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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I really want to try supplementing with biotin for hair loss. Does anyone have recommendations of gluten-free biotin supplements (that are available in Canada)? Please help! Thank you! I did come across Naka Pro Biotin, but it only says "no added gluten" and there's no contact number.
  2. I have high TPO antibodies indicative of Hashi's, but my TSH is pretty much always in range - except for a period of time when it was in the high 4s. For the last while it's been in the range of 1 something. I've seen some people say that anyone with Hashi's should be on thyroid replacement, but even if your TSH is okay? All the doctors I know would only prescribe synthroid if your TSH was out of range - in other words, they would prescribe it to treat the hypothyroidism resulting from Hashi's, not to treat the Hashi's itself. Can synthroid help with Hashi's in the absence of elevated TSH?
  3. I need to be both gluten-free and low-carb, and a lot of those recipes call for almond flour. What brands of almond flour are gluten free? I know many of you order from nuts.com but I live in Canada and I think the shipping would be a lot? I get other flour from Bob's Red Mill, but a popular low-carb blogger said BRM almond flour is actually almond meal which has a different texture and affects the recipe... Generally the recipes call for Honeyville almond flour but I don't know if that's certified gluten free?
  4. I've had people say strange things about celiac to me lately... Like someone said, "Oh I'm just a mild celiac so I don't have to worry about cross-contamination." And then someone else said that they're celiac but things have calmed down now so they can have a bit of gluten here and there. And I told my doctor that back in 2014 I thought I had been gluten free but I actually wasn't because I had been repeatedly glutening myself with an old colander. And he just looked at me like I was insane, like a colander?? Sure... I'm not crazy, right? Even if you have no symptoms you have to avoid cross-contamination because you can be doing damage internally right? You can never have 'just a bit'. And a colander is a big source of cross-contamination right?? I know all this but why do these other people not? Why does my doctor not know? So confusing and spreading misinformation... And then they look at me like *I'M* crazy.
  5. Hello, I purchased Bob's Red Mill coconut flour (marked gluten free) to do some low-carb baking. Are their flours safe for celiacs? I thought there was some controversy lately with that company but I don't know if that was about their gluten-free oats or something? Thanks
  6. I was just wondering if hemp seeds/hemp hearts are safe? I thought I read once that hemp seeds are grown by wheat so they are never safe, but I really have no idea if that's true or just more circulating misinformation, so I thought I'd ask here. Are there any safe brands of hemp seeds?
  7. Yeah I could be reacting to something else in it...it might not even be related to this supplement. I just never know with supplements, like if it says free from gluten, is that enough? What about cross-contamination in manufacturing?
  8. Has anyone taken the supplement New Nordic Hair Volume? The website says "This product is free from sugar, salt, gluten, yeast, soya and dairy products and is formulated without the use of preservatives, flavours or colours of any kind. Manufactured in the EU, under pharmaceutical control of purity and content" Also on amazon.com it says " Hair Volume is gluten free and can safely be taken by people with an intolerance to gluten, who suffer from celiac disease or an autoimmune disorder." So I guess it's safe? I'm just not sure if I've felt right since taking it but I don't know if it's related to this supplement or some other factor....
  9. I'm been experiencing hair loss over the last couple of months that seemed to start out of nowhere. I've been gluten-free for 13 months so I don't know what's happening now?? I've had hair loss due to low iron in the past but my most recent ferritin was 69 (in Dec 2015). I thought it could be my thyroid because I have high TPO antibodies, but my last few TSH readings were good: 1.7 in Jan 2016, 1.9 in Apr 2016. (Although in Dec my TSH was 4.7) Maybe it's to do with a B vitamin deficiency? I used to take several supplements that had vitamin B12, B6, folate, etc. in them, and I've noticed that since I haven't been taking them, my B12 has dropped from 1100 to 500. So maybe other B vitamins are low? I also have been eating way fewer carbs since Dec to stabilize my blood sugar and insulin. But some people experience hair loss on low carb diets? And I'm finding it difficult to get enough to eat while keeping blood sugar balanced... Could my hair loss be from any of these? Or something else I haven't thought of? Any advice would be appreciated
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure how much fat I'm having, I will check. That could be contributing. Yup I do know about the link between Type 1 and celiac. But when it was first discovered my blood sugar was high, my insulin was tested and it was high...actually it was double the normal amount. C-peptide was tested too and I don't remember exactly but I think it was slightly high? If I had Type 1 or LADA, wouldn't my insulin be lower? It is strange though how I have none of the risk factors for insulin resistance and/or type 2... And in fact I had been on a super healthy whole food, "anti-candida" diet for several years before my blood sugar suddenly went really wacko!
  11. So I have celiac disease and also Hashimoto's thyroiditis (but not on meds because it's apparently "not bad enough" yet...). When I was still on gluten, I had chronically high cortisol and also high blood sugar and insulin. And when these were high (cortisol, blood sugar, insulin) I had constant hunger. Like I was starving all the time, and eating didnt help and often actually made me hungrier. It was a pretty horrible time, and no one even thought to test my blood sugar for a long time because I was young (21/22), thin (bmi 19), and have ZERO family history of diabetes. When I got off the gluten, cortisol came down over time, blood sugar improved some but still not ideal. (Getting glutened raises these again) For further blood sugar support, I took chromium and cinnamon and cut down on carbs (I'm not super low carb though). A few months ago I started taking berberine and that's helped a lot. My recent blood tests showed that my fasting blood sugar was 4.7 and my A1c was 5.6. My doctor was pleased. However, what I don't get is that I still have hunger issues at times. I mean, it has improved a ton since the worst times. I do have meals where I feel satisfied. But other times I feel like I haven't eaten very much at all after a meal. I thought when I got my blood sugar into the normal range I wouldn't have to think about this anymore, i would just eat, feel satisfied, not start feeling hungry until at least a few hours later, etc.It doesn't even seem to correlate to whether the meal is higher carb or not.
  12. Oh ok so were you already on medication for Hashi's and then later on your TSH became more erratic, and then going gluten-free eventually helped stabilize? I am not on any medication and it's sort of frustrating because every time my TSH lowers for a time my doctor says my thyroid is perfect and we don't need to do anything. And then I'm like, well what about all the other times my TSH is out of range/high? I feel that I have symptoms..
  13. I seem to have fluctuating TSH levels. In 2014, my TSH was 4.4 and my TPO antibodies were 393. Then my TSH came down to 1.7 and stayed near there for a number of months. Then Oct 2015 it was 4.1 and Dec it was 4.7. My doctor was just about to try me on a low dose of thyroid medication but he wanted it tested once more first, and now TSH is back to 1.7. Are TSH fluctuations like this normal? Or is this a symptom of Hashi's, like I have read on some sites? also, strangely, whether my blood test is fasting or after eating seems to affect the TSH. The higher TSH results seem to be when fasting overnight, and the lower ones are when the test is after breakfast or lunch. Any ideas why?
  14. Has anyone had Prana raw nuts and seeds? If so, did you have a problem with them or were they ok? Under their FAQs it says this: "All PRANA products under the supervision of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program to inspect products and manufacturing facilities for gluten, are certified gluten-free (to 10 ppm gluten or less). The GFCO is the leading gluten-free" (on my iPad the sentence cuts off there) so they look like they should be ok...