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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. All: Thanks for the latest updates and advice. I can honestly say since my initial posting and member recommendations to refocus on my diet and what I eat, I have truly passed the hurdle of not knowing when my next episode is going to be. I have been feeling much better for two months now and feel like its only a rare occasion that I may have a bout with gluten ingestion. My energy levels are still not what they used to be, but that could be age and lack of sleep. My Gastro seemed to think I would see increased energy levels once I rid myself of the toxins. I am struggling to gain weight however and its frustrating the heck out of me. Always hovered around 163, and now just a mere 155. I eat a very balanced diet and do not want to eat more meat just to gain weight. Any suggestions from the group as to packing on additional pounds? Is there a consensus that weight loss is typical and can also be a challenge to put back on with the disease?
  2. Thanks for everyone's discussion points and suggestions. They have all been extremely helpful in my continued battle with celiac. I have gone back to my gastro after the bouts I suffered with two to three weeks ago. She is also concerned and frustrated with my symptoms as she believes that they should be more under control based on my dietary habits. She is confident in the diagnosis but wonders if there is an underlying problem. She provided some other ideas, one of which was food allergy testing. I got this done last week and all came back negative, including wheat. Allergist said Celiac patients do not usually show a positive indicator on wheat for allergies. Gastro also suggested a camera pill to review the middle section of my colon, which cannot be reached by endoscope or colonoscopy. She put me back on VSL#3 Probiotic, which is expensive, but focused on colitis and IBD symptoms. It was also suggested that I try acupuncture as a way to help heal my body. I went yesterday and I can say it was very interesting and while not curing, may be an aide in a long term healing process. As we all know, western doctors are good at finding illnesses and treating them with medicine, but they do not do a good job in finding ways for our bodies to heal. I am open to trying anything at this point to turn this around. Interesting as the most important advice I have received has been on this forum. A simple refocus on my food intake has left me with no problems for two weeks, until today. Did notice an increase in bowel movements and unfortunately had some mucus in my stool. I would say the strong cup of coffee today set this off however, the mucus throws me off. Gastro is going to do more labs to look for Crohn's markers, although my biopsies and scopes revealed neither crohn's nor colitis. Would like everyone's opinion on resulting Crohn's/Colitis after Celiac. Anyone find this to be true? If so, how has this increased the complexity of tackling the diseases. Stats indicate the older you are after diagnosis, the greater the risk of another chronic condition. I am hopeful this is not the case but signs continue to point to some other underlying condition. Thanks for everyone's advice. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I do travel for work but tend to go to nice places and will request gluten free items. I live in Atlanta so it's easy to find places that support gluten free. My family is supportive and while there may be items with gluten in the house, we do a good job keeping them apart and really eat a gluten free diet together. I have always had a whole food type diet so eliminating breads, beers, and flour were the only issues I had to deal with. Understand there are hidden culprits as well. I will refocus and not eat out when possible. I will try lactose and will be seeing my gastro this week.
  4. Hello all. I am posting today in hopes of gaining some knowledge and support as I battle what appears to be a worsening condition of celiac. I am a 38 yr old male who was diagnosed with celiac back in March of this year. Previous issues with diverticulitis and had surgery to remove a piece of my colon. Went to my doc as I had lost. 7 pounds. I weighed 163 before so I have always been skinny. After endoscopy and colonoscopy biopsy came back with early onset of celiac. Since then I have lived gluten free to the best of my abilities. I know I will still ingest on occasions when I am out to dinner and it becomes impossible to completely avoid. The first month or two I had no problems or issues, since then, the stomach pains and frequent bowel movements have become more common place. Two weeks ago I had flu like symptoms which resulted in 48hrs of diarrhea and nausea. Complete exhaustion and weight loss set in. Recovered and was back to normal with no concerns. Last night woke up at 4 and started with diarrhea again. Still battling as I am writing this now. Immodium does not eliminate anymore but only slows it down. Just noticed a tiny but of mucus in my stool. Obviously with my health issues I am fragile and concerned for my future, wife and child and a lot to live for. My gastro wanted me back for another endo and colonoscopy but it's so cost prohibitive I have been reluctant To go. Now I feel there is not much choice in the matter. Seems as though a lot of you all have similar issues and I was hoping to get advice on successful tempering of these symptoms. It seems living gluten free is not always enough and I am hopeful someone has found something that reduces the recurrence of these symptoms, It is now affecting my daily life with work, family and friends. Thanks for your time