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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten free for just a little while now, about a week and a half. I have had a definite improvement in symptoms. Decrease in bowel frequency, decrease bloating and distention, improved energy. It's almost amazing. However today I've had some loose stools (sorry if too graphic) and abdominal pain. Does this mean I ate something I shouldn't have or is it just that my GI tract is still healing?
  2. So, my doctor basically said he doesn't know what's wrong with me but if gluten makes me sick and not eating gluten makes me better he would like to try for months with a gluten free diet and see how I do. I'm not thrilled with not knowing, but I am happy at not doing a gluten challenge.
  3. I guess that's what it comes down to, do I need the diagnosis. Personally, I would very much like to know for sure. I think compliance and understanding would be much easier with a definitive diagnosis. I'm not sure how it might effect things down the road as far as insurance or work, I just don't know.
  4. I go back for my follow up with my GI doc tomorrow. My blood tests were negative and my biopsy was suggestive of Celiac's but not positive. However, I have been inadvertently eating a very low gluten diet for three months by eating low carb. No bread, pasta, crackers, etc. I know the normal answer would be do a gluten challenge but I tried and it makes me so sick I can't work. I can't miss six weeks of work. And I can't stand the thought of just being that sick. So, not sure what to do or say tomorrow. I welcome any suggestions.
  5. My doctor ordered four labs after my endoscopy came back as maybe Celiac's. They are deamidated gliadin abs, IgA - 3 Deamidated gliadin abs, IgG - <1 Immunoglobulin A Qn, serum 170. - <2 to trans glut am I made (tTG) - <2 So, soundly negative. My question is, would ask of these be affected by having eaten a very small about of gluten for three months (was eating low carb, no bread, pasta, crackers etc). Also, is there something else that effects results, like IgG deficiency? I want to be certain of what's wrong, but I dread doing a gluten challenge. Makes me so sick and I feel so much better when I don't eat it.
  6. Virginia Beach, Va/ Terrapin

    That is great to hear. I'm so scared to go out to eat with my family for the first time. I'm expecting eye rolls and sighs. I hate being a bother. But I sure don't want to eat any gluten.
  7. The report from the pathologist went on to say "may represent an early manifestation of celiac disease" and recommends further serological testing.
  8. Yes. The biopsy came back positive for increase in intraepithelial lymphocytes. quote name="notme!" post="922124" timestamp="1404179706"]sorry you are sick but if you want the test to be accurate, you need to keep eating the gluten - i think a few slices of bread per day should do it, though. celiac walks hand in hand with thyroid, but thyroid problems also benefit from gluten free diet. get tested - hang in there! did they do biopsies when they did your endoscopy?
  9. So, here's my story. For about the last year, I have been experiencing increasing GI issues. Bloating, gas and diarrhea mainly. To the point that it is beginning to interfere with work, and I do not want to go out or travel. I have had gastric bypass so I had been blaming that. I noticed when I cut back on carbs the symptoms improved. For the last 2-3 months I have been eating a low carb diet. I finally had an endoscopy and colonoscopy last week and it came back as "may represent an early manifestation of Celiac's disease". Other symptoms I have included migraines, really low ferritin levels for at least six months (been either 4 or 6), been losing teeth to cracking. I also have two other autoimmune diseases - hashimotos thyroiditis and Addison's disease. Sorry that was so long. Any way, the doctor reading the test results recommended further blood testing. So I am trying to increase my gluten intake. Does that sounds reasonable? I just started yesterday and I am so sick already, can't hardly get out of the bathroom and my belly is aching like crazy. Just wanted to see what you all thought. And to vent a bit. Thanks.