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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ....yeah that is the sad story of many of us...I think I went through what was it 6 doctors? or was it 7. I ran into one JUST like that 4 doctors ago. She was very condescending, and this was before my celiac dia. She practically worshiped the whole eat all whole grains, avoid dairy lifestyle. She never even suggested a gluten issue back when I was going nuts with all my issues leaving me in bed with nerve issues most of the week. She did mention I need to start taking magnesium and b-vitamins, this did help but she also suggested I stop eating white bread and move to whole wheat . I will admit I did later go back to inform her of my condition after I did get the somewhat of a odd method dia. (long story) and she blew it off like there is no way my issues could be caused by wheat.
  2. The delayed reaction could be many things, I would say it was your antibodies slowly ramping up then peaking out. Odd though with the delay did you get constipated? How regular are you? And I am also willing to bet those eating out times had some factor in it. I started eating small, very small doses of gluten in some contaminated hemp protein...took several days for it to accumulate to the point of the fog, loose stools, etc. and is going back down since I got off it, but is now hitting with the numbness, loss of feeling, and constipation of the aftermath. Play it safe for a few weeks go back to a simple soup with just boiled meets, veggies, and perhaps potatoes if you eat carbs. I went to a bone broth, and veggie soup myself and been snacking on nuts and seeds.
  3. While not catholic (I am Methodist) I do take communion. I have arranged with my pastor to bring my own loaf and get it blessed once a month or so. I then keep it in the freezer at home and bring it to communion or take it in my house. This has worked out great for the last 3 years, and enabled me to participate in it without issues.
  4. There is a huge learning curve to the disease, but it is quite easy to live with once you get it down after the first year or so. Celiac disease is a autoimmune disease where your immune system essentially gets confused by gluten and attacks your own body, This has various manifestations and symptoms and is different from person to person. Over time it gets worse and worse if ignored where you body will slowly kill itself and destroy itself. Reactions can be triggered by crumbs, residue, even tiny bits of flour in the air. Gluten is a protein smaller then a germ, luckily only found in some grains, and in alot of processed foods. If you eliminate it from your house, and do not bring any any, while avoiding eating outside of your house you will heal more quickly and a pretty normal life can be managed if you catch it early enough. You just find yourself making your own food more and doing meal preps. (And hosting meals for family and friends more often as you can not eat at their places, but this part I enjoy) I will link some things at the end of this to simplify things. Personally I did not know about my issues til a whole lot of s$#& hit the fan. I am one of those worst case, not the worst but one of them. I ended up with immune system attacking my nervous system and brain in addition to my gut. I suffer from brain damage, loss of feeling in my hands and feet, and due to gut damage and immune issues multiple food allergies and intolerance issues developed, SO I am limited in more ways then just gluten grains (Long list check my profile). You seem luck in you did not mention to many of the major issues or common ones with this disease, For the most part cleaning our your fridge, pantry, getting some new pots, pans, utensils etc. And making sure you throw out any thing with gluten, scrub everything down, and get new condiments, spices, or anything contaminated and you should be fine. We suggest a whole foods only diet for the first few months with little to no processed foods. Also removing dairy and gluten-free oats, which you can try to reintroduce later. Reasons being is whole foods are easier to manage, chock full of nutrients with very little chance for contamination. Dairy is broken down by enzymes produced by the tips of your villi which are normally damaged or blunted from this disease. And 10% of celiacs reac to to oats like gluten. PS I do suggest freezer paper for a prep surface when fixing foods, makes a clean work area and a breeze to clean up. They do make gluten-free versions for everything now days I have a comprehensive list of options you can look at I will also link to help you. Just think of it as changing brands lol. As for your trip, there are allergy cards you can print off to show to people at restaurants, you can ask others for suggestions of good places to eat, you can take a test kit like Nima to test your food before eating it. Also you can take emergency meal bars, meal replacement shakes, and bags of nuts and seeds for snacks. Many travel without issues using these methods to keep from getting sick, you will also find in EU many grocery stores have a large selections of gluten-free foods you can buy and just eat that way and fix your own meals. You might find you need to supplement some things, IE if your constantly fatigued, nerve, and joint issues you will find magnesium and b-vitamins to help. Since your anemic I am going to mention you might look into a vitamin C supplement also as it is used to help your body absorb iron. Going to give a link as to what me and others take and for what reasons also. https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/116482-supplement-and-foods-you-take/
  5. Your not going to get a response, this post is from over 10 years ago. Olive oil is generally gluten free. With celiac disease it is not uncommon to develop allergies and intolerance to things. For me I got a issue with olive oil, if I cook with it, or eat it I vomit violently. One of those things I developed a intolerance to.
  6. I have very long hair, and I am ALWAYS moving it away from my mouth when eating, it ends up in my mouth a few strands at least once a day, And I brush it to the side with my hands at least once a hour......Gluten in a shampoo was a nightmare for CC issues, I know this cause the one I used to use prior to dia kept causing cc issues for my first few months trying to go gluten-free. Also if you wash your hair with a gluten containing shampoo then rinse....you just doused your entire body, hands and everything in it.....I would consider gluten containing shampoo to be 10x worse then say having it in cosmetics. I mean who is going to take the eyeliner near their mouth? (I would not use gluten in anything in my house anyway just a example)
  7. 1. Check post date this is 10 years old. 2. Addressing a few things from this, I react badly to animal fats, they float and cause to throw up, I also have digestion issues with tough meats, where they do not break down in my stomach and either get puked up or pooped out still looking like meat. Fish, crab, and lean meat like longhorn when cooked til it dissolves on your tongue into a paste are edible to me. 3. I live off of fats. nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, I am ketogenic and I do not eat carbs but only fat and protein.
  8. Should be if unprocessed, if they processed into burger or sausage I would be concerned and turn it down. I was given some venison a year ago that was cut with pork in the processing facility and gluten contaminated due to the machines (some places use a flour as a binder, or wheat as a cleaning agent to run through the grinder). If you just have unprocessed chunks of meat, steaks, etc. It would be perfectly fine.
  9. Might try changing to a gluten-free certified brand like Republic of tea. Also might not be gluten, I myself developed a issue last year with my stomach not liking black teas anymore. I think the fermentation process for making black teas produces something? Or the tannins...oddly coffee not causing issues. Really is a huge hit and miss sometimes with this I know.
  10. Yeah we normally suggest not eating out til you have it under control and only eating out at places you can trust after talking at length with the manager and staff. Check FindMeGluten Free app if you insist on eating out, and look for places with multiple good reviews. Perhaps invest in a tester like nima or EZ-strips (tricks to use them right and they sometimes are iffy) Stick to a whole foods diet for the first few months to help boost healing, many find removing dairy and oats for the first few months also is a huge help. You can try reintroducing dairy later on but celaics disease damages your villi and the tips of those produce the enzymes to break down dairy so issues are very common til some healing is done. Oats in some cases for celiacs can cause the same reaction as gluten (10% of celiacs if I recall) and even the gluten-free ones can not be consumed by them. Take it you have checked the 101 thread and cleaned out the kitchen, and done all the things you need to do. Be careful of CC, and what products you trust, Sticking with whole foods is a safe bet but otherwise look for the gluten-free certification marks. and read ingredients like a hawk. Soon you will have it down, and even the veterans like me mess up or get tricked sometimes by products so no worries just get back on that horse to healing, Good Luck
  11. Most wines are gluten free, the introduction to gluten from them comes from the cask in most cases, where some companies still use wheat pastes as glue. This is only true in some wines and very few still use this practice. In most cases you find with the damage to your intestines you become more sensitive to sulfites, acids, and alcohols. The last wine I had a sip of with no issues from gluten was BareFoot Pink moscato, That was a bit over a year ago. I cook with rums normally like admiral nelsons and bacardi which are made form sugar cane molasses and gluten free. Other hard liquors like pure agave taquilia and non grain based vodkas are also safe. I recently started using Austin East ciders in cooking and they are all gluten free.
  12. 6 bowl movements this morning, down 3lbs in 2 days, and starting to get the cramping...I think it is accumulating/building up my antibody count over time. Stopping it and giving it away, this is not worth it as it is obviously causing damage. Even super low dosing like this, I am good in the morning but I am foggy and dazed in the afternoons and evenings just sitting around. I am just amazed I am not vomiting or having constipation like normal. I imagine the C will hit this next week.
  13. If you need to throw on calories try snacking and eating more nuts and seeds. I found nut butters, coconut oil, seeds, and nut based breads were great ways to throw on calories. Also sipping on and drinking vegan protein shakes throughout the day and before bed helps maintain muscle mass. A high fat/protein diet with lower carbs will help maintain your muscles. If you can eat meat then stewed fresh meats are great, baked fish like salmon are also good. I am constantly consuming nut butters in homemade gluten-free cookies using almond butter, and coconut flour with sugar free sweeteners, in shakes, smoothies, homemade ice cream, by the spoon and on gluten-free nut based breads. I cook oftne for others, and stuff like pan fried hash browns in butter flavored coconut oil with some herbs, salt and pepper generally never fails. You can press them into patties and fry them up crispy and use them for scooping scrambled eggs, Blending in a diary free cheese/or real cheese with your eggs using a hand blender and seasoning them before scrambling adds in some extra calories. I blend nut butters and seed/nut meals in with my eggs and skillet bake them sometimes into a quiche with chopped spinach and dairy free cheese this way and extra shreds stirred in. >.> I am crazy with eating consider I eat 8-12 egg dishes for breakfast every day.
  14. I have recently this week done something rather daft and can relate to the dizzy issues. I have a Mantoba Hemp Protein...not labeled gluten free, I got it while on sale. Tested it came back positive on nima, and since I got a case of the stuff I went ahead and had it lab tested. Lab results came back with 6ppm.....SO I decided it eat it anyway. I am not vomiting like I do normally ,but I am dropping stuff, burning myself (grabbed the muffin tin out of the oven this morning and walked it across the room not noticing half my hand was off the pot holder), being dizzy, and having nerve issues more along with looser stools.....4 times a day. Also noticing I am making some other mistakes and off decisions as of late. Funnly little quirks, I am almost done with the first container from the lot then I am stopping it for at least 2 months perhaps try to sell it off to someone. Bit concerned about damages I might be doing.
  15. Try using the same amount for sugars, and I imagine peanut butter would work as for the cereal you use a flake type, I used coconut flakes, I used buckwheat flakes before, I guess corn flakes would work. You want the flake cereal for the layer effect to replicate butter fingers. Brown sugar would work better then white btw. You want that deep mellow earthly flavor of a brown or coconut sugar it adds to the caramel like deep nutty flavor.