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  1. Sorry to hear your babes growth has slowed. I wasn't diagnosed with celiacs till a year after my first daughter was born and after over 2 years of trying and 7 weeks pregnant. Im afraid i don't have anything helpful to say but hope it all goes well !!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I live in Dubai … presuming your from the USA? A lot of the Vit's you guys have, aren't readily available here so Im not supplementing much at all apart form Folic A. i'm 7 weeks prg. gluten-free for 2.5 yrs, grain free for 1.5 years. Thyroid is under control but i control through drugs. Like you, its always a worrying time till around 14 weeks where the chances of miscarrying drops significantly. Positive thoughts help massively and i know thats not helpful when your worried, but it all has a knock on effect! I'm due 5th December!
  3. I rarely post on this forum, but given my change in circumstances, I'm hoping I might gain some good information. I have had celiac disease for almost 3 years and a year ago was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I've just had a positive pregnancy result and am only a few weeks pregnant. If anyone has or is going through the same condition and had a successful pregnancy I would love any advice you might have. In particular I'm concerned about supplements and getting the correct nutrients from my diet. Look forward to any replies!
  4. Thanks for the link … but when I open and read it states many gluten ingredients…. Is this the link you wanted to send ?
  5. Thanks for your replies guys. I had hoped for lots of options but maybe my post isn't been seen by the wider gluten-free community. Can it be moved ??? Irishheart: which garnier dye was it? There are many variations? I need to get it right - the symptoms are too severe if I get caught out! Thanks again
  6. Hi All, I am new to this forum & first time posting. I have celiac disease, its been almost 2 years. I now have a handle on what I can & can't eat and if I'm unsure then I won't touch it. However, I'm in need of some tips on gluten-free Hair Dye. I'm one of those very sensitive Celiac's and have breathing issues walking through the bakery isle of my local supermarket. I'm looking for a safe and gluten free hair dye. Apologies if this question has already been asked on here. I live in Dubai, so our products are limited to those available in the USA. Thanks for any tips! L