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  1. Burdee, I too, have excruciating pain from eating gluten. It seems like most people talk about constipation, etc. and don't mention pain. For me, it's the worst pain and I've gone to the ER twice with it. I've been gluten-free for 7 months now without pain. Then last night the pain was back and woke me up. I don't have any idea what caused it and will have to go over everthing I ate yesterday. My husband cooked and I will have to check any sauces that he used. (He promises to read everything and has been good about it but...) Anyway, when you get the pain does water help? If I drink water the pain goes away. I also have some pills but I try the water first and so far it's worked! Just wondering if this is the same for you. Jane
  2. Hi, I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses to the topic. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 2 months ago and I've been on the gluten-free diet since then. I don't find it hard to stay on - I wasn't eating much bread or pasta. I miss pizza and the ease of going out to eat - but my iron was so low it's good to feel better now. My levels have come up. I take a baggie with dried fruit and nuts in it when I go out in case I get tempted. My other autoimmune disease is multiple schlerosis. I'm 56 and was dx'd with ms when I was 53. I can talk to people about the celiac - but not the ms. Guess I'm still in denial. I think they both have something to do with each other. I think the celiac kicked in the ms - and I think stress started the celiac. MS has made me weak and the anemia has also made me weak. The only symptoms for celiac that I had were bloating (I couldn't understand why my stomach was so distended, I'm thin and don't have any diarhrea). My worst symptom is terrible abdominal pain. I get it early in the AM - like 6:00 - and drink water and it goes away. Twice I went to the hospital 'cause the water didn't take it away and it was so bad. I haven't had this since I've been gluten free. Well, that's my story - can anyone relate to this? Jane