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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fybogel

    Hey Jerseyangel, thanks for replying. Yea my diet is pretty basic, been having problems for ages and cut out all dairy, so been eating natural foods, like nuts,quinoa, rice, vegetables etc. The dr said the fibre thing would help urgh, nevermind. He gave me iron tablets yesterday but i haven't started to take them yet because i wanted my body to get used to this fibre supplement. Maybe it is best to stop it. Thanks
  2. Hey I was hoping someone on here might have some advice, i'm guessing a lot of people have taken fibre supplements. the dr gave me fibogel to take and it is causing so much pain. I have the worst gas ever and am bloated so much more than normal lol and my stomach is hurting soooo much. I feel like i am going to be sick, maybe thats just because it tatses so gross lol Has any had this problem? he gave it to me because i have loose bowel movements and it hasn't stopped the problem, i've only taken it for a few days, but wondered if i should just stop?? it's made it all worse not better, always running to the bathroom. The dr was so annoying my iron level came back at 6, and he said it is because i must still be eating gluten and doesn't believe i'm not. it's so frustrating. do you think you just needs to get used to taking it??
  3. hey we have a little gluten-free food directory so i looked them up it that for you... the birds custard powder is gluten-free, the crunchie is, in the quality street it only lists the big green triangle and the big toffee finger which i think are sold separately not in the assorted tubs... and the heinz sauces listed are Carb check: bolognese pasta sauce, creamy tomato sauce, tomato and basil pasta sauce, Planet cook: spanish chicken cooking sauce 300g, squashed tomato pasta sauce 300g, tikka meal simplifier 300g, tomato and chilli pasta sauce 300g, tomato and pesto sauce 300g, tomato and sweet pepper pasta sauce 300g. I couldn't find the ribena listed but i couldn't fins any drinks listed, so i'm afraid i don't no that one. Are the products shipped in from the UK? just cos they use different ingrediants for the same products in different countries sometimes. If you want to know anymore gluten-free english food i can look it up in the book thing for you, cos i'm not sure which products are widely available to you. oh i just googled it and it says that ribena is suitable for coeliacs enjoy the food : )
  4. thanks for al the suggestions I feel more positive now knowing I can do more..quinoa, tofu, cocunut etc, i got some quinoa, thanks for all the different ways to do foods! will definately try them, i need to learn to do more food things and will try quinoa instead of rice for a while and see if that works, and i bought an advocado (i'm so uneducated i had to google search what one would even look like lol ) I had been keeping a food journal but a really basic one but thanks for the way you lay yours out ms_sillyak_screwed, i think i might do it more that way to get an idea, i'm sure the people i live with will appreciate the extra info hehe I'm quite sure i don't get cc from anywhere, cook separately etc It really isn't so easy to change dr's in the uk where i live, i'm with an NHS Dr and it's the only surgery for ages, my sister said go to a private one to just find out what's wrong but i would imagine that would be so expensive. I think i will look in to digestive enzymes, keep a good food journal, try these foods and hope i get better. really thanks for your help
  5. thanks for your replies I'm glad you said nini you can still be a vegetarian because I've been worrying that might be my only option. I don't eat any processed foods and have been keeping a food diary but since cutting out dairy there is no real indicator of what it is. My weight hasn't gone down significantly, problems started again in February and since then I have lost about a stone..err not sure what that is in kilos but only 14lbs or so. At the moment I just eat fruit and veggie wise, broccoli, green beans, peas, cucumber, bananas, and sometimes peppers. For some reason peanuts, carrots,sweetcorn, onion and leek all react badly with my stomach lol. I've been cooking all the vegetables really well. I don't mind keeping things simple for seven months or so I just want to be able to actually leave the house, especially without the constant worrying. where do you get rice protein powder from, I haven't heard of it before?ooo smoothies would add something with taste lol What's Quinoa? and I hadn't thought of eating coconut...I didn't realise you could buy them : / We just have a Holland and Barret health food shop where i live (UK), it's so expensive, i can't find another health food store : / but i think i will go take a better look in H&B Most of you mentioned nuts and seeds, like any nuts or seeds? I always assumed nuts would make things looser? so thats why i didn't eat them, the same reason for advacados. Maybe i should think less about the effect a food might have on me, perhaps thats part of the problem : / Lorka150, did you feel better after seven months? What are nut butters?
  6. I don't no what to eat anymore without getting D or feeling ill! I cut out all dairy and realised that that was definately a huge problem but it's been a while since i've had any dairy and when i eat I still get D, not all the time but a lot of the time. It is getting frustrating because most of the time its at the point where i can't leave the house, and i need to work and study! I've been to the Dr and he keeps insisting that i'm still eating gluten or that i must be getting gluten from somewhere, which I am definately not. He won't test me for any other intolerances and when i told him how i react to dairy he said no it has to be from gluten. I am a vegetarian and I have tried to eat meat again but i can't do it, and I know if i ate meat or fish I would have a lot more options but i reaaally have tried to eat it and can't bring myself to lol. The Dr keeps telling me to come back in two weeks if symptoms carry on, and I have been back but he looks and speaks to me like i am an idiot wanting attention, it is so frustrating! He tested my stool for bacteria and there wasn't any there. All i am eating is basic foods, some fruit, mostly vegetables and rice, potatoes. I know I eat too many carbs but if i cut them out it leaves me with fruit and veggies so now i don't no what to do, I am so tired all the time but i think its lack of a balanced diet lol the dr tested my iron levels and he said their fine, so i really want to sort out my diet so i feel better and can leave the house lol It's at the stage where if I know I have to be out the house I won't eat the whole day so I know there won't be a problem, hmm i don't know. Maybe there are more foods thank i realise without dairy, eggs, meat and gluten???
  7. this is a really interesting post. i think mine got 'triggered' when i got pleurisy, before getting that ther only times i'd ever been ot the dr was for vaccinations, mum used to just call me the carrier because everyone else would get ill and i was always so healthy. That was when i was 19, a year ago, and since then i've never been healthy again lol. I guess my bodys making up for the overdose of good health i got
  8. Muscle Twitches

    i don't have any advice lol but i get them in the stomach too, well just under my right breast..soooo annoying lol hope eating the bananas works for you
  9. hey, as far as i know gelatine is just from animals and is made from the boiled bones, skins and tendons. umm nice. thats why i'm a veggie lol so just something to look for if u r a veggie not a celiac.
  10. Woo Hoo!

    Congratulations! i'm very happy for u yep on the very rare occassions i do walk away feeling quite uplifted it doesn't take much to make my day a good day if it starts off with a good BM!
  11. Your First Few Days

    hello,i am sorry you are having a rough time. I don't know how useful this is but as i never thought i would have celiacs disease, i just assumed i had picked up some infection that just wouldn't go away and they could give me something and it would clear up, and when they said celiacs, i have never been so relieved, just give a name to everything after feeling so ill, and as it took so long to get an appointment for an endoscopy (about 8 months and even then it was a few moths before my intial date scheduled) i just cut out a large amount of gluten as it really made me feel ill, so when the celiacs was confirmed, the change in my diet wasn't so big for me, and i remember just being extra happy i knew what was wrong. Sometimes it bugs me that i seem to be able to eat less and less food as less agrees with me but my mums a nurse and i remember her telling me about a lady who hadn't been allowed to eat for years and she was only allowed to suck icecubes..and i think of that and realise how lucky i am to be able to eat even if it does go right threw me Maybe your emotions are just finally a release of everything now that you finally have a diagnosis, I think trying to prove you have celiacs to a Dr must be draining, as you said you have a lot of medical expensive and you feel unsupported by people, as well as adjusting to a new diet, which i would say would be pretty tough on the emotions. Regarding symptom change it has only been five days, and it takes a while for things to heal so don't worry about that, just see how it goes, and i'm sure you will start feeling better. Perhaps while you adjust to the diet, you could limit eating in restaurants or if out with friends take a lunch with you, and that would ease off you having to explain your diet, if like you said you are worried about that at the moment, and then when you get more used to what you can eat and you're feeling better you can eat out? I know my doctor just did the bone density scan for routine value, considering our absorption is greatly decreased, and mine did show bone thinning, as i'm in my teens i guess thats not good, but don't let it worry you, as perhaps its routine also..i'm not from the US, so i don't no if these are done just to see after your diagnosis. I don't think it's irrational to think about not being able to eat other food, but as with gluten and dairy or casein or foods that you've found you can't eat, you adjust...before i was diagnosed a main part of my diet was bread...and now i don't even miss it, or want to eat it....however not eating chocolate..wellll maybe just take things one bit at a time, and see how they go, i'm sure as your body adjusts and you start feeling healthier, you will feel more high spirited, and i don't know if it would help as i don't know your family but maybe expain to them how hard things are as they might not realise. Sometimes i know for me, i assume when something is bothering me my friends or family should know but unless you tell them i guess how are they meant to, to someone who doesn't have to cut all the foods out of their diet or incur huge medical expenses...it might not seem obvious that it would be a problem. I don't no, i have never been good at explaning but i hope you start to feel better soon
  12. Hum, well after going gluten free I don't feel much better but .... what i do like about being gluten free and not feeling much better is that after ages of never having enough time to read, i now find me and the bathroom have become quite well aquainted with many books... .sooo maybe it's made me more intelligent . No erm it's made me more aware of the foods i eat...always thought i ate quite healthy on a veggie diet but when i started reading the labels tut tut all the extra rubbish inside....and it has given me an opportunity to learn to cook..not that i have taken up that one yet and i found this board and therefore would never have been able to read such an interesting thread such as Sex and Celiac tooooo funny
  13. Reese's Eggs

    it was me..lol might have to steal the phrase bubblehead for future use with people lol its got a nice ring to it. Yea it didn't bother me i couldn't eat any of the food, not really, just the are you sure you can't eat a little bit part...lol They did indeeeed get the reference and said couldn't i have said that after they had eaten it..hehehe...but then what would the fun in that be!? at least with that food they know that there is not much in the way of digesting involoved blurgh Lillyth i hope you can eat your little eggs..maybe if you have eaten a few and you are okay..they are okay?? I hope your phonecall to hersheys ended with u being to eat them..ummmm yum chocolate
  14. Reese's Eggs

    i have to say i wasn't visited by the easter bunny of any sort, but my friend did give me some teabags he didn't like, and they arn't staring at me. We all had an easter lunch too, and there was this gluten filled chocolate cake they bought staring at me, and then they ate it.."oooh this is so sweet i dont no if i can eat it all"...and one of them left a little bit on their plate...and grrr who leaves chocolate cake if u can eat it!!! especially when it's staring at me. I was offered croissants too and this disgusting black kinda liquid bread stuff you have with icecream..and someone said to me can't u just eat a little bit so you know what it tastes like..and after politiely saying no i forget how many times to all the gluten food...someone said to me just have a little bit what harm can it do..and i pointed at the black liquid bread and said.."that". (http://www.saunalahti.fi/~marian1/gourmet/mammi.htm) I wasn't offered anymore food.
  15. soo funny...the page on Fart facts...how to muffle the sound of a fart...too funny. haha i LOVE that sound clip ahh thankyou Robix, great way to brighten up a day lol my mum just told me off for playing that sound clip, and said i should be grown up enough not to find 'flatulence' funny... i don't understand how people don't find it funny lol