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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dating W Celiac

    Ok i wrote this just before I went on my diet, and I am now way more mentally rational and such. GottaSki knows whats up, so dang true ^^^ Haha its kind of a good tool to use. Thanks
  2. Exercise And Emotional Problems

    Hey everybody, I am now about a month into my diet, and I have to start off by saying thank you for your support. You were all right. All of these problems listed are starting to drastically fade. The neurological problems are so deeply diminished that I now have little to no symptoms. I am a way happier person in general now. Who knew what you eat can effect the way you think But overall I am way clearer minded, and wayyy more rational about things. I am staying physically active and fit, as well as mentally strong and efficient. Yea, i pretty much just needed to endure the struggle, and now its payed off. Mood swings are gone, still have some anxiety and depression, but it is that of a normal person now, and don't mind it. Thank you all again, I will keep all of your words and advice and keep making gains in life. Have a good day.
  3. Fitness And Celiac Question

    Oh and I actually have slightly higher than normal Iron levels, in which we do not know why yet, but does that have any effect on exercise?
  4. Fitness And Celiac Question

    Thanks a lot, i do in fact need to just rest a lot, yet since I'm young i do not have any real trouble exercising. I feel fine (even when i push myself sometimes) Am i causing harm if a do just light running and light weights? Thank you
  5. Body Image Issues

    I have the same thing right now man, I work out so hard, and it just makes me lose mass, so i try and stop cardio, but then I just gain fat. Its rough, and I'm hoping a dietician can help me soon. Maybe try contacting dietician as well, to analyze and mediate your diet.
  6. Hey guys, So I have a question that concerns nourishment as well as muscle building. Ive been training pretty hard over the past year or so in excelling my fitness as well as athletic ability. Over the year I have gotten stronger and leaner, also lost a lot of weight (due to hard cardio and celiac) But I noticed I wasn't making any real muscle gains, I thought I had maybe overtrained, I was fatigued and tired a lot.. So I was recently confirmed that I have celiac (as of one week ago actually) and have been gluten free since. I used to do vigorous exercise, to failure at some points, and that combined with malnourishment probably made me lose muscle. I am a very healthy eater, and very fit, yet I have the body of a kid who eats taco bell every day. I really enjoy hard exercise and hope to get back at it. How long do you suppose it takes to heal until I can get back to working hard, and running a lot? (and actually seeing results for the work I'm putting in) Thanks a lot! Any suggestions at all are much appreciated, especially comments from any experienced athlete/weightlifter/sports trainer.
  7. Suffering In School

    Thanks, I have tried to contact my councilor or another reason. Yet school is almost over and councilors are unavailable. Yes if there were any Teachers or Councilors with any sort of experience with this here, I would be very grateful.
  8. Hello, So based on blood tests and discussing symptoms with a GI, we have both come to the conclusion that I almost certainly have celiac. I am a 17 year old junior in High School. This week and the following are finals weeks. Gluten causes me a great deal of headaches, lack of sleep, lack of focus, as well as irrational depression. ( I do not know if the depression is a separate factor but it sure doesn't help.) But I have a Biopsy scheduled a few days from now. (right before the end of finals week.) And I am having a miserable time trying to study and get homework done now. I have a presentation to make for my english class, and it is way harder than it should be. I normally have an outstanding work ethic in school, but i just simply can't focus on anything. I have terrible short term memory loss as well. I am a very good student and can't afford to fail these finals. I am so damn depressed about all of this. I don't know what to do, I have been trying to tough out the symptoms I'm feeling until the biopsy, but it occurs and an unfavorable time. And I am receiving no support from my parents, just insults like "oh you're glutens making you act all illogical again huh? Deal with it, get your finals done." I have never worked so hard in my life before. I just would like to ask, what do i do? I have absolutely no idea how to cope with this, my most important year in High School is going down the drain because of this unforgiving disease. I almost just want to give up.
  9. Exercise And Emotional Problems

    Thanks a lot everyone, ya i think the key is patience. I just have to get through my junior year finals now, and this brain fogginess is not helping. And ya, if anyone has further suggestions for me. Much is appreciated.
  10. Dating W Celiac

    What the hell am I supposed to do when dating non celiacs.. Take them to a gluten free restaurant? I know theyres many gluten free options at nice restaurants where we can both be satisfied. But what if a girl wants to go to a cheap pizza joint. This sucks.
  11. Please help me out. Hello, I am a 17 year old boy in CA. I have recently been made aware that i 90% have celiac. And after research, it is almost certain that I have the disease. I am scheduled for an endoscopy within the next 2 months or so. I am fairly healthy with eating and exercise as I started this lifestyle over a year ago. I lift weights 6/7 days a week. And do some form of cardio 6/7 as well. I have become overly obsessed with exercise as I get anxiety and depression if I miss a workout. I have lost 60 pounds over the course of a year, (whether or not celiac helped.) Although over the past few months I have been feeling fatigued and brain foggy, I am tired, and the only relief is through vigorous exercise. I work so hard and see little to no results so far. And over the course of a few months I have been getting worse at my physical activity. I went from doing 30+ pull ups to struggling to do 10. People tell me to take more rest days, even a week of to repair my muscles, but whenever I do, I lose all muscle tone and feel terrible. I get severely depressed. I am a little underweight and want to get bigger. So I eat more and rest more to rebuild and repair my muscles. And when I do, I feel bloated, sick, and I only gain dead weight to my stomach and lose muscle. It's terrible. I want to start gluten free now because of the wonderful stories of getting stronger and feeling clearer but I need to wait for the endoscopy. I hear problems of people who needed to stop working out for their body to heal (the villi, neuro, and muscular systems), and they eventually lose their motivation to work out. The twisted part in me is that I want to sort of keep this terrible feeling so I stay motivated to work out. Because my motivation is everything. I am severely lost, and depressed. My goal in life was to join the military, yet celiac shuts the door on those who want to join the armed forces. So my question is.. What do you suppose will change for me after the gluten-free diet? Will I feel better? Will I get stronger? Will my performance be affected? Will the depression stop? What do I do if my endoscopy result come back negative? Thank you, this is a huge problem for me.