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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is it simply possible that the gluten is cross contaminating from the priest holding the other hosts first? I know the issues behind being Catholic and their stance on the host. It was a disaster for my daughter's first communion. While her sensitivity level is not one that is bothered by the trace amounts in the host I purchased, my concern is that because hers is separate - and she goes last - that there would be some left on his hands by the time he got to her.
  2. My 6 yo daughter (very picky eater) loves the Natures Plus Animal Parade. She likes to pick out which Animal she is going to have. They are orange flavored and I buy them in a health food store. Good Luck!
  3. I have seen corn gluten listed several times, does anyone know if this is safe?
  4. McDonald's french fries are NOT gluten-free. They are only gluten-free if a dedicated fryer is used which is often not the case. Please don't assume that they are without asking.
  5. FYI: here is a response I got to an email I sent regarding a tub of caramel dip for apples, fruit, pies etc....Litehouse is the brand Thank you for your inquiry. Litehouse is pleased to assure that all of our Caramel Dips are gluten free. Thanks again for being a Litehouse customer. Michele Shifler Consumer Response mshifler@litehouseinc.com 208-263-7569 - 228 208-265-3705 Direct Dial 888-454-8473 208-263-7821 Fax
  6. What an excellent idea! I will look around for a thermos. Thank you! I knew someone would get the wrong idea from my post. I just couldn't find the right words that I needed to explain myself I have never given my daughter any reason to think that there is something wrong with her because of her Celiac or that I feel sorry for her. The post was just something I feel inside and like most parents just want her to be as happy as possible and I worry about all the stuff that mothers worry about LOL. She has suffered tremendously through one medical challenge after another (not Celiac related) since the day she was born and I just want her life to be a little easier. For the record, so far the school has been great and she loves it there. Thanks for the input it is really appreciated.
  7. My daughter is starting Kindergarten this fall in a private 12-k school and I am wondering how other parents handled the heating up of their kids food for lunch. She is at pre-school now and the teacher's handle everything for her, but I know that she will not be catered to at this school the same way. She is 5yo and very bright (which is how she got accepted there) but I am not sure if I am pushing it that she could learn how to microwave her own food. I am a single mom without much outside help so she is already very responsible, she also knows to never eat anything that people offer her et cetera so I am not worried there. My only concern is her feeling bad that she is different from the other kids or someone making her feel bad because she needs their help. 95% of her food has to be heated up and I am not sure that I can count on someone being there consistently to help her. It sounds good when they say that they will, but in reality I know that might not be the case every time. This is an excellent school and she will definitely get better treatment than in a public school (the ones around here are definitely lacking) and I want this to be a good experience for her. She is very sensitive to other people and I just want her to be happy. I hope this email doesn't come across wrong. She WILL be expected to take on some of this herself, I'm just not sure what I should be doing. I really want this adjustment to be as easy as possible for her without having to make any major unpheavals in her lunch. She is an incredibly picky eater and will not eat sandwiches or most of the stuff that goes IN sandwiches LOL. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Chili's Comes Through

    This is FANTASTIC news. My 5yo daughter has Celiac AND is an extremely picky eater. The more options that I have the better. She WILL eat cheeseburgers so that's at least a saving grace LOL. We just went to the Outback today and it was simply awesome!
  9. Oops

    Um...Papaya enzyme? What is that?
  10. What type of insurance do you have? Do you require a referral or can you see whoever you need to? Is there any kind of a Children's hospital near you? Can your doctor friend check in her circle of doctors to see if someone knows an endocrinologist or growth and nutrtition specialist in your area? I was given the run around too. But I tend to be on the mean side, really mean side when it comes to my daughter's health. I KNEW something was wrong with her and nobody would listen. Comments such as "I am now fully convinced that some drs graduate with C's every year, you must be one of them" have been known to fly out of my mouth after being told yet again that I was just looking for attention and needed counseling LOL. A growth and nutritionist dr is the one who took one look at her, spent 5 minutes talking to me and said "I bet she has Celiac - let's do a quick blood test". Bang! There it was. We did the biopsy as well for confirmation but, it was worth every minute of it. As far as your medical doctor laughing in your face, that is atrocious and unacceptable. FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR. If he/she is not taking you seriously now then you never know when they are going to let something else slip by. If there are Children's hospitals anywhere near you talk to the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) and tap them for every piece of information you can get. That's how I found my daughter's doctors, after all, they deal with the worst of the worst. Speak to ANY hospital and see if there is a G & N doctor there. Even if he isn't a pediatric doctor it's a safe bet to assume that they will know of one. I personally took the positive results and went back to a couple of doctors that had tried to dismiss me and informed them that had I listened to them my daughter would be dead (she was literally wasting to death) and I would be suing them for every penny they had. And then some. One particularly nasty doctor had the pleasure of me showing up in his office waiting room and informing everyone who was in there of my experience. (told you I was mean LOL) You have to understand though if these people don't take you seriously they will, and are now, jeopordizing your child's life. You would not allow someone to walk up to you on the street and hurt your child, so don't let a professional do it either.. There are so many caring, fantastic doctors out there, please dont allow them to hurt your feelings or make you feel bad. Just for the record, I USED to be a sane person LOL.
  11. My daughter's GI doctor is Dr. Nurko at Children's Hospital. Another excellent dr at Children's is Dr. Markowitz, he's a nutiotionist. Depending on where you live, there is an AWESOME store in Stoneham Mass on Main St that I go to all the time. The Natural Food Exchange. They have all the good stuff that I think every child should have. Chocolate Chip muffins by Kinnikinick, Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets - Wellshire Kids (I have also found these at Bread and Circus), Schar pastas, Schar Breadsticks - the crunchy kind, Enviro Kids Frosted Flakes and Organic Rice bars, TONS of different kinds of cookies and snacks, donuts, Kinikinnick sandwich bread etc.. They also have Gluten free vitamins, skin lotions etc. There is a really great selection of gluten free foods and I love bringing my daughter there because it is all seperated, so when we go in the gluten-free section - everything she looks at she can have. It brings tears to my eyes, to be able to answer that awful question "Can I have that?" with a YES YOU CAN! Another thing that I have found at Bread and Circus is Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup - it is Gluten Free but you wouldn't know it unless you looked at the fine print where it actually states it. I think they are afraid of scaring off the gluten lovers . Well I hope this helps a little!
  12. The "hidden" gotchas that I have trouble sorting through are artificial flavorings, caramel coloring, Modified Food Starch (some are gluten-free some aren't). Vanilla, HVP - Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, vinegar and annatto (yellow coloring in cheese) are among the most frequent ones that I see. The biggest issues that I have with meat are when dealing with cold cuts. I know that Oscar Meyer All Beef Bologna has worked for my daughter while pretty much ANY brand that my local store offers at the deli is guarenteed to cause a reaction. I hope this helps!
  13. Macaroni And Cheese

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for replying. I will definitely be trying these!
  14. I absolutely agree with aramgard, Schars has been hands down the best pasta I have tried. I tried several varieties of rice pastas without any luck (couldn't get by the taste). Schars tastes exactly like regular pasta! I have tried several shapes by them too, Rigatti (looks like ziti), spaghetti, lasagna - they were all wonderful. They also have some crackers that are delicous too.
  15. I am interested in knowing if anyone has found an easy cheese sauce that I can use to make macaroni and cheese for my daughter. I use the Schar pastas (and anything else with their name) and it is fabulous. It is the best pasta I have tasted since starting this diet for my daughter. Since I have found the perfect pasta (it honest to goodness tastes exactly like real spaghetti after rinsing it) all I need is the cheese sauce recipe. Anyone know of any jarred cheese sauces? We will really appreciate any help you can give us!