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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. definatly going to start paleio next week. i did try paleo before for two weeks and i did see an improvment but towards the end i becane very dizzy and ill. i think i wasnt getting enough calories. this time ill definatly get enough calories and see how it goes.
  2. so so annoyed. just started getting back to how i was the last few days, then earlier today i ate some 'gluten free' tortilla chips that contained maize/corn flower and ive had another reaction and feel exactly how i did when i ate the cereal. so fastrating... another few days in bed. ahhhhh
  3. ok hopefully ill be back to how i was in a few days. the last few days ive been very tired, constipated, abit dizzy, no appitite and very mucusy.
  4. yeah i think trial and error is my only option now. Im still feeling very rough and very mucusy, now 3 days after eating gluten. how long does this last untill i go back to how i was before i got glutened?
  5. had a antibodies test before which was negetive. i think i may have non celiac gluten sensitivity. i have felt very rough today after eating gluten yesterday.
  6. i know celiacs/ gluten sensitivity can cause low testostetone but will testosterone eventually return to normal after starting a gluten free diet of gluten was the cause?
  7. no i said that i think somthing is causing the low t4, possibly celiacs. not the other way round. my results were IgA - 1.27 g/l "tissu transglutaminase IgA lev" - 0.7 u/ml i have a print out of my gps screen of all my tests, and have noticed that under my results theres some defualt note for the gp's saying " test used for screening for celiac disease is now tTG"... which ive never been tested for???
  8. my tsh is fine, its the t4 thats on the low side, normal range is 10-23 mines 10, ideally it should be towards the top end of that range. i dont really think i have a problem with the thyroid itself i believe the t4 problem is being caused by somthing else.... maybe celiacs? i dont see how it could be a normal wheat allergy etc as ive been gluten, wheat, dairy, soy free and surly i would be symptom free after 2 months free of all that, which i wasnt as i still have most of my symptoms, just less than they were 2 months ago. about 15 minutes after eating the granola that contained oats and rye i felt mucus in my throat, then about 2 hours after that i started getting itchy/dry stingy eyes, itchy skin, hot and feeling tired and ill.
  9. also, my b12 was quite low at 302ng/l, which i have been taking supplements for the last couple weeks, and also my ferritin was also on the low side at 39ug/l
  10. Basically ive had this mystery illness for a couple years now and am still hurting for a diagnosis, i was tested for celiacs about 3 month ago which came back negetive (althought i was only eating gluten for 4 weeks prior to it as i tried gluten free for 2 weeks before). since then i ate gluten for about a month and then i decided to go on a healthy diet and cut out all common allengens, so i have now been gluten free for about 2 months. today i went to the doctors as my thyroid t4 results came back boarderline low, and asked to be tried on some thyroid meds, which i was denied as my gp wont go against the normal ranges. when i gt home i realised i had been gluten free for a few months so to test the celiac theory i ate a handful of cereal, since then ive been very itchy, mucusy, itchy eyes and felt generally worse than i have since i basically started this diet. since i started the gluten, dairy free diet etc i have felt slightly better but not yet right, although today has reminded me how much better i am as i feel awful now. do you think this could be celiacs after all? i am a 19 year old male and I have had these symptoms for 3/4 years that have slowly gotten worse before this diet and have been tested for nearly everything but nothing has come back positive. my symptoms are Fatigue Muscle pain sore lower back stiff neck sinus problems/ phlem in throat/ blocked nose dry throat and mouth red nose/ rosacea cold hands and feet anxiety depression Low testosterone at 13nmol mood swings excess urination excessive thirst prickly/itchy/burning legs and feet when stood still for a few minutes. clay coloured stool / diarrhea thyroid TSH 1.6nmol Free t3 5.3nmol free t4 10.9nmol -----------?
  11. thanks for the info. one more question guys, im kind of stessing about if its something else and was wondering if my symptoms actually seem like celiac symptoms or more like somthing else? i was reading about lyme disease and that has scared me a bit as my symptoms are quite similar to many associated with lymes, although lymes is quite rare in the uk.
  12. ok so im going to get tested some time next week which will be just before the 5th week of my gluten challenge, i know it isnt the ideal " 6 weeks+" but i cant actually wait any longer as im fed up of sitting about feeling this way, im not too sure what im going to do if it comes back negative as i have no idea what else it could be, so in a way im more worried about it coming back as negative, which sounds stupid. Anyway are there any specific tests i need to ask for or can i trust my gp to do all the right ones if i just ask for a celiacs test?
  13. nah mine aren't because of nail trauma as i have lots on every nail and have had for years, plus no trauma has been caused to any of my nails, let alone all of them. I have read about it being linked to celiacs due to the malnutrition or something along those lines, but the fact i had barely any new ones come up whilst gluten free highlighted it and made me think.
  14. Ive had these white spots on my nails for years now, but when i went gluten free for 2/3 weeks, i only noticed 1 very feint and small new spot pop up, but since ive been back on gluten for 10 days, ive noticed about 3/4 small ones start to develop already. what actually causes these spots, and is this a sign of celiacs? ive had my zinc tested before so it isnt that, but i havnt had my vitamin levels tested so maybe its related to that?