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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've made the decision to do a strict gluten free diet. I just can't wait for testing. The abdominal pain and diarrhea came back work than ever. A couple of questions: 1) should I be getting new cookware etc to ensure no cross contamination occurs? 2) if so what all should I replace? Pots, pans, cuuttingboards, plates, utensils? 3) are oats okay? I've reading conflicting ideas. I don't want to take any chances. The safer the better, I guess? Thanks everyone.
  2. The only reason I'm doing it in the morning is because if I get the abdominal pain it keeps me up all night. Otherwise I would do it at night. Thanks for your help if things continue as is I will call GI office and see what they say.
  3. Never had a migraine before. Hmmm...I don't know. Ugh! I'm just not going to think about symptoms beyond writing them down.
  4. Also, had feelings like the ground/sometimes surroundings are moving making balance difficult at times, moderate headache, and fatigue is setting in. I'm keeping a log of all symptoms after I eat the bread in the morning. Just strange how varied the symptoms are at times.
  5. So in a wierd turn of events this morning I had my 3 pieces of bread this morning so as not to go gluten free before GI doc. So far instead of abdominal related pains I've had this tingling in my left leg kinda like just before my a foot falls asleep except it can't be falling asleep because I'm laying down and it's not quite as intense. What is this???
  6. Well I'm pretty sure gluten is the culprit. Ate 3 slices of glutenized bread and within 10-20 the abdominal pain started while the rest of the day without gluten I was fine. So I have decided to do 3 pieces of toast with breakfast. My hope is that by nightfall the abdominal pain will be gone so I can sleep. Hopefully the pain isn't so bad as to interfere with day to day. If so, well I will suffer silently until the appointment. What a pain in my arse.
  7. So, I was recently blood tested (partial panel) for celiac's. They came back negative. My doc is giving me a referral to a GI doc of, actually my moms choosing. I am realizing a lot of my pain is in fact from gluten containing and dairy containing products. Just a few days off gluten and a week off dairy and the abdominal pain(most of the time pretty severe) has virtually left. I still get quite a bit of distention in my upper abdomen but not painfully so. I realize after reading more of the board that it probably wasn't a good idea to go gluten free before the GI doc but the pain was just too much. Should I suffer through the pain and eat gluten until the appointment with GI doc at the end of August?
  8. Yeah I really hope I won't need the ER...but if the pain gets bad enough again after the pain meds run out...I'll definitely go if need be.
  9. Definitely doing the food-symptom journal. I see gastro doc aug 28 but he's supposed to be excellent. In the meantime there's always the ER again.
  10. Calling PCP for GI referral to get second opinion. I can't take another episode like this again pain meds or not. It only after dairy and heavy foods like pasta, bread, baked goods, etc. So, wish me luck. PCP better give me the referral. It's the least he can do if he don't know what it is and doesn't wanna keep trying. GAH!!!
  11. So, thought I would be safe just doing dairy free as doc suggested. However, I had spaghetti tonight and within minutes of finishing a small plate all my symptoms returned. This is a royal pain all my fav food are being eliminated. Oh well, guess that beats all this pain and misery when I eat. So, gluten free vegan it is! I don't eat meat by choice, gotta eliminate gluten and dairy, and I'm sure doc would prefer me not eat egg though he didn't say that. Gah! I got lots of work to do.
  12. I know he didn't do all of those. So, I guess I'll just do dairy free like he wants. See if that helps. If not get ALL the Celiac tests later. See what happens.
  13. Well the tests came back negative. So gonna try gluten free vegan diet since doc doesn't want me eating dairy and I already don't eat meat. Guess I better get my stuff together so I do this properly!
  14. So I had blood work drawn yesterday to see if I have Celiac's. Just waiting for the results. Right now it seems like the only things I can eat without diarrhea is fruits and veggies. I also have this crazy heavy fatigue that I can't seem to shake for the last 2-3 weeks. Everyone once in a while, more frequent than usual, I get these pounding headaches. I also get severe abdominal pain when I eat dairy which doc thinks might be related to Celiac's. I can't wait for the results it's killing me.