything just about. I always make sure I have a balance of all nutrients with my veggies, nuts and seeds. important to make sure your getting enough fats also, I munch on cocoa nibs, coconut bread, and almonds/almond butter all the time snack on seeds, and keep a protein shake on hand at all times to sip on. PS I am 5'11" up have put on weight from 127lbs last month to a new morning base of 129-130. I work out daily been doing more weight sessions as of late and core work.
  14. Newb...Feeling Silly, But Better

    As mentioned you have to be eating the gluten for the test to work. Thoughts, constipation has stacked factors in celiac disease, one being a magnesium deficiency, I would suggest using Natural Vitality Calm in your case as it can have a laxative effect. You want to ease into it starting at 1/4 tsp twice daily and slowly up it to the full dose or above til your BMs are more normal and easy. PS the Metamucil stuff is BAD for long term, use it for week only at a time, then take a month or so break. my dietician describes it like scrubbing your intestines with a loofah sponge, It can cause irritation and damage with long term use especially if you already have damage being caused by other factors. You did not mention any of your other issues present but if you have B-vitamin or niacin deficiency I have some suggestions there. Oh on potassium, I use 3 things for mine. I eat a ton of spinach, coconut, and almonds all high in dietary fiber and potassium along with Nutritional yeast in sauces, seasonings, etc as it has a nice blend of vitamins and minerals use KAL version for this as it is safe. There is also a salt replacement that uses potassium instead of sodium. BE careful here as your will REALLY have to up your liquid intake with these. Your body tends to clear out liquids urinating with upped potassium. The magnesium also helps keep water in your stool. Bulking up.....I hear your I am slowly doing it on a ketogenic diet, I found a whole bunch of healthy fats, and high protein works great for this, Look for good complete proteins from vegan non dairy sources. You HAVE to stick to safe brands with these. I would suggest pumpkin seed protein from Oregon Seed Oil Co on amazon, really high in zinc and complete amino acid complex with healthy fats and even vitamin K. And Jarrow Hemp is another good one along with MRM Sacha Inichi powder(taste like peanut butter). I also use 3 blends in shakes on rotation MRM Veggie Elite, Nutra Key V-Pro, and Jarrow Plant blends. I found some breads, from Julian Bakery that are nut based chock full of potassium healthy fats, and gluten free that are GREAT toasted. I have posted recipes for flat breads, garlic breads, cheddar biscuits in the recipes section that might be of some help in getting fats and protein in.....I know there are some other things I am forgetting.
  15. Yep I brought this up last month in a article https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/118907-eating-out-and-discrimination/