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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Almost 100% sure. Had the stomach cramps and extreme tiredness immediately after eating what was supposed to be a gluten-free lunch (but who knows how it was prepared). That's why I'm confused about all this. These symptoms occurred at the same time as my "classic" glutened symptoms.
  2. Thank you Serielda for your reply! I guess I'm trying to make sense of all these symptoms. I've never experienced anything like this. Right now I'm trying to get some work done from home (as I can barely drive; turning my head makes me so dizzy) and the numbness in my hands while typing is making it almost impossible. I feel so frustrated, to say the least. I got glutened at a place I've always been able to eat, so one less place I can go to. I was diagnosed much longer ago than you, but I feel so bad this week I'm super depressed.
  3. Has anyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease and on a gluten-free diet have symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and/or vertigo just by being glutened once or a few times? I think I was glutened by accident 5 days ago (after eating had the hallmark left-side cramp that I get when glutened). That same day I was so extremely tired I was in bed for most of the day. The next day when I opened my eyes, I suffered violent vertigo and vomiting. Since then, I have vertigo when lying down in bed or when changing head position, tingling in hands and legs/feet, mild headache, dizziness when walking (I look like I'm drunk when walking), nausea, and the mild headache. The vertigo and dizziness is driving me insane. I went to E.R. yesterday, they did a CAT Scan of my head and couldn't find anything wrong that would be an emergency (such as a stroke). Is it normal to have such a bad neurological reaction just by one glutened incident? I've never had a reaction like this.