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  1. Hey Jyogalove, Seems like you've been having a pretty rough time! I think all of us have been through similar but different journeys that have eventually brought us to feeling at least a little better and healthier. I'll avoid telling you my long history and skip ahead to things that I discovered made me feel better. These things may or may not work for you; everyone of us has a different body and our bodies have different reasons for functioning the way they do and reacting to different remedies and foods. Acid reflux: I had severe reflux and was bed ridden from nausea. I discovered Manuka Honey. It healed the valve that closes off the oesophagus from the stomach. I ate it with every meal and now I only need it so often. It worked wonders for me. Antibiotics : Ruin healthy gut bacteria it is so crucial with any stomach issues to take good probiotics. I personally use Metagenics (requires refrigeration) or Jamesons chewbles when traveling. Instead of taking antibiotics when sick try Oregano Oil. I used it for the first time last week and was amazing in chasing a way a cold. It too kills good and bad bacteria, but in a more natural way (be sure to take Probiotics always to help restore good gut flora). PS> Yogurt will not cut it. Gluten Free Diet: I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I wont spend time explaining the difference between Celiacs and gluten intolerances because you can get that info anywhere. What I will tell you is that even after going strictly gluten free I was still sick. My energy levels were so low I needed to sleep all the time, I couldn't keep up with work and I was nervous to go out with friends still. Having celiac disease created an eating disorder for me, I was terrified of every food that went into my mouth because I was still getting sick. So I understand this may be double as difficult for you, just over coming an eating disorder. I ended up only sticking to whole foods, eating clean, organic and non processed foods. what really helped me was trying SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). This diet is not for the weak at heart. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. This diet goes beyond cutting out gluten and involves cutting out ALL grains, sugars and starches. I sing its praises because it was the only thing that made me feel like myself again, happy and healthy. I recently strayed from it and noticed a huge difference and now am paying the price feeling sick again The main theory behind it is only consuming foods made up of one molecule. Monosacarides (Probably spelled wrong). Because they are easier for the body to digest. Cutting Sugars eliminates and bad bacteria growth that may be remaining in your intestines for it to heal. Starches and Carbs are just harder for the body to break down. All your other relating symptoms should eventually fade away, once gluten is cut out. I may not have answered all your questions. But I hope my insight helps! Remember to be your own advocate, don't always believe doctors, listen to your body and do your RESEARCH. Its really and truly all about the types of foods we are putting in our bodies. Jennifer's Way is a good book to read, these forums are all good to read too Cheers!
  2. I noticed a difference in my cycle as well since going gluten-free. Growing up my period was always very bad (Extreme pain, cramps, bloating, D etc . I also experience ovarian cysts that dissipate once my cycle is over. On the pill it was a breeze. Even getting off the pill for a year I was dealing with everything very well. But as soon as I went gluten-free they became much more painful and then my cycle started to get longer (35day instead of 28). To the point now, I'm not even sure when its going to come and if I've been 'glutened' or not. 3 Weeks ago I started a new diet. No grains of any kind or sugars (SCD). It goes beyond eating gluten-free and it extremely HARD to follow. Although I am still finding pain this cycle, Ultrasounds show my cysts aren't there this time around and its come on exactly the 28th day as It use to before going gluten-free. So I feel like my body is sort of correcting itself. Overall hormones play a massive roll in our cycles and it could change for a number of reasons including stress. But I truly believe now DIet is even a bigger part of the picture. Try eliminating "Gluten Free" labeled foods (As they often don't truly help anyway-especially the sugary ones) And for two weeks before your period eat clean foods (vegetables and meat) You might be surprised as I am.
  3. I was told about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and have been trying that for about a week now. You should buy the book to really learn about it. But basically its a theory that gluten-free eating isn't enough sometimes to allow the body to really heal. And thats why those of us who have been eating gluten-free strictly are still experiencing symptoms. It basically focuses on eliminating disaccharides (all starches and sugars- Including potatoes, rice, all grains etc) Because they are harder for the body to break down. It's a very interesting read and filled with studies. I cant give a full report on it as I've only been on it for a week. But a lot of people swear by it. It's hard, but it's given me a little hope and something to work towards as I'm super tired of being sick.