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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi GFinDC - just noticed your reply and wanted to say thanks! I'm already eating a non-processed diet. Basically a paleo diet - just fruit/veg/protein. Nothing else! Have you got any suggestions for foods that could be added safely or is this what you are for the first year?
  2. Thanks everyone for your input. I had colonoscopy and gastroscope today. The great news is my colitis is in remission and there's no sign of inflammation in my large bowel. The doc inspected the bottom of my small bowel during the colonoscopy and the villi all looked very healthy. On the gastroscopy he found an ulcer on my gullet (oesophagas) which he said has been caused by too much stomac acid. I don't get symptoms of heart but not gerd but I'm assuming I could have it without realising? The duodenum folds are alightly thickened but there's no immediate sign of inflammation. Prescribed omeprazole for 8 weeks to assist in healing the ulcer. Took biopsies from everywhere so I should get those results in a few weeks. Any input on this would be much appreciated. Has anyone else had oesophagatis? And did it heal (and did that reduce the amount of pain!?) I have a follow up appointment booked and I'm going to insist on having a hida scan due to your advice above. Thanks again to everyone that responded above
  3. Just noticed this post Kareng. Just wanted to say thanks Also, in your opinion would a dodgy gall bladder cause the symptoms I've been having, and the inflammation in small bowel?
  4. Hi cyclinglady. Thanks for your input. I have mentioned gall bladder to every doctor I've seen. I keep hearing that there is nothing visible on ultrasound/ct scan so everything is fine!!! I'm going to mention this to the new specialist too. I'm pleased you are you're family are all well now after having the surgeries! Can I just ask, would ga bladder problems give inflammation in the small intestine? If so, why? Many thanks
  5. Apologies for another post, but I wondered if anyone reading this also suffered from pale stools before they were diagnosed with celiac? I've read tons of stuff on this forum, and most people seem to have pains, loose stools, brain fog, etc... but I've not come across many other people that have yellow or pale stools. Apologies for the personal questions! The reason I ask if because I'm worried that it's an unusual symptom, and might possibly point to something else?
  6. Hi Ravenwoodglass. Thanks for your reply. My wife and two children both still eat/cook gluten in the kitchen. I wash everything before using it (such as cutlery, even after it's been in the dishwasher) and I have my own pans and utensils. I don't eat any kind of bread so don't toast anything. The only thing we 'share' is the oven. I occasionally use it to cook chicken etc, and my wife uses it for gluten foods too. I cover the whole tray with tin foil before placing any of my items on there. Is the over an issue? Should I not use the oven anymore, in your opinion? That's the only thing I think we share in the kitchen...
  7. Hi Kareng, thanks for your reply. The foods are mostly okay for colitis... I am having too much fibre so that's causing some large colon distress. Not a colitis flare up, but this could be part of the reason for the watery BMs. It's difficult as I would normally eat a high carb, fairly low fibre diet for colitis and I've gone completely the other way in order to try and calm the small bowel problems. Some days I daren't eat (but I still do!)... I was hoping someone on the board might have had a similar experience and be able to offer some guidance. Thanks again for your reply.
  8. Hi everyone, I don't think I've ever used a public forum before, but after lurking on here for some time, I wanted to ask for your opinions on my diagnosis and ongoing symptoms. I'm going out of my mind and would really appreciate any feedback you can offer - there appear to be some real experts on this forum, and I trust in your experiences much more than my doctors opinions! The quick version is as follows: Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago (flares occasionally, and sometimes requires steroid treatment) Steatorrhea (pale stools) started 2 years ago. Started once or twice per week, then after a few months, happened every time (haven't had a normal colored BM in 18 months+). Also pain in upper abdomen that has gotten progressively worse. Gastro specialist (and every other doc I've seen) did not take me seriously - asked to take medication for anxiety! Doc's eventually ran tests - negative for celiac antibody blood test. Pancreatic enzymes fine (stool test). Did Ultrasound (all main organs), CT Scan (all main organs), MRI of Liver, Barium follow through on Small Bowel - all showed nothing other than 'fatty liver'. My liver function blood tests have been up and down throughout this period too. Doc FINALLY did Gastroscopy (January 2014). Biopsies of small intestine showed inflammation and villous atrophy Told this was possible infection and given antibiotics. No change to symptoms. I was then given the diagnosis of Celiac (January 2014) In January I started what the dietician called a gluten free diet. This included processed foods from supermarkets, soya milk, dairy etc. Everything I ate claimed to be gluten free (dietician told me all supermarket foods marked as gluten-free are completely safe!). No changes to symptoms in 4 months. During this period my colitis flared and I went onto high dose of prednisolone for 3 weeks, tapering off for another 3 weeks. This got the colitis under control (ie: stopped bleeding) but my pains never went away and BMs are still pale/yellow looking. For the last two weeks I've been eating nothing but bananas, beef, chicken, fish (inc. prawns), vegetables, herbs. No dairy, soy, nothing processed etc. I drink water and have had one or two herbal teas (camomile). I feel terrible! The pains in my upper abdomen are crippling and I constantly feel nauseous. I have had water BMs (for last 5 days) and see undigested bits of food in toilet. I should note that I'm very paranoid about cross contamination and I don't even kiss my wife on the lips now Someone has recently told me all about the horrifying effects of refractory celiac disease and I'm not petrified that I might have this due to the inflammation being present in my guts for at least 2 years (probably at least 3 years, if not more!). Should I start feeling better (certainly not worse) on the current diet after 2 weeks? If I show negative for celiac antibodies, what does this mean? Could I still be celiac? Is there anything else I should consider? Would you recommend I continue on the current diet (I'm trying to avoid anything that could cause problems!) If anyone could offer some guidance, it would mean a lot to me. The doctor originally told me I should start feeling better within 2 weeks of going gluten free! PS: I should also mention I have a follow up gastroscopy next week (with a new doctor), plus a colonoscopy (I have one every 2-3 years to check on the colitis) Thanks in advance!