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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Alcohol

    I had been gluten-free for a while and started getting sick again so we cut out all gluten in the house. I felt better for a while then returned to being sick. Quit eating out and only ate whole foods and still got sick. I read that some celiacs react to alcohol even tho it has been distilled. After much more research and a LOT of pouting I only drink gluten-free alcohol, other than wine which I am now able to drink again. I drink Tito's vodka, rum, and i also found a whiskey online that's made from sorghum (I've always been a crown drinker). So for me it is a 2 fold thing 1. it has to be gluten free 100% before and after distillation and 2. I have to have been taking care of myself to include eating healthy and perfectly hydrated or I will suffer greatly. Another thing I do is make sure I have a plan for something safe to eat so once I get a couple of drinks under my belt so I don't throw gluten-free out the window. I usually ensure its something thats a splurge so Im not eating plain rice crackers while everyone else is eating something really good.
  2. We love fresh pineapple but I hate the mess associated with cutting a ripe and juicy one and now use slicer/ corer. I love it... you can do it in under a min with almost no mess and its perfect every time. Here is a link o the one I have (I opted for the stainless steel one ($20) but there is another brand that is plastic ($10) at BBB) http://www.amazon.com/All-Ware-Stainless-Pineapple-De-Corer/dp/B000GA53CO .