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  1. Nyt Article

    so i'm sitting on the train this morning after finishing as much of the real news as i could take i get to the Dining Out section last i see the headline for the article then i see the breadsticks in the picture - looks familiar then i see the waiter in the pic - and say - hey, i know that guy! i'm glad their getting the publicity for their sake and i'm glad others with celiac are learning about this place but i hope i can still get a seat at the counter (bar) without waiting at lunchtime i LOVE that place -rg
  2. wendy's fries are gluten free? Wendy's doesn't list them on their gluten-free list of menu items http://www.wendys.com/food/pdf/us/gluten_free_list.pdf -rg
  3. i've quit smoking many times, but i think this last time i quit is for good and it was easy and i didn't make my family 'pay' for it by, because i wasn't going through sudden withdrawal what made this time i quit different? i took welbutrin it removed my desire to smoke (couldn't taste it anymore), but because i was hooked, i still smoked - but cut down slowly. previous times i quit, it was torture. and it was a constant struggle. this time, it was easier, and i didn't really have the desire to smoke since i quit. I can't even believe that i used to smoke. i know some people have had issues with welbutrin, but i didn't - it may possibly have saved my life. different things work for different people. try what you think will work. go for it good luck -rg
  4. while i haven't been there, i'd bet that the schooner http://theschooner.com/homepage/ on the nautical mile could do a good gluten-free diner. legal seafood is only a few miles away in roosevelt field pf chang is up there near there too but in freeport, i don't know of any specific gluten free places, nor have i had first hand experiences good luck
  5. Mozzarelli's In New York City

    so i went there today the crust was a little overdone but if it wasn't overdone, i think i would be a fan i'll try it again - maybe as soon as tomorrow
  6. Atlanta Airport

    there's a wendy's in the main food court. it's outside of security. other than that, i can't help you out, but at least you won't starve if you go for the chili and baked potato
  7. Mozzarelli's In New York City

    wow - i hadn't heard about this place before. I've been going to risoterria every 2 weeks. i'd love to go more often, but it takes too long to get to and costs too much. this place sounds like it's better on both. i'll have to check it out thanks for the heads up!
  8. i've only had the bards tale the first time i had it, it brought tears to my eyes - it's that good ahhhhhhhhhhh
  9. maybe you did this, but if not, it might work for you next time when invited for a meal, say that you would like to accept the offer, however, because of a medical issue, you have a very limited diet, and can't eat a lot of things. If the person inviting you want to make an effort, they will ask what you can or can't eat, and you might be a happy dinner guest. if not, well, it's a bummer, but don't let it get you down. but really, without giving advanced notice, it's not likely that you'll be well fed at a friends house. and also, your friend was rude. (you can't control how your friends act. you can only control how you react to your friends) it IS a bummer, but good luck -rg
  10. this is what I do as well, and it has been working well. That said, I avoid chain restaurants, and try to stick to better restaurants in general. business travel forces me to dine out often. One goofy thing is that the card that i printed that i found online doesn't mention Malt - and malt is hidden in soooooo much stuff. what's up with that? -rg
  11. Risotteria

    i've been gluten free since 01/06, and finally made it to Risotteria last night. Pizza and beer! Pizza and beer! Pizza and beer! WOOOOOOOWHOOOOOOOOOOOO i LOVE this place!!!!! try their sicillian - i think it's new -rg
  12. Restaurants

    i should add that i'm comfortable at better restaurants - i steer clear of tgifridays style places
  13. Restaurants

    i also need to eat out at restaurants occasionally for work. i've been gluten free for one year. I used to get stressed about restaurants - very stressed, but i've gotten better i try to be nice - really nice - to the servers when explaining my requirements I always hand them a printed card with the things i can't eat highlighted i always choose something from the menu that wounds safe and ask the waiter to check with the chef, and if it's not safe, ask the chef to suggest something I always mention cross-contamination being dangerous, and use croutons taken out of a salad as an example i, like you, don't have symptoms. so how can i tell? well, the antibody tests - all came back normal ttg <3 just got back from the gastro - results of endoscopy and biopsy - looks great - no evidence of celiac a year ago, ttg>100 biopsy showed damage it's working for me well enough i know i'm lucky - good luck rg
  14. Who Has Thyroid Issues

    hey there, i have graves and hyperthyroidism diagnosed with that stuff about 8 years ago my endo has been trying to talk me into radioactive iodine for 7 years i've never been convinced my thyroid tests came back very close to normal a few months ago i'm down to 5 mg (1/2 pill day) mathamizole (tapazole) in 2 weeks i have another endo appt i know i'm going to test normal the last 2 times i went into remission for the thyroid, it didn't last we'll see this time i've been gluten free for 1 year i don't want radioactive iodine -rg
  15. trader joe's yogurt, other than vanilla, is gluten free although it's likely that if there's a trader joe's near you, you probably already knew that