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  1. Hi guys, my girlfriend is Coeliac so I've joined this site to help to better understand her condition and find ways to simply make her diet more enjoyable. First post so please be kind. My question is about 'Gluten Free' Beer and Ale, from what I gather there is some contention about these beers, I believe Estrella Daura (which she does drink and doesn't react too) to be made without wheat/barley so is considered safer than other Beers/ales which are made with 'de-glutenized' barley (like Daas, Greens and Omission). One of the things she misses most is Ale (which you can only seem to get made with 'de-glutenized barley' so it would be great to get some of these ales. I really just wanted to hear about some of your experiences and to see if anyone had any recommendation or advice for me? Or if anyone knows of a safe gluten-free Ale which isn't made using this process? Many Thanks, Ricky