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  1. As spring break approaches, so does our first camping trip of the year. Prior to being gluten-free we always made a dutch oven cobbler that consisted of fruit on the bottom and then a yellow cake mix (just the mix) dumped on top , a cube of butter diced over the top and then a can of sprite poured over the whole concoction. We baked this in the dutch oven and then served it with ice cream or whipped cream. I have tried it with the Kinnikinnick and the gluten-free Pantry cake mixes but they both turn out gritty when done this way. I am wondering if I need to actually mix up the mixes before I put it over the fruit or if I need to find an actual cobbler recipe to use instead. Anyone have any suggestions? Oh, if you're unsure what a dutch oven is, basically it's a cast iron pot that you use to cook over coals. It works like an actual oven when you put coals on the bottom and top of it. Thanks for your help-we're really missing our campfire treat!
  2. My 6 year old has been on a gluten-free diet for the last year. We had her blood tested twice prior to that but each time it came back negative. My husband as well as several extended family members have Celiac so I decided to put her on a gluten-free diet due to her behavioral symptoms. It made a huge difference in how she physically and emotionally felt as well as her behavior. Obviously we kept her on the gluten-free diet. In the last 6 months, some of her symptoms have returned. She has some of the same behavioral issues and has started to havae headaches and stomach aches again. I am very careful about gluten and the whole family eats gluten free. I guess it is possible that she is getting some somewhere but I don't know where. As I type this I realize that her symptoms have returned since school started back up in september. Hmmm. Well I have also noticed that she seems more irritable after she has milk-like in cereal, or lots of cheese-like on pizza but not so much if it is cooked in something. I recently read something that said that 50% of people with celiac also have problems with casein. I am wondering if she may have a problem with casein? I am planning on having some allergy tests done at her next checkup but should I try just eliminating it in the meantime? How is casein intolerance identified? Is it like gluten tests that aren't always accurate? Is dairy and casein the same thing? Going dairy free is my worst fear! If anyone can shed some light on the whole casein issue I would appreciate it sooo much!
  3. Hello, I am hoping for help from all the great cooks out there. I want to make some meatballs for New Years Eve but every time I make meatballs they turn out kind of .. the best way I can think to describe it is the texture is course. I used to buy the meatballs from Costco and they have a much smoother texture, very tender. My meatballs are like ground beef smushed together. Does that make sense to anyone? Anyway, do I need to knead and process them more or is there a secret ingrediant I don't know about? I usually use ground beef, onion, egg and gluten free bread crumbs. I just blend it all together with my hands and then make it into balls. Any suggestions? Also, what is that sauce for meatballs that involves grape jelly? I think you can also use it with little smokies. Thank everyone!
  4. Stuffing Disaster?

    I did half my stuffing in the turket and then baked the rest in a glass casserole dish. It was good but not quite as moist as I would have liked. How do you cook the stuffing in a crockpot? Do I just start with my regular recipe and add a little extra broth when it goes in the crockpot? I like the idea of having one less thing to bake. Also, how long do you put in in the crockpot?
  5. If you have a store near you that sells them, you could ask if they do demos if you bring some brown rice in. I have a whisper mill and I grind all my rice flours and some others as well. I can tell you that the brown rice is not a fine a grind as the asian white rice that I have purchased before BUT I have never purchased an asian brown rice flour or the Authentic foods brown rice flour so I do not know how it compares to those.
  6. I have a Whisper Mill that I use. I grind brown rice, white rice, and millet. I bought some dried garbonzo beans to grind but I haven't done it yet. I can get a nice fine grind with the finest setting, not as powdery as asian rice flour but still very fine. I haven't been able to find asian brown rice flour so I am not sure how it compares to the grind I get. I like being able to store the whole grains and then either use them whole or grind them as I need flour. It's also a lot less expensive than buying the flours.
  7. Has anyone ever seen any gluten-free tortollini? Anyone ever tried making it by hand with the gluten-free pasta dough?
  8. Do you use these Pamela's substitutes in the same way as the real mix? Should I cut out the instructions for pancakes, waffles, etc from my Pamela's bag?
  9. Where are you located? I might be interested if the shipping is not too bad. Nikkie
  10. Our school is selling the laptop lunchboxes as a fund raiser (charter school) for $35.00 each. For those of you who have used these, does the food ever migrate between compartments or does everything stay put pretty well? And does the small box with the lid really keep liquids like salad dressing from leaking? Nikkie
  11. I am hoping for some help with a problem my 6 year old is having. She has been on the gluten-free diet for about 5 months. Her blood work came back negative twice but thanks to the information on this site I went with my gut feeling that gluten was a problem for her and put her on the gluten-free diet for 3 months and then did a challenge which absolutely confirmed my suspicions. Her symptoms are mostly behavioral with a few headaches and stomach aches thrown in. Anyway, after the challenge she told me that she feels better on the diet and wants to stay on it. The problem I am running into is that lately she has been getting really depressed when she has to have something different from everyone else. . At home I cook all of our meals gluten-free (my husband has celiac) and have gluten-free snacks and it's no big deal. I keep gluten-free cupcakes in the freezer for parties, etc. When we go out to eat she doesn't always have as many options and sometimes she will just refuse to eat anything, gluten-free or not. She is very headstrong and always wants to have control. I think that is why she will refuse to eat anything if she is feeling bad. I am worried about things like anorexia down the road if this continues. For example, I took my kids out to eat the other night at a place that had really taken care of my husband when we went there. We got grilled chicken strips for her dinner and everything was going well until the waiter (who was trying to be helpful) brought bags of fishy crackers for all the kids because the food was slightly delayed. Of course she couldn't have them and her sweet face just fell and she totally got withdrawn. I asked her if she was feeling bad and she told me that she was. I praised her for talking to me instead of holding it in and staying mad but I felt so bad! How should I handle these situations and how can I help her? I try really hard to only buy things that everyone in our family can eat so that she doesn't feel different but maybe I should be buying stuff that is only for her so that she feels like she's special-I just don't know what is right! I would love to have some feedback on what has worked for others and how they deal with this. Thanks! Nikkie
  12. "The mormon genetic database??" Do you mean the geneology database? I've been a mormon my whole life and I live in SLC and I'm pretty sure there is not a "mormon genetic" database. It made me laugh though-thanks!
  13. I went to a new asian market that opened up near me and was so excited to see the prices on rice flour. I do have a question though. I was not able to find brown rice flour-is it called anything different? Also, I was looking for sweet rice flour and only saw glutinous rice flour-are they the same thing? Hopefully someone can help me! Thanks.
  14. I made the "New York Style" crust on my pizza stone several times last week.(we really liked it!). I just oiled my stone and then put the dough on while the stone was cold. I used a lot of brown rice flour to pat the dough down and even used my pampered chef roller thing to roll it all out to the edges. This does require a good amount of flour however because the dough is really sticky. I baked the crust for about 15 minutes in a preheated oven, topped it and then baked it for maybe another 10 minutes-til it was bubbly. For my sauce I just take a small can of tomato sauce and add garlic, salt and pepper, basil and lots of oregano until it tastes good to me. We don't like a lot of sauce so this works great for us and I never have to worry about the sauce going bad in my fridge because I don't use it all. I have also just done the prebake with the crust on my stone and then let it cool, wrapped it and put it in the freezer for later.
  15. I baked a loaf of this 2 days ago-it is awesome! I have been prepping my kids for going gluten-free in February (only my husband has tested positive for Celiac but some of the kids have things that I believe may be helped by a gluten-free diet) and my oldest daughter who hasn't been very happy about going gluten-free said if I would make this bread then she would have no problem eating gluten-free. Aside from all the measuring, this was easy to make and turnd out wonderful. I can't believe the texture-just like regular bread! I am going to try to make dinner rolls out of this recipe this weekend. I will let everyone know how it goes.