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  1. I'm a celiac -- eight weeks pregnant -- and the only problem i've run into is food aversions. many of the gluten-free foods disgust me right now (especially rice bran and rice flour). And, as of this week, I'm totally grossing out on flax. the biggest bummer is that i'm actually craving many forbidden foods -- mcdonalds cheeseburgers, pizza, etc. -- and i, of course, can't satisfy these cravings. i'm just doing the best i can, but it can be tough. other than that, i've been ok.
  2. I don't really have a reply for you, I just need a little help. How do I post a message on this board. Call me crazy, but I can't seem to find a link/button for new posts. Anyway, I'm currently on a 14 day gluten free trial, and I have a few questions. thanks, Scribble