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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The rash was initially considered and treated as a spider bite. An urgent care Dr, not my primary one called it shingles a few days later when I kept getting sicker. It did not leave purple scarring. Unfortunately, I tend to scar white, almost like vitiligo. I am actually loaded with scars on my arms, mostly from boiling water burns from several years back, and perhaps those types of scars naturally turn white. But the rash that was on my neck left white scarring. I do have the blistering rash on my face quite badly now, which I assumed to be acne, but it behaves differently. On that note, I'd like to ask your advice. In the past, I have taken charcoal tablets to control bloating and gas. But knowing that it kind of grabs on to everything in your digestive system and condenses it.....do you suppose this is a bit of a jump start to detoxifying your body of gluten? It makes sense to me, but I am completely new to all of this. My symptoms have been treated as individual issues rather then a big picture. Anyway, I am quite curious about your thought on the charcoal tablet idea. Again, thank you for your time and insight.
  2. I have not been tested specifically for celiac yet. That is to happen later this month if all goes well. I so far seem to be among the many who has had several procedures, Mris, ultra sounds, x rays, endoscopies and colonstopies. My range of diagnosises have ranged from hiatal hernia, lyme disease, bile reflux, to believe it or not...an allergy to dust mites!! I have had so many "medical guesses" that like many, I am at the point of frustration and have lost alot of faith in Drs and really believe they are in it for the money with long drawn out testing and no results. Hopefully this new Dr will change things. A recent bought with shingles, that my dr didn't really think was shingles had led me to this new specialist. Thank you for your input though. It is nice to find a crowd of people who can identify with this type of issue.
  3. Hello. I am not yet diagnosed with celiac, however almost all of my symtoms seem to match everything this disease has to offer...with maybe two exceptions. All of my abdominal pain, back pain and limb numbness is on the left side. At least 85% of it anyway. The other thing is that I experience forceful vomiting, like projectile. I could perhaps put Linda Blair to shame in that department. This comes on so suddenly that I always have a bag with me, and have been doing this long enough, that most of the time, I can throw up and still finish my sentence. Albeit, not without shocking or disgusting people, even my husband, but let's face it...you tend to acclimate when you go undiagnosed for decades, and unfortunately what would never be acceptable behaviour becomes normal out of necessity. Anyway, does anyone else have these two specific charactoristics? Any feedback would be so helpful. Thank you