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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Elisabet, I take a time released iron that London Drugs makes. It won't irritate the stomach and has no allergens in it. Hope that helps you.
  2. I had that as well. It's very scary. When it first started happening they checked my heart, which was fine. I found that it only happens when I eat a food I have trouble with. You could have allergies to additives. Try keeping a diary of what you ate, were doing...etc. when it occurs.
  3. I think it's hard fo some people to wrap their brains around the fact bread crumbs can be toxic. I had a hard time with that in the beginning as well. So imagine people their age and probably never heard of celiac. It is very frustrating, but just keep explaining celiac to them...eventually it may sink in. Good luck to you and be persistant. Charlene
  4. I have been there, like some of the former posts have written...the fear can be paralyzing and actually make things worse. When I was at my sickest, we had to cancel a trip to Italy due to my fear of having diarrhea on the plane, at the airport...etc. I literally stayed home for months going no where...thank god I'm self employed and could do that. Once I learned what was wrong and avoided gluten, dairy and other trigger foods, I started to get my confidence back. I still have a twinge of worry if I have to go on a trip or have a meeting but I take immodium with me and I've never had a problem. Now, that I learned to relax I noticed a huge difference in my bowel issues. Tell your wife it will get better...we all go through rough periods in our lives but it does get better. Take care, Charlene
  5. Absolutely not, I wouldn't know what to do if I reacted to them. Sorry , but that product is a staple in our diet. Maybe, try not eating them for a few weeks and reintroduce and see what reaction you have. Charlene
  6. I love these polls! Myself: gluten, dairy, melons, citrus fruits, juice, beef, chicken, pork and processed foods My son: gluten, dairy, all meat and seafood My son and I are the gluten intolerants in the house, but my hubby and younger son, pretty much eat what I cook them and that's my diet!
  7. I can relate to your frustrations! In the beginning, I never realised "wheat free" didn't mean "gluten free." It took us awhile to catch that one. But, trust me it will become second nature to you. Just keep hanging in there. You could donate the food you bought that isn't gluten, so it won't go to waste. But, I wouldn't recommend eating it and harming yourself even more. Good luck to you! Charlene
  8. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the reply! My dr will refer me to a urologist regarding my problems! After reading this thread, I've researched online, and found a lot of similarities with my symptoms. I'ts something worth investigating. I live in Canada, so it would be a no go to visit your doc, but thanks for the offer. It's very encouraging hearing how much you've improved. I will test the diet theory out and I'll let you know if I notice any improvement. I know caffeine is a huge trigger for me. I literally could pee every 2 minutes after one cup of tea. A funny story...just today I went to a clients house to check on the construction being done and I HAD to go NOW, but there were no doors on all the bathrooms. I didn't care, and said no one come upstairs. I couldn't have held it if you paid me! UGH!! I want to get this figured out soon, and quit suffering this embarressing problem. Thanks for the listening! Charlene
  9. I'm so glad I foumd this thread! The information you ladies have posted have answered a lot of my questions. I'm scheduled for testing of my bladder and uterus on Feb.2. Your symptoms are the same as mine. My bladder issues have gone from bad to worse! I always had to pee frequently but lately it's every 10 minutes. I'm not kidding. My drs say it may be fibroids or endometriosis but after reading your experiences, it may be IC. On my birthday I had wine, and I had to pee so many times, my friends started to laugh...I couldn't help it, it was really bad!! I went probably 15 times in 4 hours. Then my hubby took me flying and i had to have him land within 20 minutes to use the bathroom.Very inconvenient! That was the last straw for me, and I booked an appt. Anyways, I think I'll watch my diet and see if I notice a difference with my bladder. Thanks for the link on the diet...very useful! I also get bloated and experience burning. Lately, painful sex has become a symptom as well. Any other info you'd like to share would be appreciated! Charlene
  10. Hello swatson, I have a similar reaction as yours...my ears get red hot too! Then I break out in a rash and diarrhea typically the next day. I must admit I ate gluten knowingly as well in the past few weeks. (cheese bread and a piece of cake) The next day I definiatly had brain fog...couldn't think of the right words to say! The only time rice bothered me was when I was really sick and didn't know what was causing it. Everything bothered me, but now rice is a staple in my diet. I have heard that it can bother some people, everyone is different and if your intestines are irritated, it's more likely you'll be more intolerant to a lot of different foods. Charlene
  11. What Month Did You Get Dx'ed?

    My son and I both got sick in Feb 2005 and finally dx in summer. After a very frust rating journey to health, we are finally feeling better! Charlene
  12. Red Bumbs On Upper Arm

    I get red bumps, after I eat gluten or dairy. They have gone away since going gluten free. Charlene
  13. Body Odour?

    I know it's not accepted by everyone, but once I went vegetarian all underarm odour disappeared. My teen son, whose vegan, never has body odour. So I'm guessing it has something to do with meat. Oh, and we also don't eat dairy!! Charlene
  14. Cant Do It Anymore

    Please, don't give up. It's hard in the beginning. How long have you been gluten-free? It took months for my son and I to figure out all the trigger foods that hurt us! You can do it! You have all our support here! If we could we would all come over and give you a big hug of encouragenent!! This is a tough time of year. It is our first gluten-free xmas. We still are figuring out a lot of things, but with the help of our friends on this forum, we find it easier. Don't feel alone, because your not. Please take care and come talk some more! Charlene