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  1. Is red wine a possible culprit in my severe symptoms and recent diagnoses of Celiac Disease? I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease today and was not surprised, because I've always known that I feel so much better when I'm not eating wheat. I was relieved to find that there was a reason for all of my horrible symptoms I've been experiencing including several neurological issues lately; bloating, numb, stinging, tingling hands, pain in my feet, loss of mental focus and clarity and joint pain. After celebrating a cause to these seemingly unrelated symptoms, I soon after realized that I actually do not digest large amounts of gluten, as I backed off of this years ago when I realized how much better I felt when I cut it out of my diet. This led me to wonder if wine is my main issue right now. On an average day, I have coffee with cream and splenda, a lunch that does not consist of bread, dinner that is at worst, meat in a marinade, rice ... and ... a couple glasses of wine. Since I am not digesting large amounts of wheat, I'm beginning to think the wine may be the culprit. Can someone please educate me here. I'm brand-spankin' new to this and hungry for info. Thanks in advance! K