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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been gluten free for a year now and am feeling sooooo much better. I want to let you all know hang in there it WILL get better. There is definetly a learning curve when trying to figure out what you can and can't eat and it takes some time and patience, but with perserverence you will get there. I remember not being able to eat anything without getting sick. Vegetables, fuit, meat, juice, etc. etc. etc. It took a while of being gluten free and dairy free before I could eat many of these other things without feeling sick but now I can. I recently started drinking coffee again. I guess what I want to get across is even though some things besides gluten are making you sick now and it seems at times there is nothing you can eat, they are NOT all intolerances, many you will be able to eat again once your body starts to heal. I noticed a significant difference after about a month and a half. So stick in there, you will get your life back. I know I needed to hear these things when I was struggling, hope it helps someone!
  2. I live in Canada and I was wondering if anyone knows of any folic acid that is gluten and dairy free.
  3. I need to find a folic acid pill that is gluten free and dairy free. I live in Canada and there is a rexall really close to my house would they carry one?
  4. I am lactose intolerant as well and so I want tio find a ranch dressing I can have. I found Uncle Dan's classic ranch seasoning and salad dressing mix and I wonder if it is gluten and milk free.
  5. Anyone know if this is gluten free?
  6. I know the A & W root beer is gluten free. They sell it at the grocery store in 2 litres and cans. Not sure about gingerale though
  7. This Is Nuts!

    You sound alot like I was. I literally lived off of chicken and sweet peas for 2 years. Breakfast lunch and supper for the most part. I thought I was going to go insane because like you slowly more and more things were bothering me. I even got sick off plain steamed rice. Nothing on it. I remember my mom made me a plain potatoe and I was really sick after so I just stuck to my chicken and peas. Eventually I made sure I got rid of all gluten aand dairy from my diet and once I had eliminated any potential sources I started adding other things in. The one thing I do still have problems with are if foods are very spicy, fatty or acidic. Apples are okay once in a while but never on an empty stomach and oranges are an absolute nono for me as well as pineapple and other acidy fruits. I like blueberries and bananas as a first choice. I know how youu feel though I thought I was going to starve to death eventually. And people would say try this or try that and I just felt like screaming because it's like I can't everything makes me sick. So hang in there once youu figure out your triggers other foods will come back and your diet will expand
  8. I was wondering if kraft Miracle whip is casein free. This is so hard. It lists Calcium disoium EDTA on the ingredients. I checked a dairy list and it doesn't have this on the list as being dairy or not. Just found out I am caesin intolerant and I am so frusterated. Not that I can'tlive with out it but i AM JUST FEELING LIKE i AM GETTING THE GLUTEN UNDER CONTROL AND NOW THIS. i WISH THEY HAD LISTS OF CAESIN CONTAINING FOODS LIKE THEY DO FOR GLUTEN. i HEARD GUM CAN CONTAIN DAIRY AS WELL. dOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS INCLUDES TRIDENT. aNY TIPS ON MAKING THIS EASIER WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. cHRISTA
  9. I know that kraft has a gluten free pickle but I can't find them anywhere. The only pickles I can find are bick and valasic(I don't think I spelled that correctly). I was wondering if either of these are gluten free. I am really craving them lately. I read that Alymer pickles and coronation brand are gluten free but I haven't came across them. I live in a small town and we have a Sobey's and Extra foods neither of which carry them.
  10. Entrolab

    I was just wondering how reliable entrolab is and whaat your doctors have thought of the results and if the dx celiacs from these results. My blood work came back negative and I refuse tto do the glutten challenge. Entro lab said I have the main gene for celiacs and I am gluten and casein intolerant. I wouuld like my famiily doctor to recognize this. Another question is making sure you stay away from casein really importaant or once you staart feeling better can you eat it again?
  11. I was wondering if anyone knew if cadbury thins are gluten free. They are just the perfect size for a little indulgence. I read the label and it looked alright but I want to double check first.
  12. Hydroxycut

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the hydroxycut capsules are gluten free. I know that the tablets are but they haven't gotten back to me about the capsules.
  13. I went off the pill two years ago and haven't had a period since. I went on progesterone and still didn't have one then I went on clomid and had one. But when I was off it I didn't have one. Who knows
  14. I know that kraft cream cheese is gluten free
  15. Anyone Gone On Vacation?

    We went away for Christmas and I packed rice crackers, cereal bars, rice bread, waffles (even though they are supposed to be frozen they were fine for the flight and I refrigerated them as soon as I got there. My luggage got lost for two days so lucky I did have some in my carry on. I also brought a insulated lunch box with a little ice pack and put my lunches and snacks in there for days we went on day trips. Just froze the ice pack every night. I tried not to eat out. I did one day and felt crappy for the next two so it just wasn't worth it.