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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I got only one of the test's back and it was the 'Anti -Endomysial, IGA which came back negative.Not sure why the other tests never came back, but i think im done with testing.Maybe i have just the gluten sensitivity.I have been eating gluten free ever since i got tested this last time so im gonna just try to stick with it and see how i feel after awhile.
  2. I went to a different clinic today and got i believe 3-4 of the new tests done.The doctor straight off told me that if these 2 tests (Anti tTransglut, IgA) (Anti Gliadin) show a positive reaction,They would of then done the rest of the other tests that i just got.She was telling me that those are the 'gold standard' for testing for Celiac disease.I was explaining to her different and that it was very important for me to get these done so i know for sure if i have it or dont have it.She ended up calling the lab and getting a few lab codes but couldnt find some so she entered the name manually.Hoping theres no problems with the tests.I believe the tests i got for sure were these: (Anti Endomysial, IgA) (Anti Deamidated Gliadin, IgG) One of these were also done but not sure: (Anti Tissue Transglutaminase, IgA) (Anti tTransglutaminase, IgG) Should have the results back in a week.
  3. Never really thought of that but from just searching again, i found a gastroenterologist and or different doctor i could possibly goto.Its all the same clinic, but just a different area.I hope atleast now they will be able to run a complete test.
  4. I think part of the problem for me is asking my doctor to retest me again.I have a feeling im not gonna get far with getting the other tests i need unfortunetly.Is there a company that you could pay for those tests without it being really expensive?
  5. Im not sure if i can get my doctor to do the test over again as much as i wanted her too.The lab that did testing had these tests that could of been run: Anti Tissue Transglutaminase, IgA Anti tTransglutaminase, IgG Anti Endomysial, IgA (by IFA) Anti Gliadin, IgA Celiac Serology Reflex Panel Anti Deamidated Gliadin, IgG Sucks that she wouldnt atleast run all of those even when i requested it.I was gonna start gluten free soon after those test results cause of my hashimotos' to try to get those levels down as well.I will check out that report too.Unfortunetly i just dont have the money right now to get tested outside of my doctor from a private company.Thanks for everyones help with all of this.
  6. so i got the test results back and doesnt seem like i have it: Anti tTransglut, IgA (5) range 0 - 19 U Anti Gliadin, IgG (<1) range 0 - 19 U I requested all those tests but those were the only 2 i got.Maybe if i had got the rest of the tests it might of showed more, but i dont know.
  7. Got the blood test on the 1st for my thyroid and the celiac test.Thyroid test came back on monday with a TSH of 0.42,which is a lot better than i thought it was gonna be.haha.Might actually have to drop down too 188mcg which is a good sign for that.No word yet on the celiac test as it had to be sent to a medical lab somewhere else to run it.I post my results eventually hopefully this week or the next week.I have no idea how long it takes to run it.I asked to get tested for all the things 'nvsmom' mentioned. They told me they would run a full panel i guess for it.
  8. I wrote my doctor and asked about the list of tests mentioned in this post.She said she would get back to me next week with whats available from the lab.(Hope i can test for everything)If i do get tested it will probably be next week sometime.I have been eating pretty unhealthy for awhile so if there is anything my hope its pretty obvious i have it.My doctor is a ARNP but i can get recommendations im sure for a biospy.(Just a general surgeon in my area)Will start researching people though on this forum and the web that can do it if not this surgeon.
  9. Thanks for all the help.I had wrote a longer post but I accidently hit the back key so i'll try again.I know my doctor would order those tests for me if I ask.Just worried if its covered by my blue cross insuarance or not. Had an h.pylori test though and it was covered so maybe it will be fine.There is a general surgeon here in my area so im thinking maybe he can do an endoscopy here as well.(just figured you needed a specialist for it) I will check out the links and read up more about it as well.If I can get the tests done next week I will post my results here.I appreciate it.
  10. Im a 32 year old male with hashimotos disease/hypothyroidism.(antibodies for that were in the 2000-3000 range last time I checked a few years ago).As long as I can remember I have had stomach issues, but up until now starting to think I have celiac disease too. One thing that makes me wonder is why am i gonna be on almost 300mcg of levrothroxine soon(seems weird for my age). Was taking 5 grain armour split in half plus 25mcg levrothroxine daily before switching over to levoxyl. I have always had constant gas/painful stomach bloating/(diahrrea maybe once a week or so)when eating meat/eggs/and possibly breads. Have to take probiotics and gas medicine each time I eat something. The thing is I was reading the blood tests aren't really accurate for getting a diagnosis of celiacs disease.I live in a small town aswell so not sure about a biopsy and if that's anymore better or if they can do it.I have just been stuck in a major depression with panic attacks anxiety all my life.The brain fog is horrible as well.Im lucky if I can remember things that happened a few mins ago.Besides that rant, just wondering if this sounds like celiac disease to anyone? Can you not have major symptoms and still have it? Whats the likelihood of getting celiacs disease when you get hashimotos disease?I really don't know what to do.