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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I wanted to send you my warmest wishes...I'm a recovering anorexic, and if your daughter does in fact have an ED, I feel for you. I know the constraints of the diet can be overbearing, and it could be she is limiting her food to certain things so she doesn't have to feel like she wants the gluten-full foods she can't have. I had to go inpatient too, for 3.5 weeks, then outpatient for 3.5 weeks. It's doable...I hope the best for her and your family. If there's any questions you'd like an answer to, we'll certainly be here to help!
  2. I would be so happy if they made cookies for us. I was a girl scout for many years, so I've always tried to buy a couple of boxes to support them, until this year. I had to turn down 2 middle school girls a couple of days ago...I told them I'd LOVE to buy them, but I can't!
  3. Urgent-help! Serious Pain!

    Thanks for the warm wishes. I had a rough time sleeping last night...I'm used to falling asleep on my stomach, but it hurt to stretch out so I couldn't fall asleep on my sides. However, I filled my Rx for the Vicodin, took some, and I can feel it working like a charm! Now I need to call my gyn...
  4. Urgent-help! Serious Pain!

    Thanks again for all the kind words!
  5. Urgent-help! Serious Pain!

    Thank y'all so much for the help! I did go to the ER. They did blood work and a CT scan to rule out appendicitis, which they did....however, we found out the pain is from a new cyst on my right side, about the size of a mandarin orange. Not bad considering my last cyst (on right f. tube) grew to the size of a baseball (had a lap to remove it). We guess it leaked a tiny bit of fluid, which caused the pain. Weird, because that first cyst is why I got on BC anyway to try and shrink it (which it didn't), but I've stayed on it...so, theoretically, I shouldn't be getting cysts since I'm not ovulating (I take it like clockwork). They wrote me an Rx for vicodin for the pain if it comes back, and I'm calling my GYN tomorrow for a follow-up. I'd like to NOT have another surgery for a danged cyst, but we'll see in time I guess! Thank you all for the kind wishes!
  6. Urgent-help! Serious Pain!

    it is hurting from the bellybutton and down, but now the pain is spreading up on the right side of the bellybutton. it hurts no matter what position i'm in, and it's giving me chills...it's worse if I stand up...i have to stay hunched over. thank y'all for replying
  7. I don't know what happened! I was starting my workout, and just 10 minutes into my elliptical exercise I got very serious pain in my gut, right below my belly button. It's not gas, and it's not a pulled muscle, it hurts like hell from the inside and I can't stand up...it hurts too much. It burns almost. The closest thing I can describe it to is that it feels exactly like when I had a cyst on my fallopian tube and it started leaking. My boyfriend is at work, so I'm home alone...I don't have a fever, the pain is just excrutiating! Any ideas?!?
  8. I used it for a while, but didn't benefit from it. It didn't give me any negative effects, only made my stools tar-ish looking. If you do take them, you need to take them seperatley from vitamins because if consumed too close together, the charcoal will absorb the vitamins.
  9. I've always had a problem with being constipated and bloated, but I think I've finally found a routine that works for me-going gluten-free has really helped, especially the bloating. I make sure to eat maybe 2 cups of watery veggies, cooked, every night at dinner (usually squash with some carrots), and drinking a couple of cups of coffee in the morning really gets things going. Also, I take Miralax, which helps soften everything up to make it easier to move. Oh lordy, what a great topic!
  10. Whole Foods *should* sell gluten-free breadcrumbs; both of the ones near me sell 2 different kinds, I think. I bought a can, and I love it, and it stays crispy and doesn't absorb too much moisture. If I could remember the brand I'd tell you, but I forget!
  11. Roasted Nuts

    OMG-My boyfriend and I almost ate at IHOP tonight, and if we were, I was going to have an omelette....thank goodness we played it cheap and ate at home!!
  12. I'm glad that their regular breads from the bakehouse line are getting good reviews-I wanted to get one, but their bakehouse items are a tad pricey, so I settled for their carrot bread. I gotta say I wasn't too impressed, as the texture was off-kinda grainy, almost crumbly. I love Tinkyada products, Thai Kitchen things, and Gluten Free Pantry mixes-especially the spice cake!
  13. Uti?

    Your symptoms sound like mine when I had a UTI a few months ago. I aslo had pain in the urine, and it hurt SO bad (most pain I've ever had), and felt like I constantly needed to *go*, though I couldn't...fever, chills, sweats. Went to the ER, they took blood, hooked me up to an IV and gave me pain meds and antibiotics b/c it was hemorragic (sp?) cystitis. Simply put, bladder infection with blood. That's what it sounds like yours is, but just continue on those meds, and drink more fluids than you ever have before, and um...clean up well in that region! The fluids will really help to flush it out of you. Good luck!
  14. Finding A Boyfriend

    Don't go out set on finding a gluten-free guy/girl for a significant other...you'd limit yourself so much. The *right* one for you will accept you regardless and should be willing to work with you and be SUPPORTIVE! That in itself only comes across once in a blue moon, and if you're looking for that extra part (gluten-free) you'll completely pass up a potential mate! Say...had I decided I only wanted to keep dating blond guys I would have never given my incredible and perfect-for-me brunette fiance a chance!
  15. As Promised, A Few Recipes

    This is my mom's recipe for mashed potatoes! We love it because the yukon golds are naturally buttery tasting, thus it's fairly healthy!