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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Are These Common Celiac Symptoms?

    Here are the ranges: TtG IgA - 0-3 Serum IgA: 91-414 B12: 211-946 Bilirubin: 0.0-1.2 WBC: 3.4-10.8 Iron: 35-155 My GP is not running more tests as of now, but I've been referred to a GI specialist and it's very possible that she will run more tests and/or do an endoscopy and she will be looking into my bilirubin level to see if it's of any concern. I'll also start taking the B12 supplement daily and getting it retested in a few months. The earliest appointment I can get is in early August, so I'm not going gluten-free just yet. I think my GP mentioned that it might be a good idea to do a 2 week gluten-free trial if the biopsy turns out negative to see if my symptoms improve. A longer trial like you said sounds like a great idea. I was actually going to be tested for those infections, but my GP decided against it when she went over my symptoms again because they were intermittent. Thanks for the advice, nvsmom. I really appreciate it!
  2. Are These Common Celiac Symptoms?

    I just got my lab results back, but I haven't discussed them yet with my doctor. Most of the results look like they are in the normal range. The Celiac panel came back negative. This is what it shows: Endomysial Antibody IgA - Negative TtG IgA - <2 Serum IgA - 137 My B12 levels are low-normal at 284 and my bilirubin is just outside of the top of the range at 1.3. WBC count is low-normal at 4.0. My iron levels are fine (88) and everything else looks except for a few levels that look on the low side of normal, but nothing else is outside the range. The B12 could possibly be the cause of not taking my B12 pills as much as I should (I take sublingual) because I am vegan and I don't get it from any other source.
  3. Are These Common Celiac Symptoms?

    I haven't heard back about my results yet, but I believe I will soon. I found out that the panel that they took only includes DGP IgA, tTG IgA, and total IgA, but if total IgA is deficient, they will do the DGP IgG test. This past week has been really strange with symptoms. GI problems have minimized a lot, but I've been getting a lot of fatigue, muscle aches, pulsating pains throughout my body, headaches, leg and hip pain, tingling in extremities, and my shoulder has stabbing pain that comes and goes. My anxiety is also acting up and my parents think I'm being paranoid. I don't think so! 0_o
  4. Are These Common Celiac Symptoms?

    I know for the tests I need to still be on gluten, so I haven't gone gluten-free yet. I've been eating lots of it. Thanks for the answers. I'm getting blood work done tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some answers soon!
  5. Hello everyone. I've been having many different symptoms and I just wanted to see what some people's thoughts were on this. I've been having seemingly random bouts of diarrhea, terrible gas, heartburn, and abdominal discomfort recently. When I say recently, I mean that in the past month at least one or two of these symptoms is happening every day in some way and it's sometimes mild and sometimes severe, but in the past year, I have been struggling with these symptoms on an intermittent basis.The gas is what is usually there constantly along with stomach rumbling, but I also have gotten heartburn several times in the past few weeks, and it's usually accompanied by the gas and when I have heartburn, it's painful to the point of not being able to concentrate. Last time I had this heartburn and gas, I remember that I was eating a few bagels in a hurry a few hours beforehand. However, today I feel mostly fine except for some minor stomach pain I got a few hours after eating and weakness when I tried exercising. I had pasta with vegetables for lunch. Some days, though, I will have a bad headache and feel a bit fatigued as well as have difficulty concentrating. Sometimes when I wake up and stand up I feel dizzy or I will have tingling in my feet. I also have issues with anxiety that definitely are linked to some of my GI distress as well, though. I did go to a family doctor and I will be going to get blood tests done for several things including TSH, ANA, iron and b12 levels, CBC, CMP, wheat allergen, and of course Celiac. I guess it's just weird that I was talking about all my symptoms and that I feel almost completely fine now. I know the symptoms are varied for Celiac, but does this seem like it really could be the case?