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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yeah I have been quite lucky regarding the oral steroids, I haven't suffered any of the side effects. I know long term use causes other organ damage however. A Jane Austin and Harry Potter fan, very diverse :-) Hopefully you'll have a blast... Not sure how you are with processed gluten free food, but all the major supermarkets over here carry what's called a "Free From" range of food - it's Gluten, Dairy and Wheat free. So for example Asda (owned by Walmart) has a HUGE Free From selection. My local Asda has two isles dedicated to Free From, not including the freezer section.
  2. I checked out the photos thread in DH section and my rash identical to the vast majority. The story's are eerily similar as well, location of the rashes, the spread. I am kinda pleased, and also kinda upset that I now have something else to try an figure out... I have an appointment at the end of June with a dermatologist, guess I know what he is going to say now :-)
  3. Thanks for the link. You clearly know what you are talking about. I will say though that the health service is different here in the UK, the NHS is always trying to save money and not perform unnecessary tests, yet from what I can tell all patients having confirmed blood work are sent for a biopsy. This tells me that it is still regarded as being necessary and not about making money. Might be different in the US, I don't really understand your health service or how your insurance works. It would seem quite a few people on here have had very negative experiences with their celiac disease diagnosis and their doctors. It's distressing to think there are so many doctors that know next to nothing about an extremely prevalent autoimmune disease. I'll stop high-jacking this thread now...
  4. Really? From what I understood from my (admittedly limited research) and from speaking to several gastroenterologists and dieticians, the biopsy is still the gold standard. The blood results can have false positives, as well negative results when in fact the patient has Coeliac disease. Also aren't there numerous other conditions that can cause the same markers in the blood as celiac disease? There are also certain blood test for celiac disease that aren't recommended becasue they give unreliable results if you have an IgA defficiancy. Admittedly, if you get positive blood work and going gluten free helps, then chances are you have celiac disease, but saying "you do not need a biopsy for diagnostic purposes" is a bit of a dangerous statement isn't?
  5. It was just regular old fresh meat. Chicken breats, thighes etc... pork chops, steaks, lamb chops/legs/shoulders etc... Grilled or oven cooked.. EXTREMELY bland :-) Veggies were the frozen type with the occasional fresh one, mushrooms etc... and the rice, well.. that was rice. I didn't eat out at all during the 5 weeks as I was determined to see if things improved so I could start adding things back and see what messed me up. However I have eaten out since. It's quite easy here in the UK to eat out thankfully - as of this coming December it becomes law that all premises serving food to the public need to have all the ingredients of every dish available for the customer to see, along with allergy advice - gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, sulphites etc... As a result many of the bigger chains and even smaller pub type places are already doing it. I am 99.9999% certain I am not getting CC. My diet is pretty limited already and my wife has gone gluten free with me, so the house is a gluten free place. Thanks for the advice, I will take a look at the DH section.
  6. Hi all, This is my first post here, I didn't see an area for new user introductions so apologies if I missed it. I am hoping for some advice, or maybe some peace of mind by way of comparison with others. Sorry if I go down a route of too much information, not sure what the etiquette is here. Last November I had an amazingly terrible bout of diarrhoea which lasted 2 weeks, at the same time I had an ALL over rash appear. It was raised itchy spots, millions of them everywhere, and in certain areas they got together to have party causing large areas of inflamed, swollen, itchy weeping sores. Area's included my inner thighs, armpits, groin and my read end. After a visit to the GP, although he said it doesn't look like dermatitis herpetiformis, he sent me for blood work for coeliac disease anyway. I googled DH and he was right, it looked nothing like DH so I have no idea why coeliac disease popped in to his head. My results came back and my tTg levels were 114 so he referred me for an upper GI Endoscopy. Those results came back positive for coeliac disease. Although that was no surprise because the guy sticking the tube down my throat said he could see it was extremely inflammed. Which brings me to now - 6+ months later on a gluten free diet and non the better for it. Well that's not exactly true, the excessive diarrhoea has gone, I'm down to only 3 or 4 times a day now - yay! I am managing the rash with daily moisturising and applying topical steroids on the parts that flare up. Managing may be too strong a word for it... it's bearable. I live with a constant ache in my gut, and when it's not aching it's doubled over in pain unbearable; which is nice. I had a second endoscopy a couple of week ago because my gastroenterologist is concerned that my symptoms aren't abating. I get the results a couple of weeks. I have had bone density scans and an abdominal MRI scan, both were fine... I have had more blood tests than my arm cares to remember. All showing nothing except inflammation markers. I have tried cutting out milk, lactose, soy, potato and corn all to no avail... I was on a meat, veg and rice diet for a solid 5 weeks, no condiments or sauces, not even salt and pepper. Limited veggies, peas, carrots, mushrooms. Not a single thing changed with my symptoms. I have also suffered since childhood with eczema, asthma and allergies. Including hay fever and oral allergies to raw fruit like apples and pears, and nuts. My mouth and lips swell up like Mick Jagger. My quite severe eczema vanished when I entered my teens, then reappeared in my mid twenties on a few of my fingers. Since my rash and diarrhoea episode in November, my eczema is back in full force. My right hand looks like it's been through a meat grinder. I also suffer from PMLE, only recently diagnosed as I just thought it was my eczema hating the sun. All in all my immune system hates me. The only rest-bite I have is when I am on oral steroids like prednisolone. I have the odd 5 or 10 days course when my eczema and rash(whatever is causing it) get out of control. It's like a dream!! All my symptoms, the rash and eczema clear up in a matter of days, the swelling vanishes. The big D vanishes. I no longer have any gut pain. I can go out in the sun without breaking out. Seriously, those couple of weeks, and for a few weeks after I stop the steroids, are the most amazing weeks of my life. I can't even explain how good it feels to have everything just vanish. So does anyone else have a similar story? gluten-free, dairy free, soy free diet making no difference!. I pretty much just live on cooked meats, rice, vegetables and gluten free pasta. Sorry for the long post, I'm as surprised as you with how much I actually had to say :-) Tab