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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Itchy Red Rash

    OKay so I have been gluten-free since 2005.. going good until last january itchy red rash started.It is on my forearms and inside thighs feet and back. It varies from time to time but seems like it eventually is all over. It does welt up and itch. It is also hot to the touch.. What is going on.. Any feedback would be awesome.. I thought maybe heat rash ..no cremes work dr, says try zyrtec..
  2. Suppor Tgroup

    Anyone know how to get information and contacts for the celiac group in Mount Pleasant Sc,. I met someone yesterday that says they meet every other month. I only got some of the information. Thanks...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. The tortilla for sure...you know girl it sucks .. So yeah some reason tortillas are not always gluten free.. I called taco bueno just to see about their corn shells.The guy was like no... why would they have flour in them.( like i was dumb for asking) so i was like just go look for me please..yeah who is the dumb_____ now lol. He came back and was like "mam im sssorry i guess they do have flour"
  5. Dr.s... jeesh never heard of amoxicillian working for this. Reglan did nothing for me still was getting sick. Somebody did mention to me to try vitamin b12 and vitamin k ask the dr. about it. There are shots that your lil girl can have if she has a really bad attack if b12 is something that will help. Good luck
  6. If he has not been tested for gastropersis have him tested. They will do gastric emptying scan. He can do it without the bread they do a liquid and solid test. Knowing is all it takes. Ive been sick for years off gluten and found out later the damage of being misdiagnosed so many years caused gastropersois look it up on internet and research.
  7. after being gluten free for almost two years I still had not gained any weight. Has she been tested for gastroperisis. I was diagnosed later and its been almost 5 years now in the last year i have just now started to put on weight. I am 32 and was diagnosed when i was around 25. I was sick since i was little. Not being diagnosed correctly for years damaged my small intestines thats where the gastroperisis comes in. Do research on the internet see if it hits home... Good luck
  8. So i am trying to branch out my gluten free cakes and desserts i have no idea where to start ..Any feed back would be awesome. I have the desserts and packaging down but do i go to whole foods or just market myself out.. I really have awesome potential with my desserts i dont want to miss out on an oppertunity doing something i love. Any advice would be awesome.
  9. I work in a restraunt and i am very sensitive as well. The kitchen guys laugh at me because im so crazy about contamination. But its real some take it better than others. When i meet someone who says yeah im not that sensitive i do feel like ahhhh..wish i wasnt. I dont get as sick as i used to but cross contamination does effect me.I have been wheat and gluten free for almost 5 years now. I also have or should say had high anxiety problems. It used to get me sick and trigger my gastropersis. It does seem as if since controling my celiac better i have not gotten sick as much.My anxiety is much more chill. Before i could not even travel to see my family now its okay....
  10. Headaches

    Hello i have been gluten free since 2005 . For me i really feel like i get headaches when i may have been glutened. I work in a restraunt they are good at not glutennig me but when i eat from the grill which is contaminated a little bit i get headaches. I really was whatching it and that was the conclusion.. Its always the same kind of headache too. I am just now in the last 6 months starting to put weight on it takes your body quite awhile to adjust. Good luck
  11. Crave in Mount Pleasant , South Carolina has an awesome gluten free menu.They offer a large amount of choices as well. I eat there all the time. Let the server know they will take good care of you. Occassionally they will have a gluten free dessert. here is their website..menu on it cravemtp.com cya there...
  12. A Question For The Experienced

    Girl there is nothing like a yummy cheeseburger.... a nice ribeye do not neglect yourself any longer..just whatch any seasonings chances are you were glutening yourself. Red meat does take awhile to digest just eat a little at a time..Good Luck
  13. Gastroperesis

    I had been sick for years since i was 7 and am now 32. We always were being tested for anxiety ridiculous.... So i did some research and came across celiac. Its been almost 5 years since going wheat and gluten free. I was still getting sick sometimes by not even being glutened long story short a dr. when i was 25 was on the right track he did gasrtic emptying but never went beyond. So i researched and again and was totally shocked and angered of course no dr.s had realized i aquired gastrperisis along my way of being poisined by wheat and gluten. I just now in the last 4 months have started to put on weight. Wow this is what eating without being sick is like...My best advice research then ask your dr.s I paid all these dr.s all to diagnose myself in the end.. It was funny to see the oops were sorry look from the Dr.s after all the convincing put forth..
  14. Anyone In South Carolina

    Hello all in South Carolina i live in Mt. Pleasant.... love it, okay i work at Crave Kitchen and cocktails and we are part owners we do offer gluten free options lots of them. We have a menu that you can ask for; be sure to remind your server also. I am there alot my name is Carmela everyone will know who i am. The food is awesome and we know how hard it is to find restraunts with options. So please come check us out. I get very sick if i am glutened it sucks . The kitchen is very good at accomidating...
  15. New Dr. New Area

    Just moved to Mt pLeasant, Sc. any feedback or food suggestions. A good dr. would be nice.