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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pancakes& Waffles?

    thank you for your reply, i got the bisquick mix as i already was buying it for pancakes before. I always add a little sugar, sometimes a little vannilla, a litttle oil and eggs so i followed the recipe on the box and added the sugar and eggs and a little oil they turned out REALLY good almost couldn't tell the differ3ence. I used the recipe for bread that was posted for sandwich bread another poster makes only i forgot to buy white rice flour so i used oat flour instead of the rice and added a med. hanful of coconut flours and more sugar then they had listed so it would have a little more flavor and it turned out so yummy, it was easier then regular as you don't knead it just beat and pour a little diffrent texture then gluten breads but it was so dang good. Again thank you for the advice and support.
  2. Hi, i'm new to this celiac board and have been trying to make pancakes gluten free and so far they are not turning out as i hoped. The always turn out like gooey like, but not at the same time. They are sorta like oatmeal would be if you fried it after you cooked it on the stove for eating as a hot ceral. they seem to be fully cooked and taste good but they are very wet like, is there a way to change this or a flour that works better for this purpouse? any recopes idea's or experince's that are like i have been having welcome. I have made bread and it turned out great and delicous, unlike the tapioca flour bread i bought at walmart which was dry and tasteless and was like eating bread that got lefft out and partialy dried before eating very very dry. please help!