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  1. I actualy decided to do a little research. We have a total of five elemntary schools and beside mine, I know that that at least two others have children with Celiac. I am going to try and peak to those parent and/or the school themselves and see how it is handled. After I get all my info I think will meet with our new principal and see if there is a way to make this better for im. I will let you all know what I find out.
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone for their responses. I feel like I have a couple of friends who understand b/c they are very close to my family and love my son. Beyond that, I have felt very alone over the last few years. Admitedly, I never really reached out to a web group before. We do have a local celiac-kids group, but they do not meet that often and it is usully not about parents getting together to really talk and get feedback. You are really get what we go through. My son was initially upset, but like anything with this, he moves on. He really copes great for the most part. He was old enough when he was sick, to remember and also to learn how to read everything (which he does). But as his mom, it is frustrating to have so many people just not get it. Last year the class mom had a son who had peanut allergies in a different grade and was really sensitive. This year it has been downhill with every party having to have cakes and donuts and so forth. I am one of the class parents, but have given up. Everytime I bake for the class, someone shows up with donuts. Even my husband, who does not get bent out of shape about much, has gotten really mad about this. Now I am struggling with what I want to to next with regards to 4th grade and reaching out to the princple. He has an IEP as he lost his hearing in one ear, but I have never pushed the celiac and now maybe I have to. BTW I could relate strongly to the comment about a child having to fair before they are helped. My son needed OT as per his Kindergarten teachers request and b/c he was not diabled enough they would not help him. They only gave him OT when he lost his hearing and by Law they had to classify him to put the speakers in the classrooms.
  3. Thanks for responding- Actually he brings his lunch all the time. He also has a box of treats in his classroom. Occastionally a parent reaches out to me to let me know they are sending in cake for a birthday. The issue here was they had a chance to enable him to actually paricipate. That was the whole issue for Sam. I think for this one day he would be to sit at the table and get a PTO lunch like everyone else. I think I as his mom have reached a frustration level with the lack of sensitivity I have been feeling lately. Melissa
  4. Hello everyone- I am hoping you all can give me some good feedback. I feel very alone in my school with regards to my son's celiac. I have a 81/2 year old in 3rd grade. He was diagnosed in the summer he turned 6 so this is his third year in school with celiac. This week I had an experience that I am still exptremey angry about and not sure what to do about. Our school offers three PTO sponsored lunches. This is a fundraiser so the the lunches are a choice. My son does not participate as the choices are Pizza, Chicekn fingers, and bagles. Fine, i can live with this. My non-gluten-free daughter participates. However, recently they changed Chicken Fingers to a subway sandwich. I know from my own experience with Subway, that they could make a w/o bread and put in a salad container. I asked my son if is was possible, would he be interested. He said yes b/s then I could send a roll and he could eat li everyone else. I call the coodinator, who pointed had me call the peron overseaing it (who is also a friend). She said let me call Subway and check. She did and they were absolutely willing to do it. I thougt great. My son was thrilled. As I am sure you all know and experince, he cannon participate in almost all school related events. About a week or so later I get a call from the person who is in charge of fundraising who (btw another friend) tells me that this cannot be done (not b/c the place won't do it), but b/c they have been getting numerous request to make accomidations and if it sone for Sam then what about everyone else. I asked if these were people with allergies or health issues and she could not answer. She did not know. After going aroud around and around, the bottom line is that it is not being done b/f of the potential of what could happen ie parents who don't like cheese, or who keep kosher (I am jewish) or xyz call and say well you did it for one then why not my child. This person and I really hit a wall. In part b/c I beleive the issue has been clouded by her experince with other parents complainst. I realized that this was a losing batter, even after she gave in said just do it. I told her no because I was now being set up. In the end I told her I would not go any futher and that I just wanted to move on. Several people I spoken to have voiced how horrible they think it is the PTO would do this to him. I said to my friend that all they had to do was tell me there several health related request and it was too complicated, but they didn't. I pointed out that all of their choiced discriminate against Sam and that did not go over to well. I jut do not know what to do if anything. I feel like people just do not get it. even in his class this year, the sensitivity has been horrible. I could go above her, but I beleive all the people involved already voiced an opiion ad worst of all the two PTO presidents have children in my son's class. I am angry b/s they have taken the risk and given him an opporunity that he would not have otherwise. Any thoughts or feedback would be amazing. thanks Melissa
  5. My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with Celiac and I wanted to start baking out own bread. I know certain machine are better than others with gluten free ingrediants. Can anyone recommend some models to look at. I found an article, but the models were out of date. Thanks.