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  1. Ohhh ok, I was going to say! I had bunnies growing up and I have cats now. I never remember the bunnies purring for me. I just thought that was the sound they made when they breathed.
  2. Other than a little over extending of my neck, my energy level has been amazing and I have been feeling amazing overall.
  3. I just realized we are eating really well this week so I thought I'd share what meals we had so far. Chicken fajitas with lots of bell peppers onions and chipotle sauce. Side of mexican rice made with cilantro, lime, corn, onions and peppers Penne with vodka sauce with a side of zucchini (im pretty sure i ate a zucchini and a half, it was so good) Tonight im making chicken satay with a plain rice and I need to find some veggies.
  4. Any idea why whole is ok but ground is not? I get an intolerance type reaction from it, not a gluten reaction.
  5. Don't even remind me about the prices going up! I will probably be eating all frozen, all winter. The tortillas I get are corn and they are like 100 calories for 2 and i usually double them up and make one big fajita and eat stuff from it, before i fold and try to eat. I am one that has lost weight and then gained weight (both for no apparently reason) now i know it was probably from celiac disease. I started to bulk up my rice dishes with veggies so i eat less rice, but it feels like more.
  6. ok you people are killing me. Making me very hungry with these delicious ideas. I need to try all of the above! I just realized the other day that we eat pretty damn good around here. I made like a spanish rice tonight with chicken fajitas with tons of onions and bell peppers. So good.
  7. Wheat seems to be used a lot in savory foods as flavoring. A friend was trying to eat gluten-free and kicked herself when she discovered her chicken broth had wheat in it. I notice barley malt is in sweet stuff. Funny though, you don't think of wheat as a flavor.
  8. That is interesting.. do you grind it at home? I would love to be able to have coffee again! My brother gave us a dozen eggs from his chickens who eat better than anyone i know! But no luck with that. Just avoiding eggs now and Ive been doing well. I had a few cruddy days from something, but im feeling better now.
  9. I try to look up the unfamiliar veggies that we get. a couple weeks ago, it was pattypan squash. It is a little different than zucchini, we just chopped it up cooked it and used it with a turkey and veggie chilli we made.
  10. I heard and read that some people have similar issues with factory eggs but organic eggs don't bother them. The other day I had a cooked egg from my brothers chickens. All organic food for these ladies and same problem. I haven't experimented with the yolk and white because I also did read that you cant really separate them, even if you think you can. I try to avoid anything with egg ingredients but if i eat a tiny bit, it seems to be ok. But if i have some bread with egg and some other snack with a little egg in it, then i can feel the pain. I actually found that using applesauce or banana in my gluten free pancake mix with coconut almond milk, is really delightful!
  11. My boyfriends grandmother shares her organic produce with us from her community garden, but she lives over an hour away and we rarely have time to visit. When we get produce from her, its usually veggies and then we just buy like rice and some meat and base the meals around the veggies. I need to check out Aldi's for fruit, we have one right in town but kind of the bad part of town. I have heard that they have a lot of great produce for cheap, but i have heard their packaged foods aren't so great.
  12. Wegmans has their gluten free pastas for $1.39(everyday), which is pretty darn cheap. They have spaghetti, elbows, penne, rigatoni. That's like the only ones anyone really eats! So all bases are well covered as far as I'm concerned. I really do need to get to the farmers market more often, they have great stuff. I make most everything homemade for dinner and lunch, it's snacks that get pricey. I am also going to give homemade bread a try soon. I really love bread.
  13. I remember A1 had a feeling to my mouth and sinuses like it was VERY caustic. I would stop using that stuff right away because it has like a thousand ingredients and any one of them could be bothering you. I would make my own sauce with stuff I know doesn't bother me.
  14. I admit that I love having pasta once a week, and I really enjoy having some nice toast a few times a week with breakfast. The prices however, I do not enjoy. I have started coping by looking like a hawk for coupons and sales on the foods I love the most. I discovered the new schar bread, the kind from the freezer not the shelf stable kind. It was amazing! I made turkey sloppy joes the other night (I mix in chopped carrots and onions) and had a side of steamed green beans. It was even more awesome because it was one sale for $2.29 and schar's website had a $2 off coupon. I hope these companies continually offer coupons for their products. Is there a coupon thread im missing? We should have one. I have also started purchasing some of my vegetables frozen to save money and to ensure they stay 'fresh' throughout the week. I also make my own white bean dip, the nutribullet is amazing for that, but i have not found a recipe I like for making my own crackers yet.