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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Attached please find a Kroger food list that I found with products that do not contain gluten. It looks like it is updated as of 5/14. https://www.kroger.com/asset/5388bc7f84ae8f9154615adf?data=1 Let me know if there are any brands listed that may cause problems. Cleaning out the kitchen pantry tonight. (The list can be updated online by region - Gluten free product list at Kroger.com (70 pages). Thanks,
  2. Carnation Instant Breakfast

    Man this stinks... I love the chocolate flavored one but the last ingredient listed was "wheat starch." The other flavors may offer cross-machine contamination equipment processing. Anyone know of any other good chocolate instant breakfast gluten-free brands? Thanks,
  3. Has anyone created a list of The Fresh Market gluten free foods? They are building a new store right down the street from me. So far I have on the list for them: Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers red pepper eggplant spread hot pepper peach preserves and risotto garlic primavera Let me know if others have compiled a list of gluten-free brands or products from this store (The Fresh Market). I found one for Whole Foods online, but couldn't find one on the Fresh Market website, even though it looks like they might carry a lot of gluten-free products. I need shopping list suggestions. Thanks,
  4. Gluten Free Cheese

    Is boursin cheese not on this list? Sigh - wail - moan - shaking fists at the sky! Is says "cross-contamination may occur on machines/equipment?" I need my cheeses.
  5. Does Anyone Here React To Omission Beer?

    I am in my mid-thirties and just started going gluten free yesterday. My mother and all of her brothers and sisters have realized that they have severe late-n-life gluten intolerances. Due to my thyroid history that is similar to them, etc. I have decided to try and bite the bullet and try a gluten free diet to see how I feel. My friend told me that cider beers, such as woodchuck amber should be gluten free and that wines and vodka were ok. Can someone please recommend some good gluten free beers that are actually completely gluten free or a different brand. Thanks so much in advance , (it's going to be a long journey but you have to start somewhere)