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  1. Not been around for quite a while since about November, when i first posted and also posted about my son age 12 going through food elimination and tests. Well he is now back on all food except for wheat, as they think this is now his problem, but the dietitian stated that 'he is not coeliac like you' so what i want to know is will this have the same implications at coeliac? he gets the same symptoms when eating gluten/ wheat as i do but they said from his biopsy didn't show it. I guess when we go back in February i will have to get down to everything with the consultant to spell it all out for me and explain the differences
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    English all the way- as far as i know
  3. After him being took off food for 9 weeks and introducing everything apart from wheat/gluten and eggs/dairy, last Thursday he was put back on wheat and gluten and he has had stomach ache, wind and using the toliet more so i rang dietitian and she says to stop wheat again till my sons own dietitan rings me, but i also need to know if he is intollerent to dairy and eggs so i am hoping she will rush on with things. Does anyone know if they usually do bone scans on children with coeliac? and if he will have to have b12 injections too
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    I find the 'it can't be celiac if you don't lose weight' thing very true too, The doctors over here insisted i couldn't have it because i had not lost weight untill i had the camera investigation and they found out i had
  5. Hello New Here From England

    Thanks for the welcome. Just realised i didn't put my name there, its Julie My youngest son, had almost the same symtoms for most of the time i did, and it took me 20 months to get an hospital appointment for him he is 12 years old now, and we have had the gastro camera and endo camera too like i did- they found that he had a 'rare gut allergy' to put it in simple terms. But said there was no evidence of celiac there, however they decided that taking him off all food and giving him drip feed to give his bowel a rest. Then the tube came out and they started him on food again and today at the hospital they have said he can have wheat for next 6 weeks but still no dairy and eggs or milk so that is son 3 background
  6. Hello New Here From England

    Hi all. I am a married Mum of 4 children from Yorkshire, England. I was diagnosed above a year ago, and now my youngest son is going through diet tests hope to chat soon