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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Eating Out Overseas

    Thanks for the reply. Im going to UK, Croatia, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Prague, Spain, Greek Islands
  2. I have just been diagnosed with celiac disease a few weeks ago and i have just started a gluten free diet. I am about to go overseas to Europe for a holiday and i am a little nervous about eating out. i just wanted to know which places are more suitable for a gluten free diet. i get the feeling that Italian foods will not be the go because of pizzas and pasta. but what about thai? indian? Chinese? Japanese? Korean? etc.
  3. hey man thanks for the reply. ive had a few appointments with the dermatologist but I did not raise the question about the rash on my face because I thought it was the dh rash. plus I was using steroid cream on my face at the time to reduce the immflamation. ive got an appointment with the dermatologist in a few weeks and will let him know about my symptoms. Did u use dapsone aswell? My dermatologist says this drug is for long term like a year or so, but I am not comfortable taking it for long term because ive read on the internet that this drug is pretty strong. Im on 50mg a day of dapsone. I was thinking of only taking it for a few months until things settle down. also ive done my own research and think my rash on face my be seborrhoeic dermatitis, because my eyebrows are flaky, and the pics on the net look similar to mine. however I cant be sure. does anyone else have this rash?
  4. I have been diagnosed with celiac a few weeks ago and have been gluten free ever since. I began getting a rash approx. 8 months ago on my buttocks, then I spread to my elbows and knees. The last 2 months I got a rash on my face but I wanted to know if there is a possibility that the rash on my face is not dh and is something else? I have been given dapsone medication to reduce the immflamation of the rash for 2 weeks now which has been effective to some extent. Is it possible to have more that one skin problem at the same time, because the rash on my face seems to different. The rash on my face seems to be red and thickened. it is quite sore if I massage or rub my face and becomes even more red when massaged without any moisturizer.
  5. I being diagnosed with celiac a few weeks ago and since then I have begun my gluten free diet. I have the dh rash and I was very itchy when I was eating gluten. When I have home cooked potatoes which are cooked in the oven I am fine and I have not symptoms of itchy skin. However last night I at Mcdonalds fries and I was itching all night. I don't know why I am reacting to these fast food fries. Does anyone know why I might be reacting to these fast food fries?
  6. I have been diagnosed with celiac a few weeks ago, and I have been on a gluten free diet since. I have noticed I have had symptoms of the dh rash over the last year, anxiety/depression and the skin under my eyes becoming hollow and sunken in, also dark circles have developed. Since going gluten free I noticed the skin under my eyes is not improving if not getting worse. Is this a sign that I may be allergic to another food which I do not know about? I am also on medication called dapsone to calm down the itching and reduce immflamation of the rash
  7. Ive just been diagnosed with celiac disease a few weeks ago and I have the dh rash on my face, elbows, buttocks and knees. I have been gluten free for these few weeks, and have been given dapsone to reduce the imflamation of the rash. I am taking 50mg per day and the dermatologists says this medication is for long term. However I have read dapsone is a pretty strong drug which can deplete nutrients in the body. I wanted to know if there was any other alternative to dapsone such as a cream which will reduce the rash especially on my face?