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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What do people know about cross reactive foods? Do all the cross reactives on the list mean I can't eat them or is it based more on my individual needs.....I have orthorexia and limiting all this food aggravates my eating disorder and makes life unmanageable. Here's the list of cross reactives that might be giving symptoms • Amaranth • Buckwheat • Chocolate • Coffee • Corn • Dairy ie Milk and Cheese (Alpha-Casein, Beta-Casein, Casomorphin, Butyrophilin, Whey Protein) • Egg • Hemp • Millet • Oats • Polish wheat • Potato • Rice • Sesame • Sorghum • Soy • Tapioca • Teff • Yeast
  2. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support; it helps believe me. I keep forgetting to take my vitamins and I did call the manufacturer of my thyroid medicine, and it looks like no gluten. I just wrote a letter to my naturopath asking him if I can have an approved naughty list for those times I might fall off the wagon, the diet he has me on is soooooo strict and I'm rebellious by nature and I hate being perfect, I was asking him for simple things like cacao, lentils, goat cheese and some night shade vegetables even spices born in a jar. Everything has to be fresh but when I was following his diet I did good for awhile then sorta fell off the wagon I discovered all these auto immune responses that I never thought of as auto immune....who knew, especially after eating potato chips. I just don't want to obscess about food, I just wanna have convenient lazy days where I just open a package and throw it my mouth. Especially since two weeks ago I had cut my finger pretty bad, required 5 stitches and I couldn't cook or clean for like a week, that's when I fell off the wagon....I still ate gluten free but it wasn't auto immune paleo. Thanks again it's nice to know that there are kind good people in the world, hopefully someday we can take over the planet and everyone gets free hugs and giggles.
  3. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thank you that was helpful, here's why....... you validated how I'm feeling rather than invalidate by minimizing my experience or ignoring other points made and essentially talking about something I'm not experiencing. You also did a great job on focusing on how I'm feeling and not trying to be the problem solver and you validated my feelings by empathising with your feelings. I wish more people did that.....somebody else did that also. When I say try to be gluten free it means I know it's a life long change and it means 100% no gluten, just I been trying to figure this out on my own and I've made mistakes and had to let some people go like an ex boyfriend who just didn't get it. My other ex boyfriend jokes alot and sometimes he would joke around about being gluten free, I didn't know how to take that it didn't seem like he realized how sick I used to be, well he didn't know me then but I was almost in a wheel chair it was that bad. That fact that I can do a part time job is a miracle and that's when I started seeing the naturopath because I could finally afford one. There is a gluten free support group but they only meet around here once every other month and often I forget which month, it's not frequent enough. I live in Northampton and there's lots of awareness but my doctor has me on AIP which is way more restrictive than just being gluten free. Life was easy just being gluten free even though I didn't and still don't know everything. This auto immune diet is more expensive, has a ton more rules and is not convenient by any means and that's what I struggle with. I have to make everything from scratch, everything, there is no pack a lunch.....I have to bring half my kitchen with me for realzies. Carrot sticks and soup (if there's a way to heat it up) isn't enough to feel like I ate something. I see everyone and smell the pizza they are eating and I'm dying, I can't even do a gluten free pizza right now. I'm hungry all the time, then my lack of a gallbladder gives me issues....sometimes it's just too much and I just want to die or wish I never had to eat in the first place.
  4. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    there aren't shelf stable foods for auto immune paleo, I apparently was reacting to so called gluten free foods. I started feeling isolated when I started AIP. There isn't much help I get from doctors, they could care less, so these 4 years I been trying to figure out gluten free on my own surrounded by a lot of clueless unsympathetic people. So of course I feel like no one cares and I'm excluded, I also just started working again and every day it gets rubbed in my face just how much I've never been considered on anything....been like that my whole life. My mothers handicap was more important than my welfare, me trying to take care of myself was always trumped by someone elses good time & sometimes that meant denying me access to food. This girl I went to high school with, her mother just died, everyone is trying to help her with funeral expenses. My mother doesn't even have a headstone and I can't find her grave, that's how little we meant to anyone, then after my evil aunt stopped getting checks from welfare I got put in foster care. I'm only valuable to people when they can get something from me, people are evil like that and they suck. So it must be nice to have a family that cares about you and you can at least talk to someone who can sympathize without having to be paid for it, I wish I knew what that was like. I been alone my whole life, no one cares and that's why people suck. There's only one other woman I know who has to do the same diet and she's finding she has to live like a hermit also. At least she has a car to transport all her gear around, I don't have one and money is another thing I don't have much of so access to food is still an issue. The only person I've gotten any help from is my naturopath. There are some good people out there but they are rare especially since narcissism is on the rise and people only want to think about themselves, yet another reason to feel isolated, again, 'cause no one cares. Literally if I was dying on the street they would just walk by, that's who our society has become and that's nothing to be proud of. I'm disgusted.
  5. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    thanks, been in therapy for years, he actually told me to join a celiac site and I been trying to eat gluten free for about 4 years now and the naturopath put me on a super restrictive diet because I was still having symptoms, panic attacks, thyroid all over the place, strange symptoms of numbness and tingling, as far as I knew I was still gluten free. Then I started learning about cross reactive foods and I had a hard time buying into it and I'm really overly saturated at this point looking up stuff on the internet and the regular doctors could care less and have no idea what to do because they are trained in symptom management and not actual healthcare. The naturopath then looked over my history and any time I had a boyfriend I was likely getting glutened, I didn't live with them so logistically it's a nightmare and likely a lot of cross contamination. I'm just tired of being perfect and always being responsible. I never really had a mother, I was the parent since I was ten and I really struggle with wanting to rebel. I feel trapped in my body like I'm a prisoner and my family could care less about me but hey that's the society we live in. I just wondered what people do to cope with the overwhelming feelings of having normal taken away. There is nothing normal about carrying around food with me where I go, especially to a gathering and no one else is doing what I do. If they cared they wouldn't tell me it's in my head and that I'm stupid, but again that is our society and again I would try and accomodate. I see them getting symptoms but they don't listen to me, what would I know, I only had to cut my mother open and save her life multiple times, I only reversed most of my symptoms with out any help from a doctor. Sad really, I shouldn't have to go to the internet for medical treatment
  6. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    How is making simple vegetables, fruits or meat without anything else added too complicated, and why would I want that....well it's not for the free meal it's more about feeling like they care about me since they've known for awhile I can't eat the other stuff yet insist on putting it in all the food. What is the point of inviting someone if you make it impossible for them to join in with everyone else. I'm not asking them to overhaul an entire menu, there is literally nothing I can eat and sometimes it's spontaneous and not planned and I'm not prepared as I can't run around with a refrigerator strapped to my back all day. I would make sure to have something everyone could eat, but I guess I'm just too nice a person. Why do people always have to assume the worst about me? Really....I'm feeling isolated and alone and somehow it's about a free meal. It is harsh and uncaring because if it were happening to someone I cared about I would go out of my way to understand what they could eat and try to accomodate them....it's just rude not to. What is wrong with people....cereal...why is excluding someone okay?
  7. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thank you, you were very helpful
  8. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thanks, I been in therapy most of my life finally seeing one who's specialty is PTSD at least I'm not bipolar though I was misdiagnosed that when my thyroid went haywire. My moods are quite stable though, I just been through similar stuff as a war veteran, the only difference is they didn't go through it alone, were adults and usually had a choice. Unfornately there is no support group for plain old PTSD, I gotta kill someone in another country for that privilege. Celiac just is the icing on the cake, thanks though
  9. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    And another thing, my friend who is the only family I have is dying of cancer because of the doctors and their incompetence, I should know I had to do surgery on my mother from the ages of 12-15, I've spent the last 38 years studying nutrition, alternative medicine, exercise science, psychology, the politics of healthcare and it's broke down system, I know how poor the education and medical care is in this country, we rank 37th in both out of the other developed countries. America is fat and sick for a reason and it's making some people wealthy but people are too busy and tired to notice and because their education is ranked 37th also they don't understand, they are simply taught to pass a test, do passive learning and follow the status quo and if anyone steps out of line that's what political correctness is for. She didn't have to die and I didn't have to lose my childhood and end up on disability but because people care more about industry and profits and not adjust their priorities a little more in line with reality they lose money long term. I have a right to be angry and the fact is our food supply is poisoned and I didn't have to get sick either but it's what they want.
  10. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Nope I would never trust an alopathic doctor, they take on average 10 years to diagnose celiac, they are apathetic, and they do throw pills at people especially when they don't know what else to do, they get kick backs from every prescription they write and as long as you are chronically sick they have a repeat customer. Besides they killed my mother and thought it perfectly fine to leave a child in charge of changing her bandages and scraping her bones and being in charge of her living and dying. They never cared, they also held me down when I was burned and used a hot power sprayer on my fresh burn. They twisted needles when it wasn't necessary, they told me I never did enough to take care of my mother and when the one time she was investigated out of all 150 times of being reported the counselor said that if I didn't tell her what she wanted to hear that she would take me away from my mother. When I was blind and puking my brains out they said it was stress and did nothing. They've been nothing but neglectful of me my entire life and I don't eat thanksgiving at my house I go to my friend's since she's the only family I got since my own family could care less, just like the rest of society
  11. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Some turkey and some chicken actually have gluten put on them by the manufacturer, some rotisserie chicken has it as well. When I went to my friends house as she is my only family, they put cream of mushroom in the mashed potatoes, had their bean casserole and all the other dishes besides cranberry were loaded with gluten. So as it turned out as it has on many occasions, I had to bring several side dishes just so I could eat with them and share those side dishes as well, so while everyone brought one thing I had to bring several things in a giant cooler and her mother said she thinks it's all in my head. So it costs me more and I'm on disability so it's not like I have all this money I can throw around. When I'm at work, everyone enjoys cookies, cakes and all kinds of goodies and when they tell me I should have some I have to say no, then I feel left out, just like at all the family gatherings where everyone is eating everything and if I only have enough money to bring one thing or it's just a huge hassle to lug around a huge bad as I'm the passenger in the car I have to sit quietly and watch everyone else eating what I used to love and while they feel all included in this little family shin dig I feel like the odd ball and I'm still hungry but I guess I gotta buck it up right? I'm also on a special elimination diet to see if I'm reacting to other foods so I can't buy packaged foods I have to make everything from scratch. No corn, no eggs, no grains of any kind, no dairy, no caffeine, no chocolate, no sugars, no nightshades, no dried herbs, only fruit (limit 2 a day), vegies, meat. I can have coconut oil but found olive oil too viscous as I don't have a gallbladder, so it's not that easy. Everything is plain jane. Add to that I've lost everything else in my life and the one thing I had left I lost too. I lost my mother, my childhood, my sense of normalcy, my son, my family....so yeah, food is important but I can't even enjoy that.
  12. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thanks, well my so called doctors (idiots) didn't do the test right, told me to look stuff up on the internet then did a colonoscopy instead of going down my throat for an actual test of the small intestine. Doctors are stupid and they don't care....they even acted all bothered that I would dare call them to ask questions and after telling them I was having difficulty finding accurate information on the internet the nurse got all flustered and told me to look it up on the internet. The didn't care that I was having difficulty walking, numbness, tingling, anxiety attacks, diareahea, cramps, fatigue, inability to move my arms or grasp objects. Then there's the depression the back pain and so called fibromyalgia. I was on disability and getting worse. Those symptoms went away along with a slew of others when I stopped eating gluten....but when I was with my exboyfriend I would get gluttened sometimes and my friends really didn't make an effort to make me feel included other than invite me but I still had to cook my own food while everyone else got to eat for free basically. I don't need a test to know I have it, I watched my mother suffer similarly and she died at 46, she pretty much ate herself to death. My cousin has similar digestive issues and of course the doctors are useless but she knows she gets sick when she eats gluten. I'm just the first one to figure it out. I've been suffering with this my whole life. I also lost my gallbladder to it and have other digestive and malnutrition issues because of it. How much more evidence do I need? Half the time those tests have false negatives.
  13. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    I have been diagnosed with celiac disease that's why I have to eat this way, though I figured that out long before I got diagnosed. A naturopath is a medical doctor, they cut up cadavers just like other allopathic doctors only they actually get more schooling than the traditional doctors by about 2-4 years and they are trained in nutrition unlike regular doctors which are pretty clueless. In order to avoid cross contamination I can't use the same toaster, microwave, etc...if they have a crumb and I kiss them it can gluten me....it's happened. Often times when I was dating someone who did eat the gluten I couldn't eat or had to run to the store just so I could have food and then he would want to stop at mcdonalds while I was stuck eating nothing or just eating basically leaves and still feeling hungry as some chicken in fast food places has gluten added to it, it's not like their cows are a great choice since they are loaded with hormones and other stuff that makes this country one of the fattest and sickest in the world. I don't trust allopathic doctors, they are incompetent, I watched them kill my mother, put me on disability and misdiagnose me the whole time plus they have a sorry track record for diagnosing celiac because they can't recognize an auto immune response when it's under their nose. Like when the doctor didn't want to hear about how I couldn't move my arm and the pain I was in he only wanted to focus on my stomach cramps....that's how those mainstream doctors are and I hate them. I would much rather trust a naturopath, at they don't throw pills at people and get all apothetic. So far though no one tells me how they cope with the huge life change. I can't even eat a regular turkey dinner at thanksgiving for crying out loud and most people won't go out of their way to make anything gluten free so I still have to bring my own food just to eat with other people while everyone else gets to save their money by basically having a pot luck. It's not fair and the fact that my needs are ignored just tells me people don't really care
  14. Coping With The Isolation And Rage

    Thanks, he did diagnose me with celiac disease, mainly because of how severe my symptoms are when I do eat gluten. He also stated that I have a greater chance of getting glutened by dating someone who eats it....makes sense....if I kiss him and he's a crumb in there I get affected, I used to date someone who ate it and logistically it was a nightmare plus super expensive. Not only that but I'm sure some of that gluten makes it's way into his body fluids....I mean look at the animals we eat....if they eat genetically modified corn it affects them on a cellular level then effects us....we even get most of our exposure to antibiotics that way. The diet is supposed to be an elimination diet so I can figure out what else I react to and to allow my body to heal. I already know I can't do dairy and corn which happen to be cross reactive foods. I'm starting to figure out I might have an issue with fructans and I still apparently react to bananas for some reason. All grains have gluten in them to one degree or another, saying they are gluten free isn't true. Even though rice has the least amount, it's still there and if I'm really super sensitive probly shouldn't have it. I just feel like I life is over and I can't enjoy food while I watch everyone else enjoying themselves and feel excluded from life. I'm miserable and feel alone in this