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  1. A Day Of Mixed Events

    I totally agree with Annie's Macaroni & Cheese... I DID NOT want the kids to have any. I wanted it all for myself. heheh. I am a huge beer fan so it's been a change at BEST to switch to cider but cider SUCKS. Most gluten-free beers out there plain SUCK unless you're into a bud/lite beer substitute. I couldn't drink bud with my nose plugged and for money anyway, I am (was) a small owned/specialty beer drinker. I have no place to go drink at for a cold mug o suds at all but at my house. I cannot stand cider. I'd rather skip the fake gluten-free beer/cider and drink a mixed drink and wine is eh, not my favorite. Unless it's champagne. I started HOMEBREWING 2 years ago and it is the key for my gluten-free beer enjoyment. There is a nice beer brewing shop in town and they have food allergies in that family... some pretty serious allergies... they will help you find whatever you need and look up stuff on the internet... anyway once I got the general equipment of buckets, hoses, big ass pots, air locks and carboys, it's been pretty cool. You can get sorghum extracts (tastes not malty but it does taste grainy and sweet) and honey instead of grains and malted sugar and corn flakes (looks like oatmeal but yellow) instead of grains. Even though it's still missing something obviously malty and hearty, it's still enough of a beer experience for me that I enjoy it (also it's a lot stronger, probably 7% than that crap like Red Bridge which is 4% with no flavor to speak of). And it's fun to pick out your own hops. I'm not trying to convert you to making beer because I don't really know what to do with my items in the garage, they're taking up precious space (plus I have a kegerator in my living room, it's better to let someone else make it for you and just bottle it for you) but I can say that homebrewed gluten-free beer is fun to make and tastes pretty good. I can share with anyone. And they always say something about how good it is, etc. which is a fun thing to share.
  2. VENT 1: OMG kitchen "helpers" please DO NOT help me cut my bread into slices on my cutting boards. When I have a French loaf out as a courtesy, I usually cut it on top of the paper to minimize cross-contamination. Then I throw the paper away and it never touches anything but knife and plates which I deem clean enough (Hail Mary) when I sanitize them in the Heavy cycle (again, this is a hope and I pray it's true because I'm not getting separate silver and plates. My friend was trying to help me and being all proactive in my kitchen (this kitchen is WHY I do not go out, it's just as I want it to be except maybe I'd like granite). He was finishing the cutting on the other stub of the loaf and moved it to MY wooden cutting board and then after the fact, asks "Is this ok" (The same fellow who dunked his pita in my tzatziki sauce, when I made a special effort to have a SPOON out to move a dollop to each person's plate and TELLING HIM "Now I cannot use the sauce because you dunked and I have high sensitivity to crosscontamination"). WHY WHY WHY. Kitchen helpers, please let the gluten-free person take care of his gluten-free diet in their home. KTHANKS. I will tell him again but there's no account he'll remember and because he springs to his feet to help me when I don't ask or want help. VENT 2: One thing that I will miss the most is just making myself a simple sandwich. I'm the mom and have 2 kids and a spouse. I haven't done away with regular bread like I have every other thing in the house (such as no more flours or pastas in my cupboard that contain gluten). So I just made a delicious looking sandwich for hubby for his lunch and a lesser version that pales in comparison for me on this horrible rice bread! Eew... you know the brand, it has a maybe tan and orange label. Even the "good" gluten-free bread SUCKS! I'm looking at his bread knowing the exact taste and texture of that bread and that's REALLY what I'm craving. I'm very sad that I can't have it for myself (not really tempted at all to try, just to clarify). I JUST WISH gluten-free BREAD DIDN'T SUCK! My sandwich experience sucks too. I can't do lettuce leave wraps for everything either, that's OK for one of the FEW places I trust (Jimmy John's and a certain owner-run sandwich shop 20 mins. away from me in a place with signs all over about how we can make food to your order for allergies and gluten-free). The mere act of swallowing this bread requires a medal. I feel like I just ate paste in baked "square" form and just hope it gets digested before it comes back up. I should have just used these Back to Nature gluten-free sea salt and black pepper crackers which taste good. Lately I don't even bother to replace the bun and just eat a hamburger medium rare to medium with grill marks and pretend I'm eating a delux sirloin steak.
  3. My doctor told me to do this. She also told me to buy my OWN toaster and sometimes, if I was bad for reactions, my own microwave. Instead, I use the same toaster oven/micro. I have my own shelf for my own toast which no one is allowed to use. I didn't 100% take her advice though. I'm sorry I didn't. But I don't have the money. One thing I did was I tossed out all my old wooden spoons because I don't know if they would have had any stuck pieces of gluten because of the nature of wood (expands and contracts). I felt OK comfort-wise not tossing out my colander and my wooden cutting board but they aren't allowed for bread. If my kids use bread, they are to use a ceramic plate (I am thinking I cannot tell them to eat my awful gluten-free breads and I can't afford it anyway). I am thinking the ceramic will come clean in my washer's tough load cycle. I am not sure of anything! Not even of knifes and forks from the dish washer being clean!
  4. Minimisation By Family/friends.

    I honestly think... people say really DUMB things to try to make you "feel better" or "be positive." They are all well meaning but rather silly and deep down they are glad they don't have celiac and hope they never do. Even my ob/gyn tried to minimize celiac as "no big deal" and "everyone's getting diagnosed" to even have the ladyballs to try to tell me how easy it was to find delicious, gluten-free products that are easy to buy and inexpensive (oh if she only knew how I struggle with idiots who buy bags of food and smack down burgers, chicken sandwiches from drive throughs like the convenience is just expected that they can eat whatever product is offered by the happy guys and gals who dish out bags through windows for cash). I feel like I will never know convenience again. If you think you can give up most of every food you've ever loved, which the MAJORITY of food references relate to (come on, you know the ones: cupcakes, a pizza party which is the catch-all end of the year or end of the season or birthday party you can no longer attend unless you consume a salad, the entire aspect of baking bread, slices of buttered sourdough, soups in a bread bowl, steaming bowls of macaroni and cheese) they are just stupid. They are trying to make you feel better. They have no reason at all to think that it's easy. Next time they ask, just ask, "Why, how do you, a non celiac patient, think you know so much about my disease?" Have them name the major 4 or 5 additives you have to avoid but they have NO CLUE what they are (modified food starch, yeast extract/malt extract, caramel coloring, MSG) and they'll quickly be quiet. The most kind and neighborly person I knew gave me a care package when I got my Dx. She also included a CARD which had a note "I have struggled all my life with GI illness. I know what it's like. Here are some items which I think will help you, as they helped me." IS THAT NOT 100% better than a moron saying how "great" it was to be celiac positive nowadays?
  5. This is primarily a women's health question so if you find this topic too personal, you've been warned! HOWEVER, I sincerely hope by posting that a lot of these issues come to light, as I don't want to be out of commission forever with gut issues that effect my other organs. I have had chronic UTI's, yeast infection, and overall skin irritation in my sensitive nether parts and I can't fix it. Showers and epsom salt baths DO help! But I can't shower after every BM if it happens at work or elsewhere. My GI history is down at my signature line. So I have a lengthy history with bowel dysfunction of 10+ years, due to probably having a misdiagnosis in my past. Then after my or after Dx, I know I spent a few months making mistakes with food (whether it was not seeing that MSG on the label or not using a clean knife, or trusting restaurants to inform staff and do as requested, etc.). After a gluten mistake, I get nasty diarrhea and it will later cause extreme pain and discomfort on my skin areas (I wouldn't say a rash). In general, I take probiotics and cranberry/D-Mannose supplement daily but I do have diarrhea caused by anything, including wine/beer/spicy foods, etc. etc. I am really fragile as far as flora and fauna anyway. Eventually, havoc ensues with delicate skin and the urethra/vagina. I TOLD YOU this was personal If you are still reading this hopefully you can help and do not judge me for my condition!!! After my dx, I explained some of my IBS symptoms were probably going to get fixed the more I could go gluten-free, but nevertheless I still had a flare up with insane skin tenderness and irritation to the point where I sought help with my urologist. The urology nurse practictioner said that diarrhea can be a HUGE problem for UTI, until I had that part of my gluten-free diet regulated, I was just at risk to get chronic UTI. He said UTI will be caused by the e. coli hanging about (and I get strep Beta infections also). I NEVER KNEW THIS! Oh dear, for so many years of chronic "IBS" and then UTI and yeast, they were all related to my celiac diagnosis!!!!! I.e., gluten in, diarrhea to occur for like 3 or 4 days, then a UTI and then the yeast infection after the UTI drug therapy. So what I'm dying to know: 1) has anyone --I'm thinking women here but I'll be open to hearing from males too -- experienced urology or yeast issues because of gluten causing bowel dysfunction? 2) when does it stop? This is ridiculous! Thank you!
  6. Ours also has a gluten-free chicken nugget (yum yum yum) that is in a 3 lb frozen bag. I am told that this is a close out but the reason is unclear WHY (could be on the grounds that it's being discontinued or could be something else like packaging change or configuration change). One of the things I MISS MOST is the ability to drive through a fast food restaurant and grab and go. And my favorite thing ever was deep fried McD's nuggets with BBQ sauce (I would not be able to have one bite of this now or ever after). So get to Costco NOW and pick this up if you have it (and i do not recall the brand).
  7. Hi, I just wanted to chime in. I think it's BS that so many restaurants either try to sell themselves as having "gluten free" options (but we can't trust their spatulas, their re-used pans/griddles/knives)OR they know they can't and they try to disclaim liability as in Domino's Pizza (they cannot promise you a gluten-free experience because they know they do not have separate cutting boards, for example, so they sell you a gluten-free pizza that's been cross contaminated and that's supposed to be disclaimed or waived away). Restaurants CANNOT maintain the same degree of control AGAINST cross-contamination you can at home. You've surely started to look at ingredients now and maybe have thrown out your old spatulas and wooden spoons and tried your best to sanitize and clarify all your cuttings boards, knifes/forks, cookware... have those restaurants? Also, have you ever looked at the ingredients of a commercial hamburger (such as those served in your local hospitals and cafeterias and found they were full of "malt extract" or "caramel color" or "yeast extract" or "modified food starch" and realized you'd get sick? Someone said you just got diagnosed, you should be 100% focused on getting your gut better. That is true. What happened to me was I failed my blood testing (serology) very badly and then after getting my FULL diagnosis (after pathology and genetics) I had to go back after 3 months post dx. I AGAIN failed the serology! WHY? My doctor told me, because I didn't try harder not to cross contaminate, and she knew I had shared a toaster with my family (I have a toaster oven and use a separate shelf for my own toast than the rack they throw their toast on. I do NOT buy any regular pasta. I only buy gluten-free pasta but I rough it on their bread... I do not insist my family switch to gluten-free so I don't have to deal with the cross contamination, so I have to remember not to taint the cheese and knives and cutting board but I let them use a plate for their bread and HOPE LIKE HELL the washer cycle removes gluten to less than 20 ppm... DO YOU THINK A RESTAURANT WOULD GO TO THE TROUBLE? I have to say the LEAST of your concerns is a waiter that dismisses you. The kitchen staff will not be able to accommodate you UNLESS they are gluten-free and they KNOW HOW TO DO THIS IN A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN. If anyone disagrees with me who works in the kitchen or chef business I would challenge them to say they are not in the >0.000001% of the population who gives a rat's ass about YOUR medical needs. So yeah, the chips may be 100% corn and good for you for asking but they probably do not specially reserve their oil or their friers for your gluten-free needs. If ONE wheat-coated onion ring or fish N chip is fried in their, you will FLUNK your next serology check (and your doc should be on you like stink on a monkey and follow up with you on your bloodwork to make sure you're clean).