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  1. I have been warned that many rootbeers contain wheatgluten gliadens ? How may this be so? The ingredients listed for rootbeers appear to be all the same. Never have I seen a listing of wheatflour as an additive or ingredient of rootbeer softdrinks. By what ingredient may some rootbeers, if any, be harmful to someone with gliaden intolerance? Which brands of rootbeer do you know to contain wheat product or byproducts? How do you know this to be true? Has a rootbeer manufacturer or bottler or formulator disclosed the offending ingredient ? Has a wheat gluten intolerant person suffered by ingesting a rootbeer? What ingredients are the contaminants or are antagonistic to a gluten-free diet? Thank you, Jim Culp GatorCity Florida
  2. Is it correct that oatmeal, irrespective of how it is milled and or that it may be kept free of other grains residues as contaminants, has been discovered to be a source of harmful gliaden proteins that are antagonistic to intestinal villi of persons with celiac sprue disorder ? What is the supporting scientific finding(s) on this? What citation ? Jim Culp, GatorCity Florida