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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I workout, but with lighter weight than normal. I never go to failure. But being tired is not one my symptoms.
  2. You have eat gluten every single day until after testing. And the celiac blood test is supposed to be done as well.
  3. Unfortunately you need to keep eating gluten until all celiac testing is complete.
  4. I believe the talk around this forum is that cheerios are not gluten free enough for people with celiac at this time. I don't know if anything has changed on that and when their lawyer calls me I'll quickly delete this. haha
  5. The full celiac panel checks TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, IGA, EMA as Jmg stated above. Your test included TTG IGA and IGA. If your IGA was low, a low on TTG IGA would be inconclusive. But your IGA is fine. A high on any one test is a positive for celiac and should lead to an endoscopy for confirmation. So I'd get tested for TTG IGG, DGP IGA and IGG and EMA since there are symptoms. Warning I'm not a doc.
  6. There are definitely things you can do to make it easier on yourself. But all of my ideas seem to cost money and involve cooking. But I'll give it a shot anyway in case you haven't already thought of it. I would buy a small chest freezer and put gluten-free foods in it. Canyon bakehouse sells their fantastic bread and bagels right on their website. You can just buy a case of it. Then if you ever get in the mood for a sandwich or bagel the bread's right there frozen in your chest freezer. If you get invited to somebody's house for dinner find out what their cooking and make your own similar version of it. So for Easter I would make ham, potatoes and broccoli and bring that with me. So when everybody else is eating a fantastic Easter dinner I'm also eating a fantastic Easter dinner. I have other food issues and before celiac I was invited to a friend's wedding. I wasn't going to be able to eat the food they were serving so I made similar food at home. They were serving lamb, ham, vegetables, potatoes. So I brought ham, corn and potatoes with me and heated it up when everybody was going to the buffet to get their food. So when everybody else was pigging out on this great wedding dinner I was also pigging out on a great dinner. And nobody would have noticed if they didn't try. Sometimes you just get in the mood to have a frozen dinner and just don't feel like cooking something. There's two ways you can go about this. I happen to be addicted to Udi's chicken Florentine and think that their broccoli kale lasagna is very good as well. So I'd stock up on that in that chest freezer. glutenfreemall.com has tons of stuff. On Sunday you can make a weeks worth of food and freeze a lot of it in individual portions. After a few weeks you will have several different meals in the chest freezer that you made at home. You can eat those on weeknights when you're too busy to cook. In my family Friday night was always eat out fast food night. McDonald's, Burger King, pizza, fried chicken. So for pizza my plan is to purchase Etalia New York style pizza crusts. Purchase some Escalon six in one crushed tomatoes and freeze in individual portions. Buy some Grande 50/50 mozzarella cheese and freeze in individual portions as well. If on Friday night if I am in the mood for pizza I'll just grab a crust, a portion of sauce and a portion of cheese from the chest freezer and make myself pizza in under 15 minutes. When I get invited to a barbecue I bring loaded potato skins or batter fried chicken wings. Everybody loves them as do I. I by Pamela's gluten-free flour from Amazon six at a time. So I always have some available. For the record, at the moment I am an extremely strict diet and cannot do any of the above. But will go back to that method in a few months.
  7. You can order your own blood tests at walkinlab.com. LabCorp does the actual testing. The full celiac panel is I believe $298. You get results in a few days. It's recommended that people use a doctor but if you feel that route would be too expensive this is a thought. But you have to be eating gluten for several weeks for the test to tell you anything useful. The full celiac test includes TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, IGA, EMA. You can always send the report to your doctor.
  8. I use walkinlab.com for blood tests. The test is done at Labcorp. I get results within the week. $298 for full celiac panel, $248 for TTG IGA and IGG, EMA. I don't do the genetic testing.
  9. I get my blood tests ordered from an online site that has Labcorp do the tests. Not sure if I'm allowed to give the url on here. So if your doctor says no then order them yourself. If positive then give the results to your doc.
  10. You should get the full Celiac blood panel done. It includes the following tests: TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, EMA, IGA. A positive on any one test combined with celiac evidence on the endoscopy = Celiac. There are people here who only fail one of the tests you didn't have. If Celiac testing is complete and you still don't have answers there's nothing preventing you from going gluten free for several months to see if it helps.
  11. If you choose to go back on gluten then schedule an appointment with your gastroenterologist and get properly tested for celiac. That way you have a chance of finding out for sure what's going on. Make sure you get the full celiac panel TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, EMA, IGA. If any one of those tests is positive then you need to do the endoscopy. if it turns out that you do have celiac then you could periodically get your blood tested to see if your diet is working out.
  12. I'm not a doc, but it looks like Endomys. Titer is 1:5 A and has a reference range where positive is >= 1:5, so the A means Abnormal . It looks like TTG IGA is 8.1 H and has a reference range where 7-10 is Equivocal. The H would imply High based on the last line, but I don't know if Equivocal is a week positive or inconclusive. The others look negative. Perhaps send for results to a gastroenterologist for a second opinion.
  13. If it helps at all Barilla makes a great gluten-free spaghetti. Etalia, Schar and Udi's make pretty good pizza crust, so you can make your own pizza. In the frozen section California Pizza Kitchen I think makes a gluten-free pizza. Etalia makes a nice artisan style bread. Schar makes baguettes. Canyon Bakehouse makes fantastic bagels. So you won't be totally lost if if the bad news comes. Continue to eat gluten until all Celiac testing is done.
  14. Metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom of reflux. Any reaction to gluten can be a symptom of celiac or gluten intolerance. A full celiac blood test can help you see if celiac is a problem. I believe the full test includes TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, IGA, EMA. She has to be eating gluten every day for many weeks for the test to be accurate. A positive on any one test result should lead to an endoscopy to confirm celiac. Once testing is done it never hurts to try not to eat foods that cause symptoms. I have celiac and have that metallic taste. Peppermint is known to cause reflux and I've been eating a heckuvalot since December. Needless to say I've dropped the peppermint ice cream. Should get better in a month. Not a doc. Good luck.
  15. It's good to start with soups and stews for a few weeks to help some of the damage start to heal. Easiest way to deal with school is for her to always bring a bag lunch to school with her. If you make up some chocolate cupcakes and freeze them in that small chest freezer I recommended in the other post then if the school is one where people bring in cake for a child's birthday, have her bring a cupcake with her on that day if you know what day someone has a birthday.