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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, I advice everyone not to go on the gluten-free diet untill he/she is 100% sure he/she is a celiac... My doc's hypothesis was that I was a celiac, and after wasting about 1 whole yr of my life having to cope with such a diet, I made a food intolerence test which showed that I had no sensitivity towards the gluten; instead; milk, garlic and yeast.. They are both hard diets... Everything around me has yeast!! Hope any1 of you has some recipies with milk,yeast-free breads.. Thnx!
  2. I have tried alot of companies and also tried different ways of cooking spagetti... Some companies ask for no adding of oil!! But I once tried it and ended up to be all mixed up, sticky and I had to throw it away! But even if I added oil I still need to change its water 2-3 times (because of the starch in it)! And ofcourse, whenever I add water to it, it shrinks! I found gluten-free macaroni made from "Corn", which is very easy to prepare and no need to change its water. But I wasn't able to find "Corn Spagetti" ... Any suggestions to help me preparing it?
  3. Connie, The rice flours that are available in my area are: red rice flour and white rice flour. Can I use cornstarch as a substitute for the 3rd type of rice flour? Thanks!
  4. Connie, So, can I use that mix (of any 3 different kinds of rice flour) in any recipe for cookies or bread making? It is good since I don't need to use xanthan gum nor tapoica flour (because they are N/A here!) And Martha, Can you give me the recipe of the cookies you mentioned that they were good?
  5. Well, I have been feeling the same; tired all the day and feel that I need more energy.. So, I took (and still taking as long as I remember to do so): ~ MultiVitamins For Teens (since I'm a teen), from the company "Puritan's Pride" ~ B-Complex + Energy, from the company "Your Life"... Please check the following website: www.yourlifevitamins.com And it helped alot and I felt better... ~ Hope you feel better!
  6. Hello, I am looking for anyone who is in the gulf region, I am in Dubai.... It is really hard to find gluten-free food and the ingredients to make some gluten-free bread or cake, such as special gums and flours....
  7. Hello, I seem to lose weight too!! I lost about 10.5 kilos (about 23 lbs) in about 4 months... Too much huh? I don't even know if it is usual because I am still losing more and more weight! So I seem to share my problem with others!
  8. Thnx alot for your replies.. So I assume from your replies that is it safe to eat malt if it was written on the item I want to buy that it is gluten-free... Right?
  9. I read once on the list of food that celiacs must not have any intake of... And a listed item was "Malt".. And some other lists show that one is allowed to have intake of "Malt".. I once was reading a lable for one of the gluten-free items and noticed that it contains Gluten!! How come?? So,, if anyone could advise me what to do and whether it is safe or not? Thnx!
  10. Yeah I sent an e-mail to that company and they said that their products aren't gluten-free!... But they are looking forward for making gluten-free cereal.. They said that although it says nothing in the ingredients but it may/ does contain Gluten... Thanks All For Your Replies And Advices Anyways... Azza,
  11. Hello, While I was shopping I came up to one of the products that are in the diet section. It was "Quaker Rice Cakes" and "Quaker Corn Cakes".. As I read through the ingredients I found nothing that indicates that it is gluten-free, although it did not say so... I visited their website to ask them about the product, and only people in Canada and the States where to comment only..Can anyone who lives there ask them and tell me as soon as possible.. I wanted to ask them a couple of things: ~~ The ingredient "Chocolate liquor", where is it from?? (since my health state doesn't allow me to take any alcohol intake) ~~ Is their product gluten-free and Kosher? I wonder if anyone could help me! Thnx in Advance,
  12. Hives?

    Well, as for me, I get hives whenever I have some gluten intake (along with other symptoms)... I get a rash all over my body, I thought that it is another symptom of celiac disease. I also have some 2-3 days lasting intestinal problems. One of my relatives in Germany has the same problem ... "Hives" and most probably from Gluten intake... Thanks Anyways,
  13. Hi, While I was shopping I found an italian cereal product... I read its ingredients and these where the only listed things: - Corn Flour - Sugar - Honey - Glucose Syrup - Salt - Natural Flavor - Soya Lecithin - Vitamins (PP, B5, B6, B2, B1, Folscin, B12 - Iron So, it is safe to eat ?? Thanks In Advance, Azza
  14. Connie's Pizza

    Thanks Alot Connie, I tried making that Pizza is was a good one as a start... But it was a bit crumbly that you cannot hold the slice as one piece with one hand. Any suggestions to make it better... Thnx again, Azza
  15. Hello, How nice.. gluten-free brownies....!! I wish I could have some.. Any successful recipe for gluten-free brownies? And without any xanthan gum or tapioca flour? Because what is available here (UAE) is only rice flour (Brown too!) and corn flour.. . Hope I can make brownies with these ingredients! ~~ Please reply!! Thnx alot Azza,