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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. After discovering my sons issues, I found ALOT of supporting info re celiac and me.. I made an appt with my family dr in 8 days~ do I HAVE to stay on gluten until then? if so, how much is the minimum? I have concluded nearly 95% that wheat IS causing my horrible hives, that includes my face/eyes/lips and tongue swelling. I was gluten-free for about a week with my son with subsiding of my hives, and then binged this weekend on pizza. I have horrible muscle aches/severe joint pain to the point I don't want to move. My hives are back full force, and the antihistamines aren't helping. I have an upset tummy. I have sharp pains in my stomach area. I don't want to do this for another week if I don't have to, but if I must, for proper blood work, how much is the minimum to consume?
  2. Well, it took a little longer than last time to clear up, but he FINALLY did. So, I am certain we will steer clear of all gluten from now on, it is just TOO much on his little body. Thanks to all and the wonderful info!!! Just a quick question on gluten-free cake~ can you make it, and freeze it? I mean, so that he can have a little bit at other parties, like his sister's bday? I'd hate to make a whole/big one and have it go to waste.....
  3. My son was breastfed from day one until 14 months. He was getting whatever passed from me to him~ included on that diet was dairy, soy, and wheat. When I eliminated it ALL from my diet, he got markedly better and gained. When I added it back ( the wheat, since the dr's figured it was only dairy/soy getting through) he stopped gaining. He STILL reacts to dairy and soy, as well as wheat. He was diagnosed with a leaky gut at 8 weeks/2 months~ but his misery started the day after my milk came in. I would venture to bet that just because it isn't heavily in literature, doesn't mean it can't and doesn't happen~ consider the amount of people with celiac who slip through the proverbial cracks because THEY don't fit the mold in research. As for my dr's explanation~ it CAN and does happen in alot of newborns/infants, some to more of an extent than others. Why? because thier digestive system is immature and some are more predisposed to this condition~ allowing protiens otherwise digested to leak through. Our stone aged bodies are not accustomed to these protiens in adult diets~I guess you could say that the protiens would escape into my bloodstream and into my milk. My son had a critial high value of eosinophils in his bloodstream at 2 months old~ a systemic reaction to the whole protiens he was getting via breastmilk. Most will outgrow it by 6-9 months old, others, like my son, do not have that fortune.
  4. My Son has had "leaky gut" Since birth and diagnosed at 2 months old~ it was supposed to heal over at 4 months, then 6 months, then one year, now at 2~ who knows. He's never been hospitalized, but does not grow as quickly as he should. As said before, his GI said that protiens that generally stay inside the gut get through the barrier, causing the food intolerances~ his main one is soy and recently discovered gluten, and dairy. Now, however, I am wondering which came first, the leaky gut, or the gluten intolerance.... He has been on probiotics since birth, and it does seem to help him out.
  5. Thanks so much for the info~ it helps. I think I was beginning to panic that his "recovery" after being gluten-free was a fluke~ even though he's never been so normal in his life... I was afraid the dreaded medication topic would come back around... I will give it some more time, and strictly gluten-free from now on... As for the reasons why he was glutened~ we were snowed/iced in at my MIL's home, no gluten-free items to substitute. We figured since we were going to trial him anyhow, may as well let him have his goodies on his birthday since that is what was available. I thought I was giving him a LITTLE bit~ he's a very small 2 year old and didn't figure he could eat enough to do lots of damage.. Boy, was I wrong. Lesson learned.
  6. On Saturday~ his birthday, we were snowed out of our home. He had a small ( baby small) slice of his birthday cake, about half of a roll, and some breaded shrimp.. Monday came and he got a small snitch of said B~day cake ( just a bite before I caught him~ then it went in the trash).... He was feeling much better before this..... He's sooooooo miserable I swear I won't trial him EVER again if this is how it's going to be...
  7. My little man seems SO miserable. He's got his GI symptoms, the raw rash on his bottom, belly aches ( didn't know he hurt before, but now I do! ) Going to bed really early, not sleeping well, drinking TONS ( well, with diarrhea like he as it's no wonder...) Is it normal to react like this~ strongly it seems and for a good bit of time, over such a small amount after being gluten-free for 2 weeks? I am beginning to fear he won't go back to being "normal" He's so miserable, and my heart is breaking....
  8. Hey Christine!! I found you! We can be overwhelmed together. I promise, when I started this journey just a short month ago, i was in tears at the thought. It was "anythi ng but celiac, please" now, I am not so upset. it is OK. it is managable, in our control. That is good, right? It is overwhelming. Especially when others say "but a little bit won't hurt" and look at you like you are nuts for refusing the small goodie offered. This place has such a warm and helpful spirit, you'll like it here
  9. Duh. Once again, you guys are correct. I rechecked the box, it states "wheat free" I equated it to "gluten free" Just shows you how lost I can be with regards to diet~ I equated "wheat free" with "gluten free" in my mind, and purchased them on my first gluten-free run. It was a couple of days later before I realized they still had other offenders in them, and removed them from my son's OK cabinent. Another blessing of the day~ his GI is on board with this now~ He wants weekly updates of diet and stools~ I am SO relieved...
  10. Really? A growth spurt will be AWESOME! We'll be happy to go shopping for that~ we've been having to buy smaller sizes!!!! I would be SO happy to have him growing, not at a standstill or loss, man, that would be a celebration!
  11. Mason is already dairy and soy sensitive, with soy being worse than dairy. What I mean by as much as I can is~ right now, I am still learning. I am having some troubles remembering all of the info, and seemingly OK things ~ like a box of cereal bars that SAY "GLUTEN FREE" on them, in fact, is a no no, because it has barley, oats, and another grain in there. I am near certain I will be the one with a gluten sensitivity~ I have graves. My dad has lupus. My brother has graves. I've had "IBS" since I was 6........ I went to the dr a couple of years ago with unexplained diarrhea, that has been going on for a long time and was told to "stay away from fatty foods" since I had a high quantity of fecal fat..... I have been tested for lupus due to joint pains that migrate, and come and go.. That was negative, thankfully... So, I am tossing around the idea of being tested mysefl, but am kind of gunshy, LOL....
  12. I totally understand, and didn't want to sound harsh with my reply~ I mean, IMO and experience, the info is where the masses are, from people who have been there done that, with regards to this stuff. I mean, my brother ( who has graves) asked his dr about this, since my son tested positive for the genes, and his answer was "you're too big to have it, no point in testing". Um, yea. He is 6'3 ( tall) and 130lbs(extremely thin).. OK. We will be gluten free, at least as much as I possibly can do so. I am still so new at this I get overload trying to read on good/not good. But, it has to be done. He's been so happy, energetic, and sleeping MUCH better than he ever has ( never slept through the night until very recently.) I think that counts for something... At least, I hope it does!
  13. I am not here asking for a dr's advice~ I am asking for advice from others who have been there done that and could probably write a book. I am a RN and have a little knowledge of where to seek out "real" medical advice both live and on the web, and have access to my son's dr's and thier opinions,and frankly I am at the end of my rope with them, seeing how I am given an onlslaught of meds with nasty side effects for my young son. I mean no offense from this, just trying to state where I am coming from, and where I have been, so that there is no misunderstanding as to what I am seeking out. This is what I have thought. In the back of my mind it was my biggest concern before we got the genetic testing, and he has both genes. Then, the trial, it seems to me like this is the key, even though the dr's would rather diagnose it as possible chrons/ulcerative colitis and give meds that can cause brain injury in children under 2. While it is a relief to have some form of an answer, it sometimes seems overwhelming when you start reading labels...
  14. Well, it was nearly 2 weeks since being gluten free. And, we got snowed in with the inlaws, so, his birthday cake ended up being regular. He had a small bit of cake, ( icing has gluten too, not the gluten-free stuff) and some breading on his shrimp, and 3 bites of a roll.... And..... Like usual, 3-5 hours after ingesting it, the nasty return of his diarrhea. today is day 2, and it's still coming. He had been having TOTALLY normal BM's before the ingestion. I guess this is conclusive then? I mean, take it away, he gets better. Give it back, he returns to where he was... I guess on the positive side, my MIL, FIL, and DH all got to see first hand the actual reactions that follow the ingestion, so no more questioning me, or giving me "that little bit won't hurt him" etc...... Wow.
  15. Karen, I am a RN too, but not GI, LOL. I am very new to this realm, starting with the birth of my son... I know they don't have all of the answers, but sometimes feel strange not taking thier advise, when generally it is sound. But, he is having positive results, no matter what the tests may or maynot say. It could be coincidental, but I doubt it. I will keep on going for awhile, and then trial him to see what happens. If it comes back, then we know, right? Thanks to all!