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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you, Pegleg84! I am starting to feel better, thankfully. My celiac panel came back negative, which is interesting. I think the issue was something that I was eating that isn't safe, despite the numerous quality assurance statements etc. on the packaging. I am eating whole foods (for the most part...I do like these biscotti) and I feel fine again. I AM bouncing back better since I started l-carnitine, too, which is good. I am always able to get out of bed and do stuff, for which I'm grateful. Although I do need more sleep. Right now, I'm working on moving out (trying to find transportation to my new city with cats! Complicated.) I think that that will help. In any case, thank you all so much for your non-judgmental support. I'll update you when I figure out the thyroid/other intolerance issues. (So far, it's mostly lactose, I think, and chickpeas/pine nuts.)
  2. Thank you so much for your response! I see what you're saying--that the 'normal' range is still a bit bonkers. I am still a bit weirded out by the idea of meds, the reason being that I have to finish my thesis, and VERY soon, or I will have to go into huuuge student debt (I've already been delayed and had to take out loans because of celiac, yay.) I am afraid that if I tinker with meds, I will start going nuts. I really really can't afford health problems, but I also cannot afford to take weeks off work because I feel terribly, or crazy. (Also, I don't want to be writing, alone, and feeling a bit nuts. That's a bad situation!) Do you have any tips for me about diet, exercise etc? Or supplements? Are there lifestyle changes you found to be helpful for yourself? Also, I have been even careful-er lately and it's helped. I am going on lockdown til September. Absolutely zero restaurants, unsafe foods, etc. Meats, vegs, fruit, dairy. That's all. No risks. I am tired of feeling sick!
  3. Yikes! I am glad she got it under control. For the moment, I'm going to try non-medical options, simply because a few people I know with subclinical hypothyroidism went nuts on thyroid medication. I think it's a very delicate art and most doctors have problem getting the dosage right. because I'm at a critical period at work, I can't afford too much uncertainty/emotional chaos in my life! I hope a 'thyroider' will have suggestions for initial steps to take before trying medications!
  4. Thank you! That's very kind, and helpful. You're right about mood--I was tired and sick and feeling terribly. I have been taking baths with epsom salts and drinking hot cinnamon water and having a bit of mustard on my food (I know it's strange but a bit of good, organic mustard really helps me.) I am going to go on the special diet, and be really careful for a couple of months (like--insanely careful) and we will see. I am also going to watch my diet re: thyroid. That's what's really bumming me out--the thyroid issue. Perhaps it's strange, but for me, when the problem was 'just' gluten I am able to pretend the problem isn't my body, but rather this external polluting force. But if it's my thyroid, then the problem is internal--it's not this contaminating agent, it's me. Anyways, according to the research I did this weekend, I have subclinical hypothyroid, and my tsh levels aren't alarming--yet. I am going to see if a couple of months of careful diet can help. Also, eating more dairy and less kale. I really appreciate the warm welcome, btw!
  5. Thank you all for the reassurance! I think I got really down on myself because I feel like I need to be the 'perfect' patient and it's so hard. And my regular roommates are great (one of them is gluten-free herself, but not as careful because she's intolerant) and the other is careful, but issues happen. I just feel like I've been trying to figure out what makes me feel good, and what makes me feel terrible. And what makes me feel good is constant hypervigilance and whole foods only. And what makes me feel bad is everything else. But you guys are right, I'm depressed a bit and also I haven't slept (when I'm sick I can't sleep), which is definitely affecting my viewpoint.
  6. Hello everyone, After ten years of illness, starting in my early 20s, I was diagnosed with celiac almost exactly a year ago. For the first few months, I felt so much better. Occasionally I'd be glutened and feel like I was dying, but overall I felt great (and the city that I was visiting immediately post-diagnosis had amazing celiac-safe restaurants!) Because gluten made me feel horrible, I never was tempted to cheat, at all. The idea of eating a croissant again makes me feel nauseated. Things started to go downhill at the end of February 2014, when I returned from a horrible trip to find that my roommates (who had also been gluten-free for health reasons) had started eating gluten again and acting like jerks. Luckily, they were due to leave the apt. on 31 March, so I suffered through it. Then, in April/May went on a very careful diet: I cut out alcohol, lactose, peanuts, most gluten free products, and tried to cut out sugar. Ever since then, I have become even more sensitive to gluten. I've been glutened several times since (due to cross contamination in the kitchen, twice, and something I was eating that was supposedly gluten-free but obviously isn't.) I've spent the past week feeling terribly and tonight I feel like death again, after eating at our city's only gluten-free restaurant (for the record, it's not the restaurant's fault, but mine--I tried out their famous fish'n'chips even though I should be careful about fried food. What.an.idiot.) My neuropathy is back and my gut hurts. I'm so sick, tired, and discouraged. I feel like it's such a fight: I never eat out (I sneak my own food into restaurants with my friends; yes, it's impossible to embarass me!) and I am still avoiding lactose, which is also a trigger. I rarely drink alcohol. I just feel like I've let myself down: my bloodwork results are back and although my antibody levels haven't come in my cholesterol, thyroid, and iron are all off. I am so disappointed in myself and discouraged. I feel like I'm failing and that it's my fault I'm still sick. I also feel like it's a Herculean effort to avoid cc: even though I am very vigilant, gluten seems to be everywhere. I am moving into a different apartment by myself, for the next two months, which should prevent more cc. (The kitchen issues are due to roommate accidents; I live in a super expensive city and for the moment can't afford to live alone.) I am also going off all processed foods, insofar as it's possible; I will probably go back to paleo, which I had success with, or going GCED, which is similar to what I have already done. I just would like some encouragement, I think: is there anyone out there who managed to come back from this kind of downward movement? Have I completely failed? I need to feel like this is a temporary setback, not that I've screwed up totally.