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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok, great thanks for the response. Can you give me a timeline on your symptoms. I currently have a hard time doing any kind of full-time work and would like to get an idea when I can. Is there any ways that you found to speed up the healing? I am taking mutli-vitamins, eating healthy (mostly food that I make), and taking pro-biotics. I find that I have the most problems during hot weather (i.e. the summer in Texas). Now, my main issues are bloating and fatigue. Did you have the same issues? What did you do for three years that you were recovering? Could you work and maintain a normal lifestyle? Any ideas on how to manage it? I am getting to the point where I can start to have a normal life. However, I always have to make sure that I eat enough and have some sugary thing in case I start feeling weak, but I really don't like working full-time yet as it takes so much out of me. I have hope that it won't be too much longer, as I was very healthy and athletic before all this happened. That being said I had GI problems on and off my whole life. The doctors said I had too much stomach acid, which obviously wasn't the problem. Even though I have always been an athlete, I noticed that I always had less endurance than other people. Also, I lived in Japan for two years and at that time I don't ever remember being tired. Over there, I bascially ate no gluten just lots of rice. Well please let me know any advice you have. Thanks!
  2. Well, I was tested for everything over the course of a year, I think. Well this is because the Docs didn't really tell me anything. After a year I had one Doc suggest a Celiac panel. There, I had a weak positive result from my IgG antibodies to Gliadin. I figured I tried everything else why not give gluten free a shot. Now, there is no doubt that my progress has been slow, but there is also no doubt that I have been getting better on a gluten free diet. Anyway on my latest labs, my Vitamin D is a little low. Other than that, I am in perfect health (which of course I am not). Also I guess I should say I was an extremely prolific eater of wheat products, even when I was really sick. I ate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So maybe I might have made myself worse than the average sufferer. Well, I thought those carbs would give me energy. I really just want to know if this is normal for someone else too. I read a lot of recovery times like a year or more.... so more waiting or more Docs again.... ??? Thanks for your response....
  3. So, I would like to know if someone out there has the same symptoms and slow recovery that I have. Just would make me feel better if I was not alone in this. Well, I believe I am gluten sensitive. I had severe fatigue, brain fog, pain in my bones due to pressure, and severe bloating. After nine months of being gluten free, I have bloating (even though it has decreased) and fatigue. Now the real problem is the fatigue because sometimes I don't always have the strength to stand and walk around especially when I haven't just eaten. This really destoys my quality of life because I can never go anywhere without knowing that I might feel really weak and need to sit down or lay down. Also, I don't really feel hunger again yet, maybe because my stomach is still damaged or maybe because it is bloated. This probably is contributing to my problem. As I can't really tell if my body needs food until I start feeling weak. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had these symptoms at the nine month mark and about how much longer did it take for you to recover....? Please help with any information. Trying to stay motivated....Thanks!