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  1. Gingerbread Houses

    My daughter also loves to make ginger bread house every Christmas. I buy this gluten-free kit every December from a gluten free bakery called Sensitive Sweets. They ship the kit to our house. http://www.sensitivesweets.com/holiday-items/gluten-free-vegan-gingerbread-house-kit
  2. Is your area great for eating out gluten free?

    Oh, thank you so much!! The Larkburger and Beau Jo's are perfect. They both have locations in Ft. Collins. We will be having a few family gather catered meals and a church pot luck lunch, so I need to be able to go somewhere and pick up a quick burger or pizza to go just for my daughter. Thanks!
  3. Is your area great for eating out gluten free?

    Oh, we are actually going to Ft. Collins this weekend to attend a funeral service. If anyone know of any good gluten-free restaurants there, please let me know!
  4. Is your area great for eating out gluten free?

    Maui is quite a gluten free paradise. It has a 100% gluten free restaurant, as well as a 100% gluten free bakery. Many restaurants offer gluten free menu or options, generally, great awareness of gluten-free dinning at most restaurants. Some ice cream shops even offer gluten-free cones, kept sealed in a container in its own area! We live in Northern Cal, which has pretty good gluten-free dining options. We visit Maui at least once a year. We were thrilled to learn about their generous gluten-free dining options after my daughter was diagnosed. My celiac daughter tried to lobby for us to move there, ha ha.
  5. Don't be sad. You can most certainly eat out and enjoy travel (big and small trips). It does require a bit of research and planning, that's all. Everything is online nowadays, so researching is easy. My family loves to eat out and we LOVE to travel. Many restaurants offer gluten free options. After my daughter was diagnosed, we traded our old favorite restaurants to a handful of new ones. We have trusted restaurants and eat out regularly. My daughter was diagnosed just under 4 years ago, and in that time, we have been to Europe, Peru (We did the 4 day hike to Machu Picchu and visited the Amazon river), a Cruise, Hawaiian islands, and winter snowboarding trips to Canada, Colorado, and Lake Tahoe. We also did a 9 day long college tour road trip on the East Coast. This dietary restriction can definitely be challenging at times. But with a little research and planning , your lifestyle does not have to suffer.
  6. cyclinglady, I think Joseph is hoping to exclude celiac disease. I feel for him, as I also had a hard time accepting my daughter's celiac. I had this gene test done hoping our GI doctor made a terrible mistake. But now I have triple prove that my daughter really does have it! I agree with you and others, that if biopsy confirmed celiac disease, you do have celiac disease. (But on occasion, doctors can be wrong, right?) However, I have a distant relative (not related by blood) who thought she had celiac diease for 10 years (no biopsy done), lived a strict gluten free life style, but still suffered from health issues, ended up in the mayo clinic, and found out that she did not have celiac. She did not have the celiac gene.
  7. Our doctor ordered the Prometheus Celiac Plus test for us. It is some sort of in depth celiac blood test. This test report showed which celiac gene my daughter has. I think you can ask your GI for a celiac blood test with EMA. When I asked for the EMA test, we got this Celiac plus results back. I believe Prometheus is the name of the lab. Our insurance paid for this test. If your insurance won't pay for it, I know there is a lab in Colorado that offer this test for a few hundred bucks. You have to google for it. I forgot their name.
  8. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac in 2014. She never had a problem with gluten, and she is still a silent celiac. But she was formally diagnosed with blood test and biopsy. So, having no "problems" with gluten does not necessarily mean you are not celiac. I too, did not want to accept that my daughter has celiac, and we did a DNA testing, and found that she does carry one of the celiac genes. So, if you do not want to accept celiac (or just very curious), you can get a dna test to see if you have one of these genes. I was told that people without one of those celiac genes can not have celiac.
  9. Gluten Free Greece

    We were in Santorini and Athens in August 2015. We found eating gluten free easy in Greece. Their cuisine involves fairly simply ingredients, olive oil, salt, and herbs. My celiac daughter can eat almost all the grilled meats and vegetables. Obviously you have to avoid the pita. Also, be careful of the gyro meat, because some places threw beer in their marinade. My daughter enjoyed lots of grilled fish, seafood, and meats there. We found the Greeks very friendly and accommodating, when we explained that we have to avoid gluten, the servers knew what that is, and were happy to accommodate us. Airport is different. I have the habit of calling the airline a couple of week before the flight to make sure they have gluten-free meals for my daughter. But I always pack backups for long flights.
  10. I agree with cyclinglady. My daughter has had elevated ttg number for 3+ years now. We are also a gluten free family. My household went gluten free as soon as she was diagnosed. My daughter's ttg has came down dramatically over the years, but we never quite hit the below range (We came SUPER close with one of our tests). Our doctor is not concerned. She even thinks that her ttg is perhaps falsely elevated. My daughter is doing well, she is growing. Taller than me now. So, I give up worrying about that ttg number a while back. (I was rather obsessed about it for a while myself. We worked so hard on this diet, and deserve an excellent grade for it!!)
  11. My 14 year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10. 3 months later she was also diagnosed with celiac. Her ttg was sky high (it seems your son's ttg is also sky high). Our endo offered to formally diagnosed my daughter with celiac without an endoscopy, because she has never seen anyone with that high of a ttg number to not be celiac. But we did not want to believe that my daughter was celiac too, and we scheduled an endoscopy. She was formally diagnosed with celiac 2 weeks after the endoscopy. Type 1 and celiac are both auto-immune disease. I was told that about 10% of type 1s have celiac, and that is why they have this standard procedure to screen for celiac in type 1s. I think you should schedule an endoscopy as soon as possible before going to a gluten free diet. I think it is better to be certain, rather than always be second guessing about this in the years to come.
  12. Short stature celiac

    Your daughter is only 7 years old. I believe with a strict gluten-free diet, and some time, she will grow. My daughter was diagnosed at age 10. When she was younger, she was always tall for her age. She was in the 90% percentile as a toddler. When she was finally diagnosed at age 10, we noticed that she did not grow at all for a little over a year, and she was at 25% percentile, and shorter than all her girl friends. (She used to be one of the taller kids in the class) She is 14 years old now, still growing, and she is catching up with her friends, (no longer the shortest). She is 5' 3'' right now. She does not have her period yet, so we hope she will grow another few inches. If she can be 5' 6", that would be a very good height for a girl. I think your daughter will be fine. With a strict gluten-free diet, of course.
  13. Gluten free and celiac travel

    My family visited Peru (my 13 year old has celiac) last Christmas, and we found Peru rather gluten free friendly. Peru is the land of corn and potatoes, and they have lots of grill meats. Their cooking ingredients tend to be naturally gluten-free. We did the 4 day Inca trail hike to Machu Picchu, and our chef did a great job making gluten-free meals for my daughter.
  14. After we bought our Zojirushi breadmaker, we loved it so much, we bought their rice maker too. So, I know the cute little songs the rice maker makes! LOL. Their breadmaker is very easy to use. After you put all the ingredient together, you push the gluten free setting, and wait a couple of hours, you will get a beautiful loaf of bread. The whole house smells so good with that fresh bread scent.
  15. Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with celiac, I researched and bought a Zojirushi bread machine. It has a gluten free baking setting on it. I have had great success with it, and made many, many loafs of fresh gluten-free bread. Of course, we only use it to bake gluten-free bread. Very easy to use, easy to clean. We love it. https://www.houzz.com/photos/53733964/Home-Bakery-Virtuoso®-Breadmaker-contemporary-bread-machines