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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just got a message from the Dr. who did the scopes and she said all the pathology came back negative for celiac, chrohn's etc. Only the reflux damage was confirmed, and they told me to continue on the acid reflux meds. I don't have a copy of the pathology yet, but I'll be getting it just to double check. Back to square one. Liz
  2. I got some preliminary results from my endoscopy in my digital health account. The pathology isn't back yet, but the doctor's report is in. I was foggy, but I don't remember her mentioning the duodenal diverticulum, just the reflux esophagitis. A medium-sized diverticulum was found in the first part of the duodenum. Impression: - LA Grade A reflux esophagitis. Biopsied. - No gross lesions in the stomach. - Normal examined duodenum. Biopsied. - Duodenal diverticulum. So apparently there is something causing damage to my duodenum and my esophagus is being damaged by reflux, with no known cause as of yet. I started cutting gluten out as of today, but by no means am I gluten free yet. I'm also going to start the zantac the GI prescribed at my appointment last month, to try to cut back the acid reflux. My heart burn has been outrageous since the endoscopy. Has anyone else had duodenal diverticulum? I can't seem to find much information on it except it is rare to have a problem from it, but when there is a problem it can rupture o_O. Liz
  3. Thanks. That is what I'm debating - Just going gluten and dairy free, see if I get improvements, and go from there or full out elimination diet. I'm thinking I could do a good 6 to 8 weeks gluten free and see if I get any improvement, if not then try an elimination diet. I think gluten free would be the easier option to try first, with little to no prepackaged gluten free products - meat, fish, veggies and fruits with home made salad dressing, etc and no dairy or soy. I've been thinking on this all day, and I really don't want to deal with more doctors at this point. It takes so long to get in with a specialist, 2+ months most of the time, and by that point I'm going to be even more miserable then I already am. Liz
  4. I see a NP for my regular appointments for GI stuff, but had an actual real honest to goodness GI DR or my endo and colonoscopy yesterday, so I got to pick her brain a bit before and after the procedures. They took a large number of biopsies from everywhere, so I'm satisfied with that. The only visual evidence she saw of anything wrong is damage to my esophagus from acid reflux. I spoke to her about doing an elimination diet to try to pinpoint what is causing all my distress and she said she fully agrees that that would be the next step. I'm also going to ask for food allergy testing from the NP. If she won't order it, I'll ask my GP to order it. This weekend will be the big clean out and shopping for my new diet. I have two sick kids at home today, and can't do what I need to do to get started as I had originally planned. Liz
  5. Thanks for the info, it looks like I have some stuff to look up so I can understand igg and the immune system more. Yes, I remember the boy in the plastic bubble and I've often joked that I needed to be in one because I catch almost everything. I even had the chicken pox twice because the first time I didn't build up enough of an immunity to it. I can't afford a trip to the mayo clinic unfortunately. I'LL hopefully know more after my testing Monday and I'm planning on still doing an elimination diet after testing in order to pinpoint what is bothering me. Liz
  6. Thanks for that info. I have multiple sinus infections, ear infections, severe bronchitis requiring antibiotics, steroids and nebulizer treatments throughout the year. I saw an ent a month ago because I've had multiple ear infections in the last 2 to 3 years after 25 years of none and he said it was caused by allergies but did not offer any testing, just gave me allergy medicine. I've always had odd occurrences of illness, 2nd grade I had strep throat 8 times in the school year, I'd get better and 5 days later I would have it again. I also had mono when I was 14 and that completely killed my entire system for years. Liz
  7. It is frustrating. I thought I was waiting for more results to load to my online account, because they were were also suposed to run a free T4 which they apparently didn't. They only ran three celiac tests (the two deaminated iga and igg ones andthe tissue trans...whatever that long word is...iga) and a total iga. IGA came back at 332, with the range being 66 to 344. So I'm not IGA deficient, but they didn't test total IGG. I don't even know if I should push for additonal testing or what. I looked at the lab guidelines on tests and they do not offer any other celiac tests but these three. I don't know if it's worth seeking out another doctor or just get the endo done and do the diet anyway. I don't "need" a diagnosis. As an example, I have a pretty severe gastrointestinal reaction to straight up eggs. Worse then my regular reaction to things I eat. I figured it out on my own, and when asked at doctor appointments or past hospital stays, no one has ever questioned me on it. They just mark my chart as "egg allergy" and we move on. Only one nurse ever asked me what happens when I eat them, I told her about the 4 plus hours I will be in the bathroom and she just said, yeah I'd stay away from them too. Liz
  8. I can't wait till testing is over. My bloods came back negative, but it turns out they didn't run a full panel so the scope is my last chance for a diagnosis at this point. I don't care even if it comes back negative, the first thing I'm doing is cutting a lot of crap, including gluten, from my diet to try to improve my stomach. I'm in so much pain today because I'm stopped up, after months of D. I haven't taken anything or changed my diet, so no clue why this is happening now :-( Liz
  9. Thank you again! Its odd that it didn't come back with the TSH, I'll just have to wait for it to show up or for the Dr. to call about it. Liz
  10. One more thing I just noticed with my labs, my Free T4 test is not listed. My TSH is there, and is 1.27 (ref .27 to 4.2) but not Free T4. Now I'm wondering if it came back flagged and wasn't released to my record yet. Liz
  11. Thank you. I am going to try the gluten-free diet after the endoscope to see if I get any improvement. In the past I have always felt my best when I've been on Weight Watchers and have cut back significantly on my carb intake and increased my intake of natural foods like lean chicken, fruits, veggies, salad etc. Its not just the digestive issues, its the fatigue and headaches that are tough to deal with as well, and I'm hoping I can get those to go away too. I'm highly pre-disposed to type 2 diabetes - my grandmother, my father and now my sister, have all been diagnosed with it, and I had gestational diabetes with all 3 of my children with the last one being the worst and needing insulin to control it. I would think a healthier diet cutting out gluten filled products, and all of the unhealthy carbs that go with it, would help some with that as well. Liz Liz
  12. Finally got everything back today. Everything they ran was negative or within acceptable ranges. We'll see what the colonoscopy and endoscope show on the 8th, but I have no hope of getting to the bottom of what is wrong with me. I known this is just going to turn into another case of "you are fine". Liz
  13. I haven't had any other labs come back yet. I did find the order she put in, and there are quite a few things being tested for, but I don't know how long they typically take. Here is what was ordered... Stool studies: C. Diff, Giardia, Stool Culture, Fecal leuk, O&P, sudan Labs: CBC/diff, CMP, celiac ab panel, Sed Rate, CRPL, TSH, Free T4, Lipase The only one that has come back is the CBC/diff. Any thoughts on how long these things take to come back? Liz
  14. Finally got to the lab to get everything drawn. 5 vials plus three separate stool samples. I apologized to the girl repeatedly, I was sooooooo embarrassed handing that over. She was like don't worry about it, I was mortified anyway. I just checked my online account and my CBC is back already. I don't see anything out of the ordinary, everything is within lab ranges. I'm not sure what other tests were ran besides the celiac panel, and I know that takes a while to come back. That leaves three other vials that are out there. Test My Value Range WBC 7.20 4.00 - 10.80 K/uL RBC 4.94 3.85 - 5.15 M/uL HGB 14.3 12.0 - 14.5 g/dL HCT 42.5 36.0 - 44.5 % MCV 86.0 81.5 - 97.5 fL MCH 28.9 27.0 - 34.0 pg MCHC 33.6 32.0 - 36.0 g/dL RDW 13.0 11.5 - 15.5 % PLATELET COUNT 318 140 - 400 K/uL MPV 9.5 6.6 - 11.1 fL SEGS 68 40 - 75 % LYMPHS 23 18 - 42 % MONOS 7 1 - 11 % EOS 2 0 - 6 % BASOS 0 0 - 2 % ABS. SEGS 4.90 1.8 - 7.7 K/uL ABS. LYMPHS 1.65 1.0 - 4.8 K/uL ABS. MONOS 0.50 0.0 - 1.1 K/uL ABS. EOS 0.13 0.0 - 0.7 K/uL ABS. BASOS 0.02 0.0 - 0.2 K/uL Liz
  15. Finally Saw The Gi!

    I will definitely post them when I get them, especially if I don't understand them! I'm finding that it doesn't seem to matter when I eat anymore. I wake up everyday at this point with pain and running to the bathroom and I go to bed in pain almost every night. The wait is frustrating, but I've made it this long, what's a couple of more weeks right? Liz