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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Update: Went to the doctor on the 16th. They ran a celiacs blood test and also a stool test for proteins, sugars, fats, etc. Blood results came back as a negative (as I suspected they would). The stool has yet to come back. They are sending us to a GI August 15th. Also his platelets were slightly elevated but no anemia or issues with white or red blood cells. His IGA was less than 1 and his total IGA used as a control was 28. He will be scoped in the near future, but would love some advice or to know if anyone else has had similar issues with bloodwork.
  2. I had a stool test done when I first started seeing them in his stool and all they said we that they weren't parasites! It really is insane how hard it is to get answers. My son is so sick and every doctor has a different opinion. His pediatrician literally told me that its okay because he is suppose to be sick more often than well at this age. I feel so bad for him. He has thrown up in his bed every single night this week. We are both ready for answers
  3. Thank you so much for the replies! Brit16 we are seeing Dr. Davis right now because we initially thought this was a food allergy (dairy,soy,etc). She is a great doctor though and specializes in Gastro in children, so hopefully we won't have to switch. Danalin26 I am so glad that you have a diagnosis! We have been searching for them for over a year. This seems to be what clicks especially since I also have stomach issues. I have been eating gluten free for about a week just to test myself in a way (to see if I'm just a crazy mom, cause everyone thinks I am). I have already noticed a decrease in stomach pain. Had 4 really bad stomach aches in the same week and decided to try it out. Hoping the doctor's appointment goes well, and that his doctor is willing to at least acknowledge this concern.
  4. Thanks so much for the help! We have been fighting the battle of what's going on for over a year now. He has so many more symptoms that match up as well. Hopefully the doctor will be as equally concerned!
  5. I have a 19 month old son that I am suspecting may have Celiac. He is very small. He is 19lbs and only 27" tall. He has been sick since the day he was born. He is constantly constipated and vomits almost daily. He also has chronic respiratory infections. As of about 4 months ago, I started seeing these small liquid filled sacs in his stools. They are comparatively about the size of a grain of rice. The will pop if you squeeze them and a clearish yellow liquid will come out. I have had him tested for parasites and it came back negative. My son has always had issues with constipation and gas. His stomach stays big and swollen. We have an appointment at Texas Children's with a GI next month, I am just trying to narrow down things I can bring up to the doctor. When looking at the symptoms of Celiac's everything seemed to click. Right down to his asthma and size issues. When I asked his pediatrician about the sacs in his stool he was at a loss and could not even begin to make a guess. I myself also have had a diagnosis of IBS with bad episodes of constipation and diarrhea. Celiac is the first thing in my mind and I am kind of just wondering if these things sound like this may be the answer to our problems? Any help would be extremely helpful and appreciated.