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  1. Question

    Funny you should mention this, I got a offer for some free ones from that company and just turned it down. The only gluten free products from the company are a 2 lines of dedicated nut type bars. The majority of their bars actually contain either barley (gluten grain) like the biscuits etc. Or whole grain wheat like many of their crunchy and nut and oat bars. 10% of people with celiac can also not tolerate oats btw. If your looking for a good bar many swear by Kind bars for quick nut snack bars. I myself prefer low carb dairy free protein bars like Julian Bakery (acquired taste) and Bhu Foods. If you insist on eating oats I might suggest looking into a company that is dedicated I used to use gluten-free harvest in my bakery, the family that started it has celiac running in their family. http://www.glutenfreeoats.com/gluten-free-oatmeal/
  2. Nov 18, 2015 >.< yeah it was older, Checked some newer testing others have done and found the more recent ones under 5ppm.....so perhaps they got their act together. I still am that old dog recalling being hit and growling at them about it.
  3. Granbia is wholesale only, GFHarvest you can order and they ship anywhere sales under http://www.glutenfreeoats.com/gluten-free-oatmeal/ Ok it is rare...1/5 boxes seems to be a maybe..... Lab: Bia Diagnostics (www.biadiagnostics.com) Sample Assay/Extraction Results (ppm gluten) Entire box homogenized first via a blender and then through a coffee grinder Cheerios Yellow Box 1 R5/Cocktail* 7.3, < 5, 5.1 Cheerios Yellow Box 1 R5/GEB** < 5, 9.6, < 5 ..................... Cheerios Yellow Box 2 R5/Cocktail 5.5, 7.0, 5.9 Cheerios Yellow Box 2 R5/GEB < 5, < 5, < 5 ..................... Cheerios Yellow Box 3 R5/Cocktail 5.2, 5.5, < 5 Cheerios Yellow Box 3 R5/GEB < 5, 5.5, 12.1 ...................... Representative sample homogenized to a fine powder Cheerios Yellow Box 4 R5/Cocktail 6.1, < 5 Cheerios Yellow Box 4 R5/GEB < 5, < 5 ...................... Cheerios Yellow Box 5 R5/Cocktail 17.8, < 5 Cheerios Yellow Box 5 R5/GEB 24.5, 9.1 Cheerios Yellow Box 5 (sample re-homogenized) R5/Cocktail < 5, < 5 ....................... Honey Nut Cheerios Box 1 R5/Cocktail < 5, < 5 Honey Nut Cheerios Box 1 R5/GEB < 5, < 5 ........................ Honey Nut Cheerios Box 2 R5/Cocktail 11.2, < 5 Honey Nut Cheerios Box 2 R5/GEB < 5, 5.1 Honey Nut Cheerios Box 2 (sample re-homogenized) R5/Cocktail 12.5, < 5 ....................... Multi-Grain Cheerios Box 1 R5/Cocktail < 5, < 5 Multi-Grain Cheerios Box 2 R5/GEB < 5, 5.2 Sorry to be the jumpy rabbit, but once bitten twice shy, I recall when they first came out with gluten-free cheerios....yeah it was worse back then and that pain and trickery will not be forgiven.
  4. Actually GFWD did a article on cheerios and General mills testing methods its is more of a lot means and not testing the boxes, there are many cases where a lot will test in 5-10ppm range and pass then who is to day a random box does not contain a hot spot? The mechanically separated process is flawed at the core, there should be no gluten containing grains to even have to separate. I think the process need to be more dedicated to 100% gluten free, from planting, harvest, to store. There are 2 oat sources for this. Where the fields have never had gluten grains, the equipment is owned by the companies not rented and only used for the oats and not other gluten grains, and the transport trucks are also dedicated....sadly they are the only companies that follow such strict procedures. (Granbia and GFHarvest)
  5. Glutened myself :(((

    Well if you want to play it safe, Spicely Organic has gluten free spices, Big Axe Spice has some nice "everything" blends. I have tried two others that are supposed to be safe but found everything they made so salty I could not eat it.
  6. Subtle D

    Between 70+ grams of fiber a day average sometimes in the 100+ gram range....I eat mostly nuts, seeds, greens, etc. Whole shell on the seeds none for the past week which has me thinking that might be part of it, I upped my cocoa nib intake and coconut intake which should increase the fiber back to the 60-90g range a day. The PH...did not think of that high chance, between the enzymes, the higher PH seeds I just changed to (sancha inchi from pumpkin) combined with the cocoa, coffee, and vitamin C, then throw in my suspected BBQ jackfruit which has apple cider vinegar added for bite.....yeah much higher PH then the week before.
  7. Keep gluten-free alternatives for treats. They make gluten free everything now days. Enjoy Life has tons of prepackaged gluten-free cookies, udi's, and Ians make pretty much everything else you buy like cheese sticks, chicken nuggets etc in gluten-free versions. heck even some companies make a gluten free version of hot pockets. I composed a decent list, and even where to get stuff or how to get your local grocery store to stock it. Having a gluten-free alternative that "Kicks" that craving is essential for self control issues. And it is quite self harming that little nibble....will keep doing damage to your insides for weeks. Your antibodies spike that long and take that long to go down. So your doing more damage then your think and this stacks over time. Your lucky you can eat many foods. Most of us do not learn about this disease til much later in life....we have what you would call collateral damage lol. I developed multiple intolerance issues, allergies, and even other disease. Think about this, I can not eat carbs, no grain, no sugar, no fruit, I can not eat dairy, I am allergic to anything with corn in it, no peanuts. I also lost the ability to digest meats........yeah I eat nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and egg whites. Not my choice either, wish I had known earlier. 'https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/119661-gluten-free-food-alternative-list-2017/
  8. Califlour foods, pizza crust is corn free. the plant based one is great. I think there is a huge sale right now on the 5 packs with a pizza pan. It can be used for a flat bread also, There is a trick to the crust, depending on the prebake you can get different levels of crispness 5min prebake gets a super soft crust while 15-20mins makes it extra crispy. Ingredients: Cauliflower, Almond Flour, Flax Meal, Olive Oil, Tapioca Starch, Garlic Powder, Dried Basil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Nutritional Yeast https://www.califlourfoods.com/collections/cauliflower-products/products/5-pack-bundle-of-plant-based-italian-the-perfect-pizza-pan
  9. Noticing I am having D quite easy nothing bad, painful or gassy, just D or super soft stool in the mornings for the past 4 days. Food Diary suggest several culprits, my BBQ jackfruit seems to be the number one suspect, This is my BBQ cuisine week or two and I can not eat meat so I have a big wad pinch of shredded homemade BBQ Jackfruit. I have done a gluten test on it and that is not the reason but perhaps the seasonings or perhaps hte cider vinegar I put it in fermented it a bit? Other thoughts on culprits, I have upped my vitamin C intake to about 1500mg a day spaced out in 2 doses Vitamin C has been linked to D in many cases and is one reason why some people get D when they take a vit C supplement in conjunction with fruit. I have also upped my cocoa nib intake this could be a culprit also, I have cut back on binding seeds like flax, whole shell pumpkin, and chia which used to be a huge fiber supplement so this could be the cause of more softer stools.Next week I start back on chia seeds in my eggs and we shall see if my stools firm back up. I also doubled up on probiotics as I was taking half the recommended dose prior. Eating a bunch more cinnamon, and cinnamon oil, but I do this on rotation so doubt it, My new low carb bread, I am eating 2-4 slices of this grain less bread a meal now. This could be it but this bread using coconut flour in it, and egg whites. I doubt this is the case, as coconut flour is known to absorb liquid a lot, and tends to firm up ones stool and in fact cause constipation in people if they do not consume it with a lot of liquid. I came across health concerns with other bakers when I was working on this recipe about it. My protein intake went up to double what it used to be 5 weeks ago, doubt this is the issue but this week, I changed it using a custom blend with MUCH less rice protein and more pea and sancha inchi. I noticed the more rice protein I consumed the worse my edema got with legs and feet swelling. Have this well under control now with no swelling, I considered it perhaps my extreme coffee intake but I have changed to only 2 cups of caffeinated coffee a day starting mid last month. Down from a whole pot.......so now I drink about a pot of decaf a day. I doubt this is it as it never gave me a issue with the much more likely culprit of full on caffeinated in the same amount. While I try to trouble shoot it I am actually slightly enjoying it. Odd as this might sound, I spent most my life with chronic constipation, and the only relieve I used to get came with a glutening and that had EXTREME pain and gas. Followed by a week or so of constipation so bad I had to take laxatives. This....this is just a release with no pain or gas....odd and creepy but I seem to have much more energy, and I can eat and drink a lot more. >.< I think I might enjoy this ride a bit of regularity even if it is a bit off, it is a huge change from my hard stools and painful movements of years past. I mean I have gone as far in the past as taking a entire bottle of miralax to try to go and just had gassy normal BM 24 hours later and frankly miralax makes me feel like groggy, tired, and like the blob, I am that guy that had to double the dose of everything for the scope prep and had the doctor think I cheated when I told him the first time I did it right and did not clean me out. I want to find out what is triggering this and add it to my regime for clean out or laxative treatment after a glutening next time when that C hits for a week.
  10. Yeah noticing some others, black tea, gives me that film/mucus on top of my stomach while green tea, herbal/hibisicus, and coffee do not. I have recently fell in love with Rythem Kale chips, and roasted kale. Kale raw...I always get sick from. At first it was due to the waxy stuff on the ones I was getting, then I got organic washed. and still got the issue minus the floating waxy stuff in my stomach. Now if I stewed it, nuked it, or made chips out of it no issues. But with the farmer market, me baking for it, and Texas Summer preventing afternoon baking due to heat. I never had time to roast kale this summer. Now with the Rythem Kale it comes prepared in a way that doe not make me sick. Love using it crushed up in my omelettes, or using it crushed as a garnish over my miracle noodles or rice. with a pesto or butter flavored coconut oil. Considered this, I have a friend who has this with bananas and a few other fruits, they do not bother him if he cooks them, raw causes hives and swelling. Again I considered it but I no not have sores form in my mouth like I do with my corn allergy, nor do I get itchy or swelling. Still might be a slight issue I might give it some more thought. >.> could be the fact I do not have much feeling for heat or pain in my mouth (nerve issues). But it does sort of apply I need to do some research and see if others have this and might be limited to the vomiting and stomach mucus symptoms also. I might try eating some foods I know I have a allergy to like peaches and mango, just a tiny bit in a extract, and see if I get the same reaction, They normally just cause drainage, and sniffles, even stuff with just the flavoring or extract.
  11. Dairy is a major issue with celiac, due to the enzymes to break it down being produced by the villi tips being mostly destroyed or damaged first. Eliminating for a few months may be critical. I might suggest digestive enzymes, I am taking Jarrow Enzymes at 2x the dose, Jarrow Bromelain, and sometimes some extra papaya enzymes. I have issues breaking down the large amounts of foods I consume otherwise (I am trying to body build bulk). I also would look at some protein powders if I was you. Vegan protein powders are easy to digest most times an can be great. Pumpkin Seed protein is the easiest on the stomach, being a balanced PH, high in zinc, iron, magnesium, it is very good for recovery and putting on weight in addition to others. Might also consider blends, try not to get anything with too much gums in it. I like NutraKey V-Pro and MRM Veggie Elite. I also buy a whole list of others. On her food, veggies, and meats should be cooked to almost mush, try using a crockpot and stewing them. This will make them easier to digest and break down. Is she having any other issues? Like Bowl issues? I find I can loose hunger if I back up, and I have to take magnesium like crazy and eat a whole lot of fiber to keep it moving. Take it you already read the newbie 101 section about getting all new cookware, and deconing the house? Bit of a extra tip I swear by to everyone, Freezer Paper/Butcher Paper. Makes a nice clean prep surface and easy clean up.
  12. Old recipe from my books Grain Free Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies 120g almond butter about 1/2 cup 120g pumpkin puree about 1/2 cup 1 flax egg (1tbsp ground flax 3tbsp water mixed and left to thicken) 1 large egg should work 120g Maple or Sugar Free Maple Lakanto 20g cocoa powder 1/4 cup 2tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp baking soda or 1 tsp Ener-G Substitute Optional Nuts or chocolate chips to stir in or sprinkle on top 1. Preheat Oven to 350F grease a 8x8 pan or line with parchment paper 2. Add all ingredients but the optional nuts/chip to a food processor and process on high until smooth 4. Pour into pan, spread with a spatula and tap on a hard surface to level out, add nut or chip topping 5. Bake for 25-30mins
  13. US needs to do this, we also need to have the FDA crack down on foods that say gluten free but are not, or are produced in the same facility with possible contamination. So tired of seeing "gluten free" read on the back. "Manufactured on/Packaged on equipment that handles wheat, etc."
  14. Yeah I can not drink but as a chef the culinary uses for liquors, wines, and beer/ciders is amazing. Yeah I was thinking the same thing with the orange one using it in wither crock pot a bunch of chicken breast in, marinade them in prior to cooking is another thought. The apple one, I was thinking of doing a roast in it. you know how some people crock pot a roast in dr. pepper, root beer, or actual beer? I was thinking of doing a shoulder roast, or a boston butt in austin apple cider with some bacon and a bit of maplehoney in the pot along with half a sweet onion in there. Cook it say 8 hours, then drain it out and shred it then serve up with some sauce or plain depending on finished flavor. Thinking this would be nice to serve up with my bread for sandwiches, by itself, or perhaps over some chips. I also have this idea of using it to make a turkey or ham gravy, 8oz, simmer it down with trimmings and drippings from the holiday turkey/ham, the onion we cook in the pan with it chopped, 3 chopped roma tomatoes, bay leaf, stir it with a rosemary twig, crush it all up with the back of the ladle, then strain it out and pour in a gravy bowl with some chopped toasted walnuts in the bottom to be served with the dressing, and potatoes at new years for the family....Basing this on what I did last year with a dry sherry, but replacing it with the cider.
  15. Used some nice hard cider for a sub in beer can chicken last month for a cookout I was doing. I have been debating using it in place of beer in some marinades, baked goods, or roast that are cooked in a beer. I hear good reviews on them and I keep thinking the ciders might work I know I hear of people using AceCiders but I have not seen them. I used the following ones so far and only the apple. https://austineastciders.com/