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  1. Oopsies, it's Kyra from Crave Bake Shop.
  2. Kara from Crave Bake Shop was on Cupcake Wars tonight making gluten-free cupcakes. They got rave reviews and made it to the final round!!!!! Go gluten-free cupcakes!!!!!
  3. Chili's and Outback have a gluten free menu, and Boston's offers gluten free pizza. For non chain restaurants Kinley's and South Side Bistro are accommodating if you let them know you need to eat gluten free. City Diner used to have a dedicated fryer and the fries are good! Some restaurants that I have heard will accommodate gluten free are Ginger, Suite 100, Sacks, Simon & Seaforts, Marx Brothers, and Kincaid Grill. The Natural Pantry usually has some gluten free options. The Middle Way Cafe has gluten-free cookies, and brownies. Terra Bella offers gluten-free bread. The Red Beet in Palmer has gluten-free breads and are at the Southside Farmers market on Saturdays. I tried to go out to the restaurant but the day I went they were closed. Hope that gives you a few options to try!
  4. The skinless gyoza's are awesome made them for dinner tonight!! In the past I've made Thai corn cakes subbing the flour called for with gluten-free flour and cucumber salad. I just googled to find recipes.
  5. What about a flan with coconut milk or other dairy free alternative?
  6. Sorry, I don't have any info on the Soyatoo products. However, I am very curious what is spaghetti ice cream?
  7. Desert Essence has several lotions and body care products that are labeled Wheat & Gluten free.
  8. You Won't Believe It's Gluten Free by Robin Ryberg has pretty straightforward recipes with ingredients that aren't too hard to find. Xanthan gum is an essential ingredient in gluten free baking, but a little bag goes a long way! Good Luck & Happy Baking
  9. I've used the coconut blend in sugar cookies and banana bread. The cookies had great flavor just a hint of tart tangeness and nice texture. The banana bread was a little gummy in the middle. But the parts that were edible tasted good I think the gummy texture was due to the recipe needing a little tweaking.
  10. Sweet Life has some very yummy gluten free deserts!
  11. Baking can be quite daunting at first!! One of the first things I learned to bake gluten-free was peanut butter cookies 1 cup crunchy peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, and a handful or two of chocolate chips if you like. Mix together and drop on baking sheets, bake about 10-12 minutes at 350. There's a ton of recipes and resources for products online. I've had good results with Pamela's mixes and Bob's Red Mill mixes are ok to. The Gluten Free Gourmet was my first gluten-free cook book, and the coconut macaroons are always a big hit. I also like the Gluten Free Kitchen as the recipes don't call for too many hard to find ingredients and the results are generally tasty. Baking extra and freezing is a great tip. Good Luck and Happy Baking!
  12. I just visited KC a few weeks ago. There's PF Changs, the Grand Street Cafe, and Waldo's Pizza. Grand Street and Waldo's were both awesome!! Eden Alley Cafe also has some gluten free options, but I didn't get the chance to check it out. They all have websites if you want to see menus and directions. Have a great trip and happy eating.
  13. Hello, headed to Kansas City and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for restaurants. I know there's a PF Changs and that Waldo's Pizza has a gluten free pizza. Are there any other places I should check out? Thanks!
  14. Premier Japan has a wheat free Hoisin Sauce and a wheat free Teriyaki sauce. The gluten free product list can be found at www.edwardandsons.com
  15. Hi, I just ran across a tip on another forum. They suggested substituting club soda for the milk or liquid, it's supposed to create a light fluffy pancake. I might have to make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow to try it out!!