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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for your understanding response. It's reassuring just to know other people know how I feel, because I sometimes wonder if people think I'm using pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy. Luckily I have a very supportive husband. I will go back and push again for blood tests. The medical system here isn't really set up for people telling doctor's what they want, so it feels tough to go in and make demands instead of just meekly listening to what the doctor says, but I'm worried that I'll harm my baby so I need to stand up for myself. Part of the reason I do want to push for a dx (other than, obviously, needing to know if it's some other condition that needs treatment) is to make sure my little ones get tested regularly. Thank you for the list of tests- can they usually all be done at once?
  2. Hello, I'm new and overwhelmed, and would appreciate any advice from you knowledgable folks! My background in brief - I've had a sensitive stomach with on-and-off issues since I was a teen. After my daughter was born two years ago I took up running and started having bad episodes of cramps, diarrhea, feeling faint etc which mostly happened after I ran for half an hour, but would last up to three days. I then became lactose intolerant. After I stopped running (for fear of mid-race accidents!) and cut out lactose I was better but not back to normal, with frequent upset stomachs, joint and bone aches, fatigue etc. I also became depressed and anxious. I'm now 34 weeks pregnant again, and things have got worse and worse this pregnancy. I never feel normal anymore. Everything hurts (much worse than first pregnancy) and my stomach is always unsettled. The only break I get from diarrhea is the occasional week long bout of constipation. I cut out gluten (plus other processed, sugary and greasy foods which always bother me) for two weeks and felt much better. I've since read that I need to be eating it for tests so started again a week ago - hey presto, cramps, fatigue and everything else is back. The doctors are unwilling to do any sort of checks until I'm done being pregnant (and possibly done breastfeeding) because they say it's normal for pregnancy to disrupt digestion and for hormones to cause low mood and anxiety. I'd accept this but I'm worried because I'm concerned that if I AM coeliac, the baby isn't getting the nutrients he needs from me. I'm planning on doing a home blood test in the hope that if it's positive, it will at least give me some leverage (I know I still need the doctor to confirm and I don't expect it to replace a diagnosis). But can I take it now, after my two weeks gluten free or do I have to wait? Is that enough to screw up the results? How hard should I fight for testing now? I know they won't do a biopsy during pregnancy because of the sedative, but surely if the blood tests were positive I'd need to go gluten free right away for the sake of the baby, so a biopsy would be useless. Any suggestions or thoughts? I've been so ill I can barely care for my toddler, I don't know how I'll cope with two children feeling like this. I'm also worried that I'm going to be in hospital barely able to make it to the bathroom (I'm having a planned section, nothing to do with this issue) with diarrhea and am terrified of the humiliation. Thank you so much if you managed to read my essay.