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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pumkin Cookies?

    Its them! yum! I cant wait to make them! Thanks so much!
  2. Last year, someone, I dont remember who had this recipe for Pumpkin Cookies, they were sooo soft and a yummy icing/glaze that went on top of them. I cant find it anywhere... I will be so sad with out them this year.. does anyone remember?? thanks!
  3. If it goes by that number to see how damaged you are, I must have been wayyyyy over 100. I didnt have a blood test at the time I was diagnosed, I had the biopsy. I had complete villi atrophy. I had none, not even a little bit. I imagine my number must have been sky high, now I just had a blood test about a month and a half ago and I am at a 4, and very happy with it!!
  4. Nortriptyline

    If this is the right drug I am thinking of, its ok. I take it regularly. Its not a pain medication. It is a anti depressant. The brand name is Pamalor. The day I found out I had celiacs I was on the phone with all my manufacuteres and none of my meds contained gluten, granted I havent checked in a while, but I take this drug in its highest dose and I get no reaction at all Again, I am not sure if we are speaking of the same drug. I am sorry if we are not.
  5. I ate these a few times without any reactions, then boom! I react everytime I eat them. I just dont use them anymore. Which stinks, b/c my grocery store carries them regularly, I dont have to go anywhere else to get them. Stephanie
  6. Vitamin Water Lovers!

    I havent been keeping up here at all, I also knew already that vitamin water is gluten free. I drink them like crazy. at least a bottle and more a day. Love them! Stephanie
  7. A Good Chili's Experience

    It is great you had a good experience.. when I did too, I went to their website and mailed the corporate office, they sent me a letter of appreciation and gift certificates!!! so if you dont mind giving them your address, give it a try, we got 10.00 worth!!!
  8. I have a problem there too. My son has been gluten free since birth, until I was diagnosed, it was just gluten-free formula. He is now on a gluten challenge. We started on Sunday and I have kept a food diary and he started bad symptoms yesterday. In the evening we fed him regular mac and cheese, he ate about half, and then about 45 minutes later the diapers began.. first ok, little loose, but not too bad, the second one, a bit looser, the third one, complete liquid. This morning before he even ate anything 2 pure liquid poopy diapers.. any advice??? could it be his body just isnt used to the gluten? or is it a reaction to gluten? as in possible Celiacs?
  9. Bonefish Grill Of Iselin/woodbridge Nj

    We just got a Bonefish Grill in Brick, NJ. It is wonderful. I recommend reservations though. Otherwise you are looking at a 2 hour wait, and that is normal there. I never told them on the phone that I was gluten free, I just told the waitstaff and have never had a problem. They have always seemed to know what gluten is, and the chefs seemed pretty good. The shrimp appetizer is the best!! I love it. I always get the chicken dish, I know, its a fish place, you are supposed to get fish, but oh my is that chicken good. You could always say something when you make the reservations, it cant hurt to mention it. I hope you enjoy it! Stephanie
  10. Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream

    I ate Peanut Butter Zig Zag with no problems at all. I am sorry it makes you feel bad. I dont know why, it is supposedly gluten free. There was an exhibit at the conference with them there too, so I assumed its gluten free, the ingredients dont show anything.. I hope you feel better.
  11. Lunch Spots In Richmond, Va?

    I dont know how much this will help you as I am not sure which area of Richmond is which. The convention for the GIG is in Richmond this year. And there is one nite that we all get to go to these restaurants, regular ol restaurants and they are going to cater to our gluten free needs, which I am "assuming" so double check me, that they would be able to accomodate you too.... there they are.. they are all located right near each other. Sine Irish Pub and Restaurant 1237 E. Cary Street The Hard Shell 1411 E Cary Street La Grotta 1218 E. Cary Street Peking Pavilion 1302 E. Cary Street Cha Cha's Cantina and Southwest Grill 1419 E. Cary Street Sam Millers Restaruant 1210 E. Cary Street and finally Mortons The Steakhouse also on Cary Street. I would think if they were educated enough to handle all these gluten free diners at once, that they would know what gluten was and how to handle it properly in the kitchen. I would of course double check, I am sorry I have no phone numbers for you.. I hope this might help some...
  12. My son really likes the duo with spinach and feta. I think too, that Georges pizzas are better, but they are usually more expensive and I just make them anyway.. I like mine best! hehehe..
  13. I also picked up the store brand of apple pie filling for those danishes.. and my store brand ShopRite said, modified food starch (corn) wooohooo!!! some stores are finally getting it???? I wont get my hopes up.. but I was excited at my find.
  14. oh yum! I am going shopping tomorrow, I am adding that onto my shopping list... thanks!
  15. Convention

    Is anyone out there going to the convention this year in Richmond VA?